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What If Wilton...
Reported by Justin on 05 Oct 2012 15:41

Yesterday my wife Dianna and I were discussing some potential new Wilton Star Wars cake pan ideas that we'd love to see produced. We rattled off some obvious characters that would make great additions to their line of cake pan molds, which currently only consists of the recently-released Darth Vader pan.

Characters from The Clone Wars such as Ahsoka, Capt. Rex, Savage Opress, etc. were obvious choices. And releasing updated cake pan sculpts of the remaining three characters from their Vintage line (see story link above for a pic) as well as all-new designs based on the six films would certainly draw considerable interest from fans everywhere.

But aside from standard character head cake pans, we thought "What else could Wilton release?" And then it hit us - Lightsaber Hilt Cake Pans! How cool would those be?

Wilton could produce designs based on the famous saber hilts (Vader, Yoda, Luke, Maul, Dooku, etc) and the new Savage Opress hilt. Of course, no saber is complete without a blade, so Wilton would need to release a generic "blade" cake pan that fans could "attach" to their hilt to create their own custom lightsaber cake! Why not go crazy and add multiple blade cake pans and decorate each one with a different color frosting to create a multi-colored lightsaber? Simply cut off the rounded tip from the blade cake mold for the middle sections and make your lightsaber cake as long as you want to feed as many Padawans as you need to! The possibilities would be endless!

Sadly, Wilton currently does not have any plans to produce additional Star Wars cake pan products. Let's hope that changes in the near future, and fingers crossed lightsaber hilt/blade cake pans are strongly considered as well.

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