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A Study of Neimoidians
Reported by Mark on 04 Sep 2012 16:18

Ever been in that awkward situation when you can't tell your species apart? Is it a Nautolan, is it a Twi'lek? Is it a Duros, is it a Nemoidian? Well, with the assistance of Deviant artist Kweh-Chan you can now tell the difference.

No more checking your galaxy guide under the table while you're sealing a deal in a shady bar or cantina. Just check this infograph and you're set.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Neimoidians, but were afraid to ask!

Oh how I've wanted to do this for so long! Educate the public about the differences between Neimoidains and Duros, and break out my Da Vinci! Additionally, this served as a FANTASTIC way to practice...whoever said to draw your own anatomy charts to improve your drawing skills is a flipping genius!

Everything you see here is based on canon; I get all of my information from Wookieepedia, the films, The Clone Wars, and various book sources, including the Visual Dictionaries, novels, etc.

(disclaimer: that's undetailed, scientific nudity right there; nothing sexual about it...therefore, no mature warning!)

Source: Deviant Art

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