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REPORT: Star Wars Episode VII: Possible Filming in Iceland
Reported by Justin on 03 May 2013 17:27

According to an article posted on the Icelandic website Frettatiminn, J.J. Abrams has visited Iceland for the purpose of scouting possible filming locations for Episode VII.

You will need to have your browser translate the article for you (unless you are fluent in Icelandic of course), or you can check out the rough translation below.

Recently, the team examined by Sagafilm ground for possible filming the new Star Wars movie on Iceland. These experiments have been very secret, but they took place in the south. There is the filming locations were inspected and no information is available about this in Sagafilm. The task is even in its early established that it must be considered unlikely that the director, JJ Abrams, or other moguls have yet come to the country. Although it is known that Abrams is interested in taking up in Iceland. He intended to take up the first Star Trek movie-here a few years ago but it slipped up. Last year was cameraman on his behalf here and took the background images for Star Trek 2, which is expected in theaters later this month. It is not known if they find their way to the white tent.

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Source: Frettatiminn

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