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LEGO Star Wars Review - B-Wing Starfighter Set #10227
Reported by James on 01 Oct 2012 16:45


Big thanks to LEGO for sending us the B-Wing Starfighter to build at the Star Wars event, Farthest From, on Sunday 23rd September.  The build took just about 2hours 45minutes and whilst the ship is symmetrical, resulting in lots of mirror-building it was still great fun and the end result is a wonder to behold.  The B-Wing Starfighter features briefly in Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi which celebrates its 30th anniversary next year and is perhaps the reason for LEGO putting out this set now.

Read on for a full review/images of this great new product or click here for all the images as a gallery - the B-Wing Starfighter is available from LEGO today!


Description from

Take on the Empire in the ultimate collector series B-wing Starfighter!

Now you can experience the ultimate B-wing Starfighter from the Star Wars galaxy like never before. This fantastic model features everything you would expect from our premium collector range, including rotating, self-levelling cockpit and realistic wing configurations for landing and flight. And when you're finished battling in the skies above Endor or helping to restore freedom in the galaxy, place this highly detailed B-wing Starfighter on its own dedicated display stand and fact plaque. Measures 26” (66cm) wide and 15” (38cm) high in flight configuration, and 17” (43cm) high on display stand.

• Ultimate Collector Series B-wing Starfighter!
• Rotating, self-levelling cockpit!
• Landing and flight wing configurations!
• Highly detailed model!
• Includes display stand and fact plaque!
• Model can be detached from display stand!
• Measures 26” (66cm) wide and 15” (38cm) high in flight configuration, and 17” (43cm) high when mounted on display stand!

LEGO Star Wars

LEGO Star Wars is a LEGO theme based on the Star Wars saga. The first LEGO Star Wars set was released in 1999 and was the first intellectual property to be licensed to The LEGO Group. It is now the second biggest LEGO themed product and in only, just, outsold by LEGO CITY. The LEGO Star Wars License was renewed for an additional 10 years in February 2012, now through to 2022.


The B-Wing Starfighter consists of two S-Foil wings, a center wing, rotating cockpit, engine hull and weapons pod.  On opening the oversized box you’ll find a total of fifteen bags, three instructions books and a sticker sheet (have I told you how much I hate stickers?).  Fortunately there are only three stickers to apply so it’s not too much of an issue.  The three instructions books and stickers come packed in a bag which is reinforced with cardboard to add protection.  Of the fifteen bags, fourteen are numbered (between 1 and 10) and the other contains some oversized parts.  The first couple of pages of the first instruction book explain how the B-Wing Starfighter is built.






Bag#   Qty    Builds

1          2       Engine Hull
2          1       Blade (one half)
3          1       Blade (one half)
4          2       Center Wing (one half)
5          2       Center Wing (one half)
6          1       Weapons Pod
7          2       Cockpit
8          1       S-Foil 1
9          1       S-Foil 2
10        1       Stand

Unnumbered bag: oversize elements

You start by building the hull, which is the first mirror build, and then connect both parts together.  There’s some great use of parts here including Hero Factory fists which work very well within the model.  Also because both bag 1’s are the same you get two of the ‘new’ orange brick separators.



Sitting atop the Engine Hull and in-between the cockpit is the blade that connects the parts together.  This is built from bags 2 and 3, the only difference between the two bags being the extra parts on bag 3 to join the two halves together.  This also features the brand new element which at present is unique to this set which is a plate with studs on the top and bottom.  In the video announcing this set the designer said that without this piece the build would have been very difficult and you soon see why.  The blade then connects to the Engine Hull.



Bags 4 and 5 then build the main center wing; this is quickly done again using the mirror-build technique.  Bag 5 is only different from bag 4 due to the additional pieces required to clamp the two sides of the wing together.


Bag 6 builds the weapons pod that sits on the end of the center wing.  The weapons pod is not symmetrical and features some innovative use of LEGO elements including a whip! Once complete this connects to the end of the center wing.


Bag 7 builds the cockpit which looks great and again features some innovative use of LEGO elements but it’s frustrating that the cockpit canopy cannot be opened. The rotating mechanism works well and replies on gravity to keep the cockpit the right way up.


Bags 8 and 9 build the S-Foils and again this is done using the mirror build technique to save time; once completed these clip on to the center wing.  My only disappointment about the wings though is that they’re not dual sided which means if they’re opened up you see the underside of the plates.

The final bag, numbered 10, builds the stand which allows the B-Wing Starfighter to be displayed at an angle with the S-Foils open.  I really liked the thought that went into the stand although it would also have been nice to display this vertically with the S-Foils closed but the weight distribution throughout the model wouldn’t have allowed this.


As with a model of this size there are a few issues but mostly I’m very impressed.  UCS sets are mostly meant for display purposes, and as I said above the stand is very well thought out, and the B-Wing Starfighter looks amazing in place on the stand.



If you don’t have room to display this set I suggest you make some room and go and purchase it now.  It’s available from today 1st October for £169.99 GBP featuring 1487 pieces, coming in at just over 11 pence per brick.  Also, if you buy it today you’ll get double VIP points, a free TC-14 Minifigure and free shipping – if all that’s still not enough to entice you then if you buy though our friends at here you’ll also get set #40048 Birthday Cake thrown in for food measure too when entering CAKE at the checkout (these offers are only available within the UK).


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