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Star Wars Episode VII: Rumour Alert: Things Set To Go Quiet For A Time?
Reported by Team Jedi News on 06 Oct 2013 23:38

Jedi Master SQL weighs in once more with a curious piece of news, warning us of a lull before a potential storm of news.

My sources tell me that they Lucasfilm are going silent for a period. It could be one of two things: they are clamping down on leaks or, as I was previously told, announcements would start later in October and be drip-fed in a controlled manner for the remainder of the year.

All that was said is there's a "need to draw a line in the sand for a period", which makes me think the latter.

We certainly hope so. While there's only so much news that could possibly be announced at this juncture, we're all keen for whatever snippets and pieces we can get. As always, until it's on the Official Site or announced by Lucasfilm in a press release, it's not news.

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