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Jedi Master SQL Discusses: Star Wars Celebration
Reported by Team Jedi News on 29 Nov 2013 12:00

We recently sat down and broke bread with our mystical mage of the Force, Jedi Master SQL and during our chat we discussed all manner of matters including Episode VII, Rebels, The Clone Wars and more. Chugging back our blue milk and wookiee cookies we pushed on with our questions.

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JN: Will the late 2015 release have a negative impact on planned festivities/events/reveals for Celebration Anaheim?

SQL: As a fan base it is fair to say that everyone loves Mary Franklin and what she does as Senior Events lead for Lucasfilm in the organisation of the Celebrations. Sometimes without intention those closest to the situation don’t see that handwork, or rather recognise it, as they should. It would be fair to say that those at the top of LFL and more generally at Disney truly saw that work when they visited Celebration Europe. They were amazed at the scope and depth of the Celebration, the amount of work Mary and her team do to deliver the show, and at the depth and skill of the fan participation.

Because of the recognition I would say it is a safe bet that Disney / Lucasfilm will utilise the Celebrations to their full effect, and throw everything at them. I would imagine that Mary would get more support that even she could wish. I don’t wish to imply they don’t recognise or respect the work done – but rather they have had their eyes opened at just how fantastic it is. Disney have a history of fully backing their own D23 with the A list stars of their films. Expect to see the same from Celebrations in the future. I would expect ALL of the film stars to attend the next Celebration, and at least participate in panels. J.J. Abrams is also a big fan of using Comic Con as a launch pad for his projects, and normally generates something special for it. He now has his own Con to play with…

Negative impact? I would say the exact opposite. Celebration Anaheim will be the launchpad for the Lucasfilm PR machine to really push Episode VII. I don’t believe that being eight months rather than one month from the film will impact to any real degree. The secrets of the film will be a closely guarded secret still, but a teasing platform they have. You can tease a film eight months out, but one month away – you would be demanding answers.

Personally I would like to be with my fellow Star Wars fans to see the first main trailer for the movie. 8 months out, could be the perfect place to see it first…

Also if you are a toy manufacturer, ‘here’s a taster of what is coming’ is better for me than seeing toys that have been revealed online in photos for goods that we already have on order. Instead of press releases and grainy photos we can see these products launch live with our own eyes. The vendors have the perfect platform to say this is what we are giving you, place your orders now. More exciting for me, than seeing things in plastic security boxes that you have had on order with Amazon for months.

For once we can all be there to see line launches together in a fan environment - for me this is VERY exciting.

Expect massive things from this show…

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