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Star Wars Episode VII: Rumour Alert: Sets Cleared November For February Shooting Start?
Reported by Team Jedi News on 30 Sep 2013 16:51

The infamous Jedi Master SQL steps out of the shadows and brings us some more possible details regarding Episode VII.

I understand that the current intention is to clear stage late November for Episode 7. A large proportion of the Cinderella shoot is on location, so expect a 12 -14 week stage shoot.

The rest of 2013 will be used for the UK based crew to clear the stages and prepare for what is needed for set build and back structure. Lucasfilm recruiting crew now in key roles, and are fleshing out the crew in October. They don't want to pull them to the UK during the holiday season, so the schedule is currently due to start the 2nd week of January with a view to being on the stages for 24th February and the start of principal photography.

While there's little doubt that Team Jedi News could grow a beard if they tried hard enough, it wouldn't turn any of us into George Lucas. Therefore, following that logic you haven't read this on the official Lucasfilm website, and thus this is merely a rumour. Until you do read it on the Official Site, it's not confirmed.

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