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Star Wars Episode VII: RUMOR ALERT: Has A Male Youth Lead Been Chosen?
Reported by Justin on 21 Nov 2013 15:33

An article posted by Phil Devoe on The Hillsdale Collegian earlier today is claiming that student Joseph Craig has successfully completed the Episode VII audition procees and has been selected for a character role in the film.

Via the posted story:

Craig is not allowed to release any information about his part or any information about the movie. His casting director, Maryellen Aviano of Buena Vista Home Entertainment, strictly warned him not to release anything about his role.

“They didn’t tell me too much about my role, and the script won’t be released until the spring. It’s all pretty hush-hush,” Craig said.

As always, we can only report on this as a rumor at this time until we hear otherwise from an official Disney/Lucasfilm source.

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Source: Hillsdale Collegian

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