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Hasbro Q&A - The Answers (Week 84/Jedi News Week 44)
Reported by James on 18 Mar 2010 02:43

Hasbro Questions & Answers

You asked the questions and here's the answers to the 44th batch of questions and our 3rd (of 12) for 2010. 

Thanks to Hasbro and Hunter PR for giving fans around the world a chance to get their voices heard and their questions answered especially here at Jedi News, the UK's premier and favourite Star Wars fan site.

Thanks for sending in your questions and keep them coming for the next Q&A which we're due to send to Hasbro today, 18th March...

Read on for the Questions and Answers...

1.  We're sorry to see the Galactic Heroes Cinema Scenes go. What does this mean for Galactic Heroes in terms of future vehicles and additional figures - will we continue to see vehicles or will the 2 packs be the only outlet for Galactic Heroes moving forward (and will we see all four Republic Commando’s as Galactic Heroes) and finally, are we likely to see a return to the Cinema Scenes sometime in the future?

Something had to give way to make room for the Galactic Heroes AT-AT, so it was decided to put the Cinema Scenes on hiatus as a mainline offering.  There still may be exclusive Cinema Scenes here and there to take advantage of the cool vehicle library we have built up.  As for the other Commandos, we hope that they will find their way into the lineup at some point, but it won't be for a while if so.

2.  With so many changes to the Star Wars line this year, with new product lines coming and others going or changing, what are you most sad to see go and what are you most excited about – also, do you see any other changes to the line in the near future?

Without question, we are sad to see the Comic Packs go.  This was such a great line for introducing new and interesting characters from the rich history of the Star Wars comics.  There is a possibility these will return some time down the road, if we can solve the costing issues that have plagued us (two SA-quality figures plus an expensive comic means trouble when it comes to trying to create an affordable 2-pack).   There will undoubtedly be changing in store for the line, with some exciting new things for 2011.  Hasbro's Star Wars line has long had a history of driving innovation in new toy expressions leveraging the iconic Star Wars characters and vehicles, and we look forward to trying some new things going forward.  One thing that is constant about the Star Wars line is change!

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