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Jedi News EXCLUSIVE: Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi: Prisoner of Bogan #1
Reported by Mark on 05 Aug 2012 22:36

Just in case you missed it last Friday, here's our world-first look at the cover of the second five-part series of Dawn of the Jedi.

Entitled Prisoner of Bogan this five-part series is yet another fascinating dip into an era where the galaxy was a very different place indeed.

Banished to the dark moon Bogan, the Force Hound Xesh has been living in contemplation; the memory of who he was before his ship crashed on Tython still escapes him. A rival from his past is on his trail, and the Je’daii are doing all they can to discover his origin. And now, Xesh is about to meet someone who will change his life forever, a former great Je’daii . . . the prisoner of Bogan!


Writer: John Ostrander

Penciller: Jan Duursema

Inker: Dan Parsons

Colorist: Wes Dzioba

Cover Artist:David Michael Beck

Genre: Star Wars

Publication Date: November 28, 2012

Format: FC, 32 pages

Price: $2.99

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