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Star Wars To Have a 40 Year "Useful Life" For Disney?
Reported by Justin on 05 Feb 2014 14:15

While the headlines that garnered the most attention from yesterday's report concerning details on the series debut of Star Wars Rebels, I think a much more interesting tidbit of information can be found further down the Disney 2013 Financial Report and Shareholder Letter, specifically the paragraph copied below from the top of page 78.

Intangible assets primarily consist of intellectual property based on the Star Wars franchise with an estimated useful life of approximately 40 years. The goodwill reflects the value to Disney from leveraging Lucasfilm intellectual property across our distribution channels, taking advantage of Disney's established global reach.

Does this basically indicate that Disney predicts their newly-acquired Star Wars property will continue to provide a steady income stream across all product lines for the next 40 years?

Talk about making a sound financial investment with LONG term earning potential.

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Source: The Walt Disney Company

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