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Jedi Master SQL Discusses: Star Wars 3D
Reported by Team Jedi News on 30 Nov 2013 12:00

We continue our chat with the elusive Jedi Master SQL as the conversation turns to the recent talk of 3D releases and much more.

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JN: Will Episode 7 be released in 3-D?

The reaction to 3D Attack of the Clones at Celebration Europe was startling to say the least. Would you use the Prequels in 3D as a lead in to Episode 7? Maybe. Attack of the Clones is complete, and Revenge of the Sith would take very little additional work – kind of makes you think how far off the original trilogy was from being completed by the 3rd party before work ‘stopped.’ Now a six film 3D release, that would be interesting…

As for Episode 7, subtle use of 3D may be attractive, the premium priced ticket certainly would… but shooting on film makes that a little bit trickier.

JN: Rumours cause controversy, that's a fact and we take the heat for it. How do you feel about your role as a rumourmonger?

Rumours should cause controversy, by their very nature they cause interest and discussion points. I am confortable in my role in providing such rumours, as I edit and control myself. For example I do not reveal plot details, scripts, photos, character profiles – nor will I. For two reasons:

  • 1) I do not wish to spoil anyone’s enjoyment of the movies.
  • 2) More importantly, I do not have access to that information!

I try to focus my rumours on production, and licensee details that I am party too. I don’t report everything I hear. For example over the late summer it became clear that Arndt had left the writing team – I didn't know why. End of contract, disagreement, you name it – who really knows?

I could have joined the late summer rumour mongering on troubles in the film making process by reporting this story but without the knowledge of the truth I would be spreading negative stories, when the truth may not be negative. In such instances I feel it is important that the story comes from the horses mouth, not my interpretation of it. Therefore I make sure all my stories are positive in nature and avoid anything with potential negativity.

I do not decide what is published and how it is written. I rely solely on the judgement of the writers at Jedi News. Of the stories / news I send in, maybe 40-50% is published. The rest is either checked into, researched or determined not suitable for print.

I never question nor challenge their decisions.

With regards the reported troubles in the movie process. I would point out that we have a team of creative geniuses, arguably the best in the business today. No expense is being spared, the team is amazing. Relax and enjoy…

By the way, the story of a UK Astromech builder being part of the team making droids for Episode 7 was given to me late October. Again, I used judgement not to report it. Why? Simple, it being a fan being involved in the process. If that story leaked, everyone at LFL would look to the fan as the leak. It’s an amazing thing they have done there to give a fan that break – I could not look myself in the mirror if releasing that story lost him his job. As it turned out, there were two of them! Second to that story, it again highlights how highly the Celebration events are held in LFLs esteem.

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