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Rogue One: Has Mads Mikkelsen Revealed The Name Of His Character?
Reported by Mark on 06 Sep 2015 14:22

PIC: Actor Mads Mikkelsen revealed the name of his ROGUE ONE character in this signature to RFR listener J.J. Good. Does GALEN ring any bells?

Posted by RebelForce Radio on Saturday, 5 September 2015

Via our amigo's over at RebelForce Radio, could Mads Mikkelsen have given away the name of his character? It's certainly a name familiar to Star Wars fans, as Starkiller himself Galen Marek (played by Sam Witwer) shared the same first name. And it's certainly from the same era of the timeline...

Then again, in the Star Wars galaxy maybe Galen is as common a name as John or Sarah, so let's not jump to conclusions quite yet. But an interesting potential reveal nonetheless.

Source: Facebook

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