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Spy Report: Nuremberg Toy Fair
Reported by Dan on 01 Feb 2013 14:35

Here's a Hasbro spy report from the Nuremberg Toy Fair, courtesy of our Phantom Bothan:

Despite last week's announcement that the 3D movie releases are postponed, Hasbro is still planning to go forward with the green "Yoda series". The change to The Black Series will take place over the summer. Only the 6" Luke Skywalker figure was shown for The Black Series, and it looks superb! Most imperssive.

A new line called "Mission Series" was shown. This is a 2-figure open-boxed set with a window flap. Packs on display include:
- Vader and Interrogation Droid
- Battle Droid and another character

Over in the Movie Heroes line, there is a new Vader card much smaller than normal with low-budget 3-3/4" figures that includes a tiny insert showcasing the character. Much like the Batman £6 line we saw last year. A new Ep3 Anakin figure was shown. This line is targeted towards kids on a budget. This line mirrors the budget Iron Man 3 and Ultimate Spider-Man lines that have already been seen but aren't out yet.

Class I Vehicles were shown loose (these are already out now).

Class II vehicles.  Jango's Slave I was shown, but in a new triangular-shaped packaging with the Vader design.

The Black Series 3 3/4".  The new Vader art black card style...not vintage...but same size. It is squared off with no die cut fancy shapes.  The bubble takes up nearly all the card and wraps around the edges and taped, similar to the ROTS line back in 2005. Figures on display were Anakin, Padmé and a Clone.  These appear to be the same Ep2 figures that were originally going to be in the Build-A-Droid line.

12" figures shown were the Vader-Anakin figure, and a budget Anakin & Clone Trooper. This line style is crossing all brands: Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, etc.

Lightsabers & role play include colour change FX sabers.

Star Wars Angry Birds: a new Star Destroyer, Darth Vader head, and others. This line has been a runaway success and plenty more product is coming.

A German 501st garrison was also on hand in Stormtrooper armour to pose for photos with buyers at the show.

Spidey an Iron Man already revealed.  Thor figs very impressive. No Wolverine movie product was shown, and there is still some comic-based Legends an Universe support coming.

This is all the information we have at the moment but all will be revealed at New York Toy Fair.

Source: Nuremberg Toy Fair

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