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Star Wars Episode VII: Rumour Alert: Healer Twins In Abu Dhabi?
Reported by Team Jedi News on 22 May 2014 11:38

Who? You might not be saying that for much longer, as actress Thea Shengelaya and her twin Liana (aka the Healer Twins) are leaving Abu Dhabi after 4 days shooting on Episode VII, riding alongside John Boyega and Daisy Ridley. Check this Instagram message below.

Thea has appeared in the 2012 short film Gasping for Life and 2014's short film Piano, but both sisters are predominantly known for their music. Here's a brief clip of them singing.

The sisters are Georgian born and live in Abu Dhabi. As it always has been and always shall be, until Lucasfilm, Bad Robot or Disney confirm it, it's just a rumour.

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