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RUMOR: Billy Dee Doing Voice Work For "William Williams" in Star Wars Rebels?
Reported by Justin on 12 Feb 2014 13:22

I must admit - you wll most likely need to take a larger-than-normal sized grain of salt with this rumor. An article posted on Fans Share is claiming to have been told by sources that Billy Dee Williams has been providing voice work for a character in Star Wars Rebels under the character "screen name"...get ready for this...William Williams.

As of November, 2013, Billy Dee made comments insinuating not only his involvement in the new film, but further verified the information by stating he was working on the film as of that date. According to sources, the work consisted of voice-overs for a Star Wars animated feature, leaving questions as to whether or not he was truly involved in the Episode VII installment. The animated work is tentatively entitled "Star Wars Rebels", and reports have stated he is using the screen name "William Williams". Very original. Further reports state that the animated version is exclusively being created for Netflix, and it is not known if the voice over is for the Lando Calrissian character or another character in the plot.

Not sure where the part about the series being created exclusively for Netflix originated from, as we know that simply isn't true.

Please be sure to treat this rumor as you would any other rumor, especially one that elicits the expected response as this one does.

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Source: Fans Share

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