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Star Wars Frames - Are you sitting down for this?
Reported by Adam on 03 Jul 2008 17:28

Forum member dr_bob was interested to know about pricing on the Star Wars Frames set that we reported last week and here's the response he got from the publishers...


We are taking pre-orders now and are shipping in February 2009.

Frames pricing is as follows: 

BATCH A (#1 - #250)                $4,000
BATCH B (#251 - #500)            $4,250
BATCH C (#501 - #750)            $4,500
BATCH D (#751 – #1,000)        $4,750
BATCH E (#1,001 – #1,138)      $5,000

So just to clarify, those prices are in thousands, and as dr_bob points out, rather bizarrely, the lower numbers in the run are actually the cheaper ones!

So who's going to be getting one?

Thanks to dr_bob for the heads-up...

Source: Jedi News Forums

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