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RUMORS: Episode VII Details From 'Entertainment Weekly' Issue #1311
Reported by Justin on 09 May 2014 16:22

Following up on our earlier report on the Episode VII article that is contained within this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly, here are the statements that were made in the piece that deal with the film's casting/production.

EW was able to obtain the following details "from sources with direct information about the project who spoke on condition of anonymity."

- Casting began in earnest in January.

- At press time, several roles have yet to be filled, including a major female lead.

- Michael Arndt's initial script has been significantly overhauled by Abrams and Kasdan, which led to a delay in casting.

- Hamill, Fisher, and Ford had been secured to return for Episode VII before the Disney sale in 2012.

- Hamill, Fisher, and Ford will all have "significant" roles.

- Han Solo is considered a co-lead alongside 3 of the younger actors.

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