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Star Wars Episode VII: Carrie Fisher At Hay-On-Wye Festival
Reported by Mark on 26 May 2014 12:00

Our great pal and friend of the site Grant Criddle brings us this on the spot report from Carrie Fisher's appearance at this past weekends Hay-On-Wye literary festival.

Last night Carrie Fisher made an appearance at the prestigious Hay Festival of Literature and Arts for a discussion on her life with William Sieghart. The talk, titled ‘May the Metaphors be With You’ focused on all aspects of Carries life including growing up in a family considered Hollywood Royalty, Carries relationships with her parents and immediate family, drug abuse and mental illness and her skills as a writer and script doctor.

As far as Star Wars content in the talk, we have the following:

  • Carrie dropped out of drama school in London for Star Wars at 19.
  • She has requested that she wears the hair buns again, but this time with grey hair as she does cooking as granny Leia.
  • She has done script reading and costume fittings but hasn’t been in front of the camera yet. I guess this means she won’t be in the Abu Dhabi scenes.
  • Her filming for Episode VII will start in a few weeks.
  • Her favourite moment filming the original trilogy was killing Jabba the Hutt and she is hoping to have the opportunity it again “as killing a giant monster is the only reason to become an actor”.
  • Carrie wears the gold bikini from Return of the Jedi every day, all the time.
  • 6 foot 1 inch is too tall to be a Stormtrooper.
  • She also avoided answering on how she felt about the prequel trilogy by saying she was in rehab at the time and the hospital was unable to show them.
  • As a script writer she was asked to evaluate the Episode VII scipt, which she couldn't comment on for fear of getting into trouble, but did respond with ‘its been written by Lawrence Kasdan and J.J. Abrams- DO THE MATH.

For any of us who have seen Carrie before you will know that you should always expect the unexpected. Carrie was on top form with her hilarious honesty and wit and it’s a delight watching her having trouble stopping herself giving away any details of the Episode VII that will get her into trouble. It was a delight to see her so happy and doing so well and I find that as Star Wars fans we can celebrate in knowing we have the most remarkable and talented princess both on and off the screen.

Thanks as always Grant! We also received this image (seen at the top of the article) from|Jedi News reader P.J.Slim who had this to say.

I met Carrie last night! no news other than she has only done costume fittings and rehearsals so far she starts filming in a few weeks time.

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