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The Metro: Star Wars Episode VII: Will Harrison Ford’s injury Delay Filming?
Reported by Mark on 23 Jun 2014 17:54

My latest entry arrives over at The Metro as I look at the rumour - and it's only a rumour - that Harrison Ford's injury could delay the production of the film for six months or longer.

Rumours have been floating around, first posted by UK website Jedi News, that Harrison Ford’s injury is worse than first reported, to the extent that his return to the film could be six months, possibly a lot longer.

Word of an emergency meeting at Pinewood Studios this morning reached Star Wars fandom, with the upshot being that with Ford returning to the States to convalesce, the film could have little option but to either cease production, rewrite the script to remove Ford from the film altogether or at the very least make significant changes to accommodate Ford’s recovery schedule.

I said it earlier, I'll say it again. I REALLY hope this isn't true.

Source: Metro

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