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   26 October 2014
Episode VII Trailer Music to be Recorded Nov. 15?
Reported by James on 26 Oct 2014 18:16

This from the John Williams Fan Network, obviously take this all with a pinch off salt until confirmed by Bad Robot, Disney, Luasfilm or John Williams himself.

Following the rumor that the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII will include original music written by John Williams, one of our sources claims that the Maestro will indeed record the new music next month in Los Angeles:

A reliable source just said JW received a trailer from JJ Abrams on Monday, Oct 20.  JW has already written new Star Wars music to accompany this trailer.  This new trailer music will feature new music and will be recorded on November 15 in LA with full orchestra.  Still determining if the score will be recorded in London due to advanced age of composer/conductor.  14 hour flight to LA not too kind on 82 year old.  This is all a secret and this message will be deleted shortly.

Will we be getting a trailer so soon?  Time will tell...

Source John Williams Fan Network
Bombad Radio Episode Episode 173: The Sound of Star Wars with David Collins
Reported by Mark on 26 Oct 2014 03:16

It's time to join James and Jeremiah on the latest edition of Bombad Radio.

This week we begin exploring the sound of the Star Wars Universe. Our guest is former LucasArts sound designer and supervisor who is currently with Sony, David W. Collins returning to the show for the second time. In his free time David Collins also hosts the new show on the SmodCast Network "The Comlink" as well as 'Star Wars Oxygen' with Jimmy Mac on Rebel Force Radio.

Source Bombad Radio
   25 October 2014
Ewan McGregor has some unkind words for Star Wars 'fans'
Reported by Matt on 25 Oct 2014 23:35

Set aside the hugely misleading headline and you find an article showing the disdain that Ewan McGregor has for autograph scalpers, who he refers to as "parasitical lowlifes."

To paraphrase a great Moff, 'Charming, to the last.

In an interview with Details, McGregor opened up about his limited interaction with Star Wars fans. The actor claims, in fact, that he doesn’t have any experience with actual fans of the franchise, having never been to “one of those conventions.” Instead, McGregor said he only met “the f—ers” who were not real fans. These “fans” were more interested in selling his signature online than actually interacting with him or engaging with the film.

“They’re not fans—they’re parasitical lowlifes and f—ing wankers,” McGregor told Details.

Source Entertainment Weekly
ForceCast #326: Team Palpatine
Reported by Mark on 25 Oct 2014 23:22

t's time to join your hosts Eric, Erik and Justin for the ForceCast.

As principal photography on Episode VII winds down, the youngest Star Wars fan to star in the original films comes back again, the set gets a visit from the Boy Who Lived, and a cast member who wasn't even announced has completed her role. Plus, Eric talks about the progression of technology in Star Wars with Christian Blauvelt, and Disney releases a trailer for the Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion "Special Edition" on ABC. Strap in and make the jump to hyperspace with The ForceCast!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Forcecast
Official Site: Star Wars In The UK: Star Wars Monthly Issues 159 - 165
Reported by Mark on 25 Oct 2014 23:07

My latest article lands over at as I take a look at a key part of Star Wars comics history.

Being a Star Wars fan growing up in the UK during the ’80s was a unique experience. Sure, like our fellow fans across the globe we had the films, the action figures, the books, and the food promotions, but we also had access to a number of things that fans around the world didn’t. We got the chance to watch Admiral Ozzel wear a wonky wig on BBC kids show Grange Hill. We saw Gold 2 play a role in popular early evening soap Crossroads. We even saw Darth Vader showing kids how to cross the road safely dressed in tight green spandex. But the one thing that really set us apart from our American cousins were Marvel’s Star Wars UK titles.

Source Official Site
Digital Spy - What Are The Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Ever Made?
Reported by James on 25 Oct 2014 20:06

Here in the UK the folks at Digital Spy are looking for your vote to decide the greatest sci-fi movie of all time, read on and vote by taking the link below (The Empire Strikes Back is currently in the lead)...

What are the greatest sci-fi movies ever made? That's the question we asked two weeks ago through the site and social media, and after wading through your many responses we've compiled a list of the landmark genre movies that you admire the most.

Now the task is simple - vote for the one movie below you think trumps all others and next month we'll reveal the winner ahead of the release of Christopher Nolan's latest sci-fi blockbuster Interstellar.

Is Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey science fiction's greatest moment on the big screen? What about the Ridley Scott-directed double of Alien and Blade Runner?

Source Digital Spy
   24 October 2014
The WolfPack Podcast #100: Taylor Gray Interview (Voice Of Ezra On Star Wars Rebels)
Reported by Mark on 24 Oct 2014 21:24

It's time to join the gang over at the Wolfpack podcast for the latest episode.

Today marks our 100th episode of The WolfPack Podcast, and Ezra Bridger himself, Taylor Gray, is here to celebrate with us! We talk about the potential for fan favorite characters to appear in Rebels, Ezra's Journey in Rebels, Season 2, More Female characters to appear, Ezra Action Figures, and so much more!

Contact Information: YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | Google+

Source Wolfpack
Her Universe Star Wars Rebels Products Available Now
Reported by James on 24 Oct 2014 20:46

I was recording a segment for the next edition of RADIO 1138 with Dan Madsen (in charge of PR for Her Universe) and I mentioned about the new Star Wars Rebels products coming soon and he tells me 'they've literally just launched earlier today!'

So, what you waiting for?  With the holidays just around the corner now's a great time to go to Her Universe and pick up the brand new Star Wars Rebels products, amongst other things, for yourself, your loved one, or your friends - be quick, I have a feeling these will sell very fast!  Happy hunting and stay tuned for the first anniversary show of RADIO 1138 next week!

Source Her Universe
Cinematographer Greig Fraser To Shoot Gareth Edwards Star Wars Standalone Film
Reported by Justin on 24 Oct 2014 20:14

We get word via Collider that cinematographer Greig Fraser has been selected to work on the Star Wars standalone film that will be directed by Gareth Edwards.

Edwards' film is scheduled to be released on December 16, 2016.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Collider
Big Bad Toy Store News
Reported by James on 24 Oct 2014 18:37
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Read on for the latest update from site sponsor Big Bad Toy Store featuring lots of new pre-orders and arrivals; also check out their sale items too...

Tosche Station Radio #96: Ratings and Timeslots
Reported by Mark on 24 Oct 2014 17:22

It's time to join the moisture farmers down at Tosche Station for the latest episode, brought to you by Majestic Giraffe Productions.

It’s the news, ratings, and Rebels on this episode of Tosche Station Radio.

Nanci and Brian are the co-founders and writers of You can find Nanci on Twitter with the handle @Nancipants and you can find Brian with @LaneWinree.

Contact Information: iTunes | Website | Twitter | Facebook | Google+

Source Tosche Station Radio
Come and Join the Rebellion at Toys 'R' Us in the UK this Weekend
Reported by James on 24 Oct 2014 16:48

If you’ve been holding out for a Star Wars rebellion in a Galaxy nearby then Toys 'R' Us in the UK is the place to be for half term this weekend.

The giant toy retailer and sponsor of Jedi News is inviting Star Wars fans to head down to their local store on the 25th or 26th October (see below for specifics) dressed as their favourite character from the awesome movie or TV series.

  • 25th October - 11am - 4pm at all Toys 'R' Us UK stores (excluding Bolton, Metro and Edinburgh)
  • 26th October - 11am - 4pm at Toys 'R' Us Bolton, Metro and Edinburgh

Jedi and Rebels from across the Galaxy are welcome to dress as their favourite Star Wars character and as a reward, Toys 'R' Us will present each Star Wars character with a Star Wars branded Jedi certificate to enrol them into the 'Rebellion'!  May the Force Be With You!

If you can't make it, then have a look at the wide range of Star Wars products available in store at the link below.

Source Toys 'R' Us
X-Men Sentinel Unleashed at The O2 in London
Reported by James on 24 Oct 2014 16:27
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In celebration of X-Men: Days of Future Past available to own on Blu-ray and DVD on 10th November, or in the Sky Store now, our friends at Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Sky have got in touch to let us know about the ultimate X-Men experience which has just arrived at The O2 in London. 

The experience includes an authentic 18-foot tall Sentinel robot used in blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past as part of the Sky Store X-Men experience which is open daily noon to 8pm at Sky Studios, The O2, London - entry is free of charge (click on the video above for a look).

We have two copies of X-Men: Days of Future Past to win on Blu-ray by answering this Star Wars related question here.

Read on for the full press release...

Official Site: Star Wars Tarkin: Audiobook - Exclusive Preview
Reported by Mark on 24 Oct 2014 15:54 brings us an exclusive audio clip from James Luceno's Tarkin.

Legislator. Military commander. Alderaan destroyer. Grand Moff Tarkin, one of the greatest villains of a galaxy far, far away, is back — in a new book set before the events of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.

Star Wars: Tarkin, James Luceno’s new canonical novel, hits bookstores on November 4, and brings the Empire’s most calculating tactician to life like never before.

Listen to’s exclusive clip from the unabridged audio edition of Star Wars: Tarkin below, and pre-order it now at!

Source Official Site
Coffee With Kenobi: Rebels Reactions: Freddie Prinze Jr. & “Rise of the Old Masters”
Reported by Mark on 24 Oct 2014 14:48

It's time to join your hosts Dan and Cory over at Rebels Reactions.

Welcome to Rebels Reactions, where Coffee With Kenobi examines Star Wars: Rebels through a critical lens. On this special show we have an exclusive interview with Rebels star Freddie Prinze Jr.! This is a conversation not to be missed, as we discuss the evolution of his character, Kanan, the legacy of the Star Wars franchise, and much more. We also discuss “Rise of the Old Masters”, the third episode in Season 1 with friend of the show Tha Mike Pilot from Full of Sith. Mike helps us break down the episode that truly introduces us to the Inquisitor. This is the Podcast you’re looking for!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Coffee With Kenobi
RebelForce Radio: October 24, 2014
Reported by Mark on 24 Oct 2014 13:41

Join Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac over at RebelForce Radio.

Freddie Prinze Jr. joins us this week for his RebelForce Radio network debut! We go In The Cantina to talk about his cool character Kanan Jarrus from Star Wars Rebels, his interests, his influences, and his fandom. George Lucas appeared in Chicago last Friday at the Chicago Ideas Week and Dave Filoni spoke at the MIPCOM conference in Cannes, France. We have audio highlights from both events! Plus, we get pumped up for Darth Vader’s debut on Star Wars Rebels this weekend and more!

Contact Information: iTunes | RSS Feed | Twitter | Facebook

Source RebelForce Radio
The Metro: Could Benedict Cumberbatch be in Star Wars Episode 7?
Reported by Mark on 24 Oct 2014 13:36

My latest article lands at The Metro as I discuss the rumour that Benedict Cumbernbatch could - possibly - be a part of Episode VII.

With his appearance on tonight’s episode of The Graham Norton Show, Benedict Cumberbatch has re-opened a conversation that folks thought was long closed – the prospect of his involvement in Star Wars Episode 7, due December 18 next year.

And there’s no reason why not. With fellow inhabitant of Middle Earth Andy Serkis playing an as yet undetermined role in the film and his Star Trek Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams behind the camera, it’s still not beyond the bounds of reason that he could play a part, despite filming almost being at an end.

Source The Metro
Now, This Is Podcasting! Episode 52: 10-18-14
Reported by Mark on 24 Oct 2014 13:18

It's time to join your hosts Jason, Randy, Johnamarie and Jeremy over at Now, This Is Podcasting!

In another brand spanking new episode of "Now, This Is Podcasting!" join the crew as they break down the tons of new info that hit the web this week, talk about what's to come, and answer your questions! Topics include: callbacks about auditions for new Star Wars projects happening in the future, surveillance from a tree near the set of Episode VII, more concept art and story boards, Lupita Nyong’o’s Instagram, a new ILM studio in London and Episode VII mentioned by Kathleen Kennedy at its grand opening, Joel Edgerton believing Adam Driver is the villain of Episode VII, Warwick Davis joining the cast of Episode VII, and the mystery of "The Carosel." Plus, Star Wars Rebels news, including Darth Vader's return, future episode titles and credits, and Cham Syndulla's relation to Hera!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Making Star Wars
How Episode VII Filming On Skellig Michael Island Was Authorized
Reported by Justin on 24 Oct 2014 13:16

An article posted on Irish Examiner provides us with some details on the concessions the Episode VII production crew needed to make in order to gain access to Skellig Michael island for filming.

Heritage Minister Heather Humphreys has revealed that the Star Wars shoot on Sceilig Mhichíl was only allowed to proceed after the film firm lodged significantly scaled-down proposals for the shoot.

The scaled-down proposals included a 90% reduction in helicopter activity in response to concerns for the protected bird population on the island.

The production was shot over three days at the World Heritage site in July, with several heritage experts querying the use of the island for the next instalment of Star Wars.

This follows an earlier report on officials being concerned about the impact filming would potentially have on wildlife residing on the island.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Irish Examiner
T-Shirts: Bounty Hunting Time
Reported by Matt on 24 Oct 2014 13:12

$10.00 for this cool tee. Here, take my money! Available for the next 16 hours, so hurry.

Source Shirt Punch
Sideshow Luke Skywalker Red Five X-wing Pilot Sixth Scale Figure Preview
Reported by Justin on 24 Oct 2014 12:48

A preview listing for the upcoming Sideshow Collectibles Luke Skywalker Red Five X-wing Pilot Sixth Scale Figure has been posted. No pre-order details have been announced yet, so stay tuned for that information as soon as it is revealed.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Sideshow
140 Photos Of Behind-The-Scenes Original Trilogy Models
Reported by Justin on 24 Oct 2014 12:37

This story is jaw-droppingly good. A batch of 140 rare behind-the-scenes photographs showcasing the construction of the various models that were used during the production of the Original Trilogy have been uploaded to Imugr by member "joinyouinthesun".

Decades later and the intricacies and attention to even the smallest detail that is apparent in these models continues to blow my mind. Simply SPECTACULAR work by the entire team at ILM.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Imugr
Star Wars: The Old Republic: Return With Revan: Your Personal Star Wars Saga Begins Now!
Reported by Mark on 24 Oct 2014 12:30

In the midst of the ongoing war between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, a long-hidden sect of extremists has emerged, led by the enigmatic former hero of the Jedi Civil War - Revan. These “Revanites” are mustering an army with an apocalyptic plan that will leave the Republic and the Empire in ashes.

Prepare to face Revan and his fanatical followers as you adventure through five new levels of story-driven Star Wars™ missions, reach new heights of power at an increased Level Cap of 60, explore exciting worlds and fight new high-level multiplayer Flashpoints and Operations in the Digital Expansion, Shadow of Revan!

Source SWTOR
Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Wars?
Reported by James on 24 Oct 2014 11:53

This just in from the Metro...

He might have previously denied having any involvement in Star Wars Episode VII – but that doesn’t mean Benedict Cumberbatch has steered clear of the film altogether.  In fact, the actor revealed during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show (airing tonight here in the UK on BBC One at 10:35pm) that he’s been closer to the project than everybody might think.

‘I went to the set,’ he admitted. ‘It was incredible’ before hastily telling the talk show host: ‘I probably shouldn’t be saying these things.’

Now this could 'just' be a set visit, only time will tell, but Norton’s questions about a possible appearance were met with a simple ‘no comment’ and this is not the first time that Cumberbatch has been linked with the sequel.

Official Site: Studying Skywalker: (Figuratively) Exploring The Dagobah Cave
Reported by Mark on 24 Oct 2014 11:41

Our great pal Dan Zehr of Coffee With Kenobi brings us his latest entry over at

From the moment Luke Skywalker enters the Dagobah cave, a sense of tension, not unlike something out of a horror films, grabs hold. This pivotal scene encapsulates some strong metaphors that are prevalent in the study of literature, and helps us to learn more about the young hero through this important phase in his burgeoning Jedi career. The use of the cave as a metaphor has long been a powerful symbol of what lies beneath the surface, and has impacted storytelling for generations.

Source Official Site
SWFUK Episode 6 - The Phantom Mannace
Reported by Mark on 24 Oct 2014 08:31

It's time to join the team over at the SWFUK Podcast.

Welcome to Episode Six of the SWFUK podcast. This month we speak with Chris Mann and discuss his collecting habits including taking a look at his Yoda focus. Grant Criddle brings us the second part of his look into Vintage Star Wars Computer Games. We hear from David Moss in the forum roundup section and Richard (from his northerly outpost) looks at the new Star Wars Collectors Archive web/blog format in his Boom section. Ben discovers his latest collectable at the end of his wife’s pregnancy. We have all the other usual favourites, such as: Latest Acquisitions, Market, Events and Rapid Fire sections. It's another scorching epic of a show, so sit back, place your figures by your side, saddle up your Tauntaun, grab a carton of um bongo and enjoy this months Vintage Collecting talk.

Contact Information: Website | Forum | Facebook

Source SWFUK
Get Your Geek On: 21st October 2014
Reported by Mark on 24 Oct 2014 03:17

Get your geek on every Monday night with host David Gremillion, as he interviews guests, takes your calls, and gives his take on the latest Star Wars news. Listen live every Monday at 9pm EST on

This week, we talk about Warwick Davis joining the cast of Episode VII, Vader appearing in Rebels, and more! But what is really going on at Hasbro? Delays? Production issues? Lack of products? Star Wars fans and collectors are not happy and we talk about why. 'Like' GYGO on Facebook Follow GYGO on Twitter Listen LIVE on Mondays at 9 pm EST on Channel 1138

Contact Information: iTunes | Mixlr | Facebook

Source Get Your Geek On
Coffee With Kenobi: Rebels Reactions: “Fighter Flight”
Reported by Teresa on 24 Oct 2014 01:07

It's time to join your hosts Dan and Cory over at Rebels Reactions.

Welcome to Rebels Reactions, where Coffee With Kenobi examines Star Wars: Rebels through a critical lens. On today’s show, we will be discussing “Fighter Flight”, the second episode in Season 1. Joining us today on Rebels Reactions is Teresa Delgado of Fangirls Going Rogue. We talk about Zeb & Ezra’s relationship, the impact the how is having on fandom, and TIE Fighters. This is the Podcast you’re looking for!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Coffee With Kenobi
   23 October 2014
New Star Wars Hot Wheels Vehicles at Toys 'R' Us in UK
Reported by James on 23 Oct 2014 23:38


The new range of Star Wars Hot Wheels Vehicles, from Mattel, are now available in Toys 'R' Us stores around the UK and are racing off the shelves and just in time for half term too!

Why not head to your local Toys 'R' Us store this weekend and see these and lots of other goodies including some half price items too.  Happy hunting!


Source Toys 'R' Us
Dork Tower
Reported by Matt on 23 Oct 2014 23:27

Check this out, a little something from Dork Tower.

Source Dork Tower
Star Wars Rebels Saga Legends Spotted On Shelves
Reported by Matt on 23 Oct 2014 23:11

After yesterday's new that the vehicles are just appearing these Saga Legends were spotted onthe shelves at the Disney Store in Milton Keynes.

£7.00 each and a full case of figures had just hit the shelf. With thanks to Grizzled Jedi for the store report. If you've spotted something new in the shops take a snap and drop us a report here at Jedi News.

Latest Tarkin Mini-Excerpt At Star Wars Books
Reported by Mark on 23 Oct 2014 22:56

In advance of it's 4th November release (6th November via Century here in the UK) here's an excerpt from Tarkin by James Luceno.

“Governor, your presence is required on Coruscant,” Amedda said after a moment. Tarkin moved to his desk and sat down, centering himself for the holocam. “I’ll certainly try to make time for a visit, Vizier.”

“Permit me, Governor, but that will not suffice. Perhaps I should have said that your presence is urgently required.”Tarkin waved a hand in dismissal. “I’m sorry, Vizier, but that doesn’t alter the fact that I have my priorities.”

“Priorities of what sort?”

Tarkin returned Amedda’s mirthless smile. There was probably no harm in sharing with Amedda information about the expected ship¬ments of matériel from Desolation Station to Geonosis—including vital components for the battle station’s complex hyperdrive generator—but he was under no obligation to do so.

“I’m afraid my priorities are on a need-to-know basis.”

“Indeed. Then you are refusing the request?”

Tarkin glimpsed something in the thick-skulled Chagrian’s pink-rimmed cerulean eyes that gave him pause. “Let’s say that I’m reluctant to abandon my post at this time, Vizier. If you wish, I’ll provide the Emperor with my reasons personally.”

“That’s not possible, Governor. The Emperor is presently engaged.”

Tarkin leaned toward the cam. “So engaged that he can’t speak briefly with one of his Moffs?”

Amedda affected a bored tone. “That’s not for me to say, Governor. The Emperor’s concerns are on a need-to-know basis.”

Source Star Wars Books
Galactic Escape Pod Episode 23: 23rd October 2014
Reported by Mark on 23 Oct 2014 22:07

Join your host Gary for the latest episode of Galactic Escape Pod.

In this show, Gary discusses Star Wars Insider #153, Episode VII News, Star Wars: The Old Republic Shadow of Revan Expansion, Star Wars Battle Pod Arcade Game, an in-depth Star Wars Rebels discussion from the beginning all the way through the Rise of the Old Masters Episode, and The Story of Return of the Jedi LP Part 5 – 1983.

Contact Information: Email - | Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Galactic Voyage
My Troubled Relationship with Empire
Reported by AdamDB on 23 Oct 2014 20:00
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When I submitted my first May the 4th Saga reviews a year and a half ago, I maintained that The Empire Strikes Back was my personal second favorite film of the Saga.

About a month later, it was my fifth favorite.

A few months after that, it was third.

Hasbro Chopper Figure Spotted In UK
Reported by Mark on 23 Oct 2014 18:18

Matt Bookers words obviously caught some folks attention last night as he bemoaned the lack of Hasbro Star Wars Rebels figures on shelves in shops across the UK. Friend of the site Andy Dukes dropped us a line - and these images - to show that our intrepid heroes are indeed out there and available for purchase.

I saw another article today about the lack of Rebels figures in the shops, the Disney store at Westfield Stratford had a bunch of them yesterday, they said they had them before the TV series started and weren't allowed to put them out until it had.

Cincinatti Comic Expo: Star Wars Boba Fett Reunion Panel
Reported by John 'Dak' Morton on 23 Oct 2014 17:29

Star Wars Boba Fett Reunion Panel
Moderator: Andrew Setters
Panelists: John Morton, Dickey Beer, and Daniel Logan.
Listen to the men from their perspective of the most famous bounty hunter in the galaxy.

Source Cincinatti
Drew Struzan To Receive Saul Bass Award On October 23
Reported by Justin on 23 Oct 2014 17:29

Head on over to The Hollywood Reporter for a brief article that informs readers of a special award that will be bestowed upon one of the entertainment industry's most iconic artists ever to put a brush to canvas, the legendary Drew Struzan.

He's the artist who gave Rambo his gigantic gun (and sensitive gaze) in the poster for First Blood. He made Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia look like timeless movie icons with his poster for Star Wars. He turned Harrison Ford's face into a canvas all its own with his artwork for Indiana Jones.

His name may not be familiar in every household, but his work is. Over the course of his four-decade career, Drew Struzan, 67, has painted more than 200 film posters, always in a style all his own: heroism brushed with humanity, humor softened by a tinge of sorrow. Which is why, on Oct. 23, he'll be honored with the Saul Bass Award at THR's Key Art Awards at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source THR
Skywalking Through Neverland Episode 51: Missing In The Mansion
Reported by Mark on 23 Oct 2014 17:00

It's time to join your hosts over at Skywalking Through Neverland.

Our Halloween Celebration continues as we explore the delicious delightful depths of Disney’s Haunted Mansion! On this week’s episode: Missing In The Mansion – we talk to the director and creator of this Haunted Mansion fan film, Jeremiah Daws. Haunted Mansion Fun Facts and Easter Eggs with our Ghost Host, Dave Skale. C-3PO Halloween Costume Safety Tips. Haunted Disney Short Report with Tracy & Scott Morris (Disney, Indiana Podcast). WINNER ANNOUNCED for Star Wars Rebels Prize Pack.

As always, much, much more. Never Land On Alderaan!!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source RebelForce Radio
Star Wars Rebels: Declassified – “Fighter Flight”
Reported by Dan on 23 Oct 2014 15:01

Join Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac for Star Wars Rebels: Declassified.

As we continue to work our way through Season 1 of Star Wars Rebels, we find ourselves learning more and more about our group of core characters, as well as the state of the galaxy on a whole. In “Fighter Flight”, Zeb & Ezra are sent on a simple errand to pick up some fruit in a Lothal town, but what happens next is anything but ordinary. Joining us at the Roundtable this week to provide analysis are movie producer/writer F.J. Desanto and Star Wars collecting guru Dan Curto.

Subscribe via iTunes here OR plug this RSS feed into your device's podcatcher or RSS reader OR download the episode directly here.

Listen you must!  Also, don't forget to LIKE their Facebook page here.

Source RebelForce Radio
'ASIS Film Models' Custom Star Wars Model Kits
Reported by Justin on 23 Oct 2014 13:55

A company by the name of ASIS Film Models contacted us here at Jedi News to inform us of their line of custom Star Wars model kits currently posted on their website for sale, including our good buddy Kyle Newman's favorite podracer pictured above.

Click the image above or take the source link below to check out their available models, which we think feature some pretty amazing design work.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source AFM
Blocks Magazine Issue 1 Available Today
Reported by James on 23 Oct 2014 12:50

The first monthly issue of Blocks magazine is available today at all good newsagents.  Blocks magazine is a celebration of everything LEGO.  Aimed at enthusiast’s young and old it is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the world of plastic bricks when taking a break from your latest build.

Issue 1 - The cover star of this issue is the UCS Batman Tumbler. A set that uses every technique in the book to achieve the perfect replica of this iconic vehicle.

Delving deeper through the issue we examine the range of LEGO Imperial Star Destroyers released to date and compare them. There's an inside look at the new minifigure online game, and a chance to WIN a full set of series 12 minifigures.

Blocks' expert team takes you through in-depth reviews of their latest builds and give plenty of hints and tips. Tim Johnson discusses SNOT and which bricks work best. We also go behind the scenes of the extreme Exo suit PR campaign, plus detailed instructions on building your own assault cannon.

In addition to our own projects and builds (with instructions) we have some splendid creations in our showcase features. There's a chance to win a complete set of Mixels, and Sarah Harmen's new book Extreme Bricks.

With all this and much much more can you afford to miss out.

If you'd rather not wait, then take the link below and subscribe today. This magazine is a real must for any LEGO Star Wars fan.

Source Blocks
Fantasy Flight Games: Rewards for Your Service
Reported by Jonathan on 23 Oct 2014 10:00

Imperial Assault is available for pre-order, and these previews not only let you know what to expect from this highly anticipated game but also how to get the most out of it. This preview covers side missions, experience, and items in an Imperial Assault campaign.

From the website:

Enter the Star Wars universe with the thrilling campaigns and skirmishes of Imperial Assault, a tactical board game of cinematic missions for two to five players.

You can find two full games within Imperial Assault. The campaign game invites you and up to four friends to take part in a gripping narrative that pits a small strike team of Rebel heroes against the massive military power of the Imperial player. You’ll also uncover the tactical conflict of the skirmish game, which allow two players to muster their own forces and battle head-to-head over conflicting objectives. Whether you play the campaign game or the skirmish game, you’re sure to experience the Star Wars galaxy like never before.

In our most recent preview, we explored two of the heroes that you can play over the course of the campaign. In future previews, we’ll examine the skirmish game, as well as the various rewards and threatening options available to the Imperial player as he commands countless Stormtroopers, vehicles, and villains to crush the insignificant Rebellion. Today, however, we’ll turn our attention to the missions these heroes may choose to undertake, and the experience and items they collect along the way!

Source Fantasy Flight Games
New Tesco Clothing
Reported by Matt on 23 Oct 2014 08:15


The Force is definitely at Tesco as new Star Wars apparel lands on the rails.

Men's pyjamas from £7.50 and tees from £7.00. Who can argue with that?

Source Tesco
Tesco Star Wars Items Fill The Shelves
Reported by Matt on 23 Oct 2014 02:04


Tesco shelves are stocked full of all brands of new toys but are absent - like the rest of the world it seems - of Hasbro action figures.

But here is the first sighting of the Star Wars Rebels Hasbro vehicles and Inquisitor saber.

Source Tesco
Jedi News Book Reviews: Star Wars: Razor's Edge (UK Paperback Release)
Reported by Mark on 23 Oct 2014 00:00
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Times are desperate for the Rebel Alliance. Harassment by the Empire and a shortage of vital supplies are hindering completion of a new secret base on the ice planet Hoth. So when Mid Rim merchants offer much-needed materials for sale, Princess Leia Organa and Han Solo lead an Alliance delegation to negotiate a deal.

But when treachery forces the rebel ship to flee into territory controlled by pirates, Leia makes a shocking discovery: the fierce marauders come from Leia’s homeworld of Alderaan, recently destroyed by the Death Star. These refugees have turned to pillaging and plundering to survive—and they are in debt to a pirate armada, which will gladly ransom the princess to the vengeful Empire...if they find out her true identity.

Struggling with intense feelings of guilt, loyalty, and betrayal, Leia is determined to help her wayward kinspeople, even as Imperial forces are closing in on her own crippled ship. Trapped between lethal cutthroats and brutal oppressors, Leia and Han, along with Luke, Chewbacca, and a battle-ready crew, must defy death—or embrace it—to keep the rebellion alive.

The UK paperback release of Razors Edge arrives, ditching the Empire and Rebellion tag and adding the now prevalent Legends banner to the top of the cover. But despite the changes, Martha Wells still brings us a vibrant and classic Star Wars tale.

Spoilers ahead.

Source Random House UK
   22 October 2014
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£3.00 for a Star Wars bathset? Yep, Tesco are really pushing the boat out with some crazy prices for the festive rush.

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