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Jedi News Comic Review: Star Wars Rebel Heist #4
Reported by ZakPT on 30 Jul 2014 00:00


Han Solo and Jan, a new recruit for the Rebellion, were captured by the Empire near one of Corellia’s moons. Solo’s attempt to escape from a low-security installation ended with him being placed in a high-security holding cell.

On the planet Feddasyr, with operative Sarin, Princess Leia retrieved a secret code—a stormtrooper who held the information in his DNA. When Leia was captured by the Empire, Sarin’s sister delivered the trooper to his next contact: Chewbacca.

Chewbacca and the trooper successfully unlocked the code and sent the information to the imprisoned Han Solo. But now they too are imprisoned—in a rancor pit. Still, there is one more Rebel out there who might save the day...

Scripter Matt Kindt, artist Marco Castiello, inker Dan Parsons, colourist Gael Eltaeb, letterer Michael Heisler and cover artist Adam Hughes bring us the fourth and final issue of Rebel Heist.

The Story

The Rebel Alliance has successfully destroyed the first Death Star. With the Rebels morale so high and the odds of overall victory looking to be in their favour, more and more civilians look to fight alongside the Rebel heroes. The heart of the rebellion, consisting of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo and Chewbacca make it their mission to recruit the new Rebels. But sometimes the best way to introduce the new rookies to Rebel life is starting them off in a real life high profile mission. However they may not always go as smoothly as planned.

Han Solo and his new recruit were captured by Imperial forces after they tried to escape near one of Corellia’s moons. After a miserable excuse for an escape plan the pair were placed in a high security holding cell. While on the world of Feddasyr, Princess Leia and her new accomplice fight to retrieve secret Imperial codes from a secured guest house. They retrieved the codes- in form of a Stormtrooper- and managed to make the delivery to a waiting ship. Although Leia was captured, her recruits sister delivered the codes to the next contact; the great Chewbacca.

After a gruelling firefight in another Imperial base the codes are successfully uploaded and sent to the imprisoned Han Solo, who has devised a new escape plan. But Chewie and the Trooper eventually become overpowered and become captured were they then get dumped in a Rancor pit to fight to the death. Now, only one remaining Rebel hero can save the day...

The Review

In the final issue of this super mini-series the reader will really get some classic action from the four main heroes of the Star Wars Saga. This issue also highlights the key characteristics in some of the main characters like Han’s witty responses and Luke’s textbook Lightsaber work. But the storyline as classic as it may seem is still kept original by introducing an Imperial spy to overlook part of the story.

Again, like in the first issue the artwork goes slightly undetailed due to the dark background settings but some of that is just the style of how the whole of the series has been illustrated. The hero squad also seemed to be portrayed physically as a rougher band of Rebels with stubble and ripped clothes which may be a way of trying to create a more realistic depiction. This, for some, can be a nice change.

It would have been great to have more action from the Shadow Trooper (code carrier) as the whole Rebellion storyline would have worked well as an over lay for a more in-depth story of the trooper. But overall this series has been good as it has focused on one character each issue bringing beautiful cover work and more in-depth knowledge about everyone’s favourite characters! The action has been very intense with great gore and cliff hanging moments.

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Source: Dark Horse

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