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   12 April 2014
ForceCast #298: Great Expectations
Reported by Mark on 12 Apr 2014 12:11

It's time to join your hosts Eric and Erik for the ForceCast.

We're all excited about Rebels and the upcoming films, but are we too excited? Are we setting our expectations impossibly high? This week we look at past experiences and discuss whether Star Wars fans have reasonable expectations for future projects. We also cover filming updates, Peter Mayhew, Tatooine, WonderCon, and much more!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

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Official Blog: Collecting the Galaxy: BBC2's Collectaholics and Building The X-Wing
Reported by James on 12 Apr 2014 09:44

If you caught me on BBC 2's Collectaholics then you may be interested to read my latest blog entry at The Official Star Wars Blog that goes into a bit more detail about the process, along with some new pictures too. 

After Easter we'll be recording a special edition of our podcast Radio 1138 with one of the show's presenters Mark Hill, so if you have any questions you'd like to ask (and many of you already have) then please send me an e-mail and we'll do our best to answer them during the show.

In the meantime, head over to now for more on the Collectaholics story and the first look at The X-Wing logo designed by good friend Mark Daniels at Sublevel studios.

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The Trials of Obi-Wan By High Adventure
Reported by Matt on 12 Apr 2014 04:31

We all need a bit of music in our life, and it's even better if it's Star Wars music. Glen Nelson is the current galactic champion when it comes to mixing rock with the galaxy far, far away and High Adventure's latest album - The Trials of Obi-Wan - is a must listen.

  • Born a Hunter
  • Diamonds and Dragons
  • Keep On Sailin'
  • Brothers of Man
  • The Walking Red
  • Running
  • Kneel (Son of My Jailer)
  • I Wanna Be in the 501st
  • Santa's Got a Hyperdrive
  • Ponda Baba's Wake
  • Hail Palpatine
  • The Slender Cometh
  • Cold Kraken Deep
  • The Trials of Obi-Wan

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Poster From A UK LEGO Store
Reported by Matt on 12 Apr 2014 02:21

Check out this poster, as seen in a toy store here in the UK. We had heard about the exclusive Darth Revan figure, but the exclusive poster and 15% discount were news to us.

Be sure to get to your local store on 4th May to grab these goodies.

   11 April 2014
RebelForce Radio:April 11, 2014
Reported by Mark on 11 Apr 2014 22:09

Join Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac over at RebelForce Radio.

Christian Taylor, head writer of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, joins us In The Cantina to talk about the Lost Missions Yoda arc, The Mortis Trilogy, and the experience of working at Skywalker Ranch with George Lucas himself. Plus, based on a hot rumor, we discuss the likelihood of the world’s most famous Wookiee returning for Episode VII, Disney’s Alan Horn give us some Star Wars sequel pre-production clues, and This Is Madness comes to a conclusion. Plus, Billy Dee, Little Debbie giveaways, and tons more awesome Star Wars stuff!

Contact Information: iTunes | RSS Feed | Twitter | Facebook

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Official Blog: Studying Skywalkers: Ian Doescher Makes Classroom Appearance
Reported by Mark on 11 Apr 2014 21:26

Dan Zehr brings us his latest entry over at The Official Star Wars Blog as he looks at the classroom influence Ian Doescher’s Shakespearean Star Wars adaptations are having.

The power of Ian Doescher’s contribution to the zeitgeist of Star Wars culture is a marvelous thing to behold, particularly when it accomplishes something many educators spend a lifetime trying to accomplish: getting students to invest in the power of Shakespeare’s figurative language. This was on display in my classroom recently, as Ian visited my freshmen students via Skype to discuss his contributions to Star Wars literature, William Shakespeare’s Star Wars and The Empire Striketh Back.

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Big Bad Toy Store News
Reported by James on 11 Apr 2014 20:56
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Read on for the latest update from site sponsor Big Bad Toy Store featuring lots of new pre-orders and arrivals...

4-Year Old Boy Receives 'Star Wars' Themed Funeral
Reported by Justin on 11 Apr 2014 19:20

Please see the appropriately titled absolutely heartbreaking story posted over on Daily Mail about a brave 4-year old child named Jack Robinson from Hampshire who tragically lost his life to a brain tumor and how his final wish was able to be recognized by his family.

In his short life Jack Robinson's fight against an inoperable brain tumour inspired his heroes Gary Barlow and Matt Smith to help him complete his bucket list.

But the four-year-old's final 'unique' wish could only be fulfilled yesterday, when his family and friends said goodbye to him at his Star Wars themed funeral.

His parents Terence and Marie Robinson were determined to celebrate their son's life and passions, having his body carried in a Star Wars coffin on a white horse-drawn carriage surrounded by stormtroopers.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source Daily Mail
"A Princess and a Guy Like Me?" Artwork By James Hance
Reported by Justin on 11 Apr 2014 18:59

Artist James Hance provides fans with a unique blending of 'Star Wars' and 'Indiana Jones' inspired by Han's famous line from Episode IV in this awesome yet-to-be-completed piece entitled "A Princess & A Guy like me?".

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source Slashfilm
Billy Dee Williams To Appear on 'Glee'
Reported by Justin on 11 Apr 2014 17:27

After his unfortunate departure from 'Dancing with the Stars' earlier this month due to medical complications, the one and only Mr. Billy Dee Williams provides us with an update on what's next on his busy entertainment schedule.

Source Twitter
Official Blog: Essential Guide to Warfare Author’s Cut, Part 7 - Grand Army of the Republic
Reported by Mark on 11 Apr 2014 17:20

Jason Fry and Paul Urquhart continue their look at the 'cut scenes' from 2012's The Essential Guide to Warfare as they look at the pivotal technology of cloning over at The Official Star Wars Blog.

Jason Fry: Many species have experimented with cloning, which has long been a routine part of galactic civilization’s medical science. For instance, vat-grown clone tissue and organs allow medical droids to treat serious injuries and diseases without fear that their patients will reject the new tissue.

But there has long been the temptation to use cloning to create what are effectively organic droids. Clones have been created to work in dangerous conditions, with their bodies altered to better survive exposure to corrosive atmospheres, radiation or extremes of pressure or gravity. They have been bred to serve as miners and deep-water divers, to live miserable lives as subjects of medical experiments, and to amuse the decadent as gladiators. And for millennia they have been created to fight wars.

Source Official Blog
Captain America 2 Sound Team on Falcon's Flight, Highway Action
Reported by Mark on 11 Apr 2014 16:39

One thing that sometimes gets forgotten in the melee of the VFX, marquee casting and general excitement is the sound effects teams, who's work grounds the film in a solid audio reality, working miracles to get everything together in a minimal amount of time. The Hollywood Reporter take a look at the Skywalker Sound team who worked on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, currently the number one film around the world.

Screening an action sequence that takes place on a highway, Mills explained, "They wanted it to be gritty and real. We recorded sound for the vehicles out in the desert. For the guns, we had a hard time finding guns that sounded specific to a city environment, so we recorded those in places that were safe and also had concrete, in order to sound real."

Captain America: The Winter Soldier also received a mix in Dolby's immersive Atmos sound format, which involves placement of speakers around the auditorium as well as across the ceiling.

"Sound is such a critical part of the moviegoers' experience," Markoe said. "[New options include] Dolby Atmos, and Imax has a new sound system that is coming out with next year. They are significant leaps forward in what we can do. We hope people experience it in the theater."

Source The Hollywood Reporter
Peter Mayhew "Cannot Deny or Confirm" Episode VII Return
Reported by Justin on 11 Apr 2014 16:35

Peter Mayhew, who has been rumored to be returning as Chewbacca in Episode VII, will be in attendance as a celebrity guest at this weekend's Supanova convention in Melbourne, Australia.

When asked about his rumored Episode VII return in an article posted on The Age, Mayhew was coy as expected.

Before we wrap, there's one more question I have to ask, even though I've been warned not to. Reports surfaced this week that he has been cast in Star Wars Episode VII, which is now in production in London. ''What was the question?'' he asks, reverting to the angry Wookiee demeanour of the first minutes of our chat.

Is it true? ''I cannot deny and I cannot confirm either.'' I figure it's best I don't push it. The force may not be entirely with him, but only a dummy would provoke a giant with a light sabre in his hand.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source The Age
Official Blog: 5 Kid-Friendly Episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Reported by Mark on 11 Apr 2014 15:13

Johnamarie Macias, Elisa Ardell, and Chris Hamilton take a look at The Clone Wars, asking if it is kid friendly and picking a selection of 5 episodes that are guaranteed to delight kids of all ages.

Despite it being an animated series that aired on networks geared towards children, it would be a mistake to dismiss The Clone Wars as “just for kids.” Teen and adult viewers may be surprised by the maturity and complexity of the characters and stories presented. Many adult fans have stated that the storylines made them see the prequel films in a whole new light, adding layers of depth to the saga. For the grown-ups in the audience, do not miss out on this wonderful show!

Source Official Blog
Early Look at 'Star Wars Rebels' at Disney ABC TV Event on May 4
Reported by Justin on 11 Apr 2014 14:22

We get more 'Star Wars Rebels' news today courtesy of our friends at Rebels Report pertaining to a sneak peek at the upcoming series that will be shown at a special Disney-hosted ABC TV Event on May 4. Over to Rebels Report...

On Star Wars Day May the 4th during the ABC TV Event, Disney will be hosting a dinner and reveal a sneak peak of Star Wars Rebels.

Exclusive invites were sent out to bloggers (not us unfortunately) to join Disney and ABC at a Red Carpet Tailgate between May 4th – May 7th in LA for the premiere of Disney’s Million Dollar Arm, a live taping of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, meet and greet of several cast and crew of ABC productions, and the dinner for Star Wars Rebels to celebrate Star Wars Day.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source Rebels Report
E3 2014: Electronic Arts Press Conference June 9
Reported by Justin on 11 Apr 2014 14:08

IGN brings us the following news that Electronic Arts will be holding their press conference for E3 2014 on Monday June 9.

EA has confirmed to IGN that their E3 press conference will be held at Shrine Auditorium on Monday, June 9 2014. The EA press conference will begin at 1 p.m. PT. This is the same time EA's 2013 press conference occurred, leaving room for the Sony, Ubisoft and Microsoft conferences that will likely occur the same day.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source IGN
New 'Star Wars Rebels' Heroes Character Poster
Reported by Justin on 11 Apr 2014 13:37

Thanks to our friends at @RebelsReport for posting the tweet below about this cool new poster for the upcoming 'Star Wars Rebels' animated TV series.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source Twitter
Official Blog: Fully Operational Fandom: How Star Wars Inspires Careers
Reported by Mark on 11 Apr 2014 12:17

Over at The Official Star Wars Blog Amy Ratcliffe brings ius another shot of Fully Operational Fandom, this time looking at what has previously been described as a very Star Trekkian trend, inspiring careers in real-life positions.

When Star Wars came along, it captivated the imagination of countless moviegoers. Every facet from the technology to the effects to the characters came together to create something new and fresh. It wasn’t quite like anything people had seen before, and over the years it’s gained a massive following and made an impression upon thousands of people. Star Wars has even inspired others to pursue certain careers. Just think of how many hundreds of fans entered the film industry because of the adventures of Luke Skywalker and his friends.

Source Official Blog
Wawick Davis & Family Star in Weekend Escapes Tonight on ITV
Reported by James on 11 Apr 2014 12:09

In more news from Warwick Davis, don't forget to tune in tonight for his new show Weekend Escapes on ITV at 8pm - can't wait...

Warwick Davis to Host Celebrity Squares
Reported by StephenG on 11 Apr 2014 11:52

Star Wars stalwart, Warwick Davis tweeted today that:

I am thrilled to announce that I'm to host a reboot of the classic gameshow, - Noughts & Crosses with a celebrity twist!

More Warwick on TV? Yes please!

Source Twitter
Latest Toy Palace Newsletter - Week 10, 2014
Reported by James on 11 Apr 2014 10:42
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Here's the latest update from Site Sponsor Toy Palace with details of the latest Star Wars products that came in or were added for pre-order within the last week...



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Star Wars Episode VII: Maisie Richardson-Sellers Update
Reported by Team Jedi News on 11 Apr 2014 10:01

After the news dropped of Maisie's potential involvement in Episode VII we noted that she had changed her name on social media outlets. Out of respect for her privacy we will not reveal what names those accounts were changed to. However, now even some of those changed social media profiles have been deleted entirely.

Is this a sign of her involvement in Episode VII, or someone overwhelmed with the media attention? One thing's for sure, we won't have to wait long for an official answer...

Star Wars Episode VII: Abu Dhabi To Be New Tatooine?
Reported by Mark on 11 Apr 2014 09:50

As we first posted exactly a week ago, it's looking highly likely that Abu Dhabi will be one of the locations chosen to bring (possibly) Tatooine to life in Episode VII, and The Hollywood Reporter add weight to that post as they take a look at the reasons why.

Abu Dhabi is likely to be the new Tatooine. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Star Wars: Episode VII will shoot in and around the city-state, which is part of the United Arab Emirates, beginning mid-May. Sources also say it would be a four-week shoot. Disney had no comment.

Source The Hollywood Reporter
Fangirls Going Rogue #6
Reported by Mark on 11 Apr 2014 09:10

Join Teresa Delgado and Tricia Barr over at Fangirls Going Rogue.

On April’s episode, Teresa and Tricia recap an exciting month that included trips to Lucasfilm, SXSW, and Disney World. They look ahead to the character dining events at Star Wars Weekends, the Her Universe fashion show at San Diego Comic-Con, and some of their favorite new Star Wars merchandise. A discussion on the This Is Madness bracket challenge leads to more movie and novel pitches from the hosts, and Teresa and Tricia share podcasts that they have enjoyed recently. Andrea Letamendi, a clinical psychologist, longtime Star Wars fangirl, and host of The Arkham Sessions, joins Tricia and Teresa in diving under the helmet of Darth Vader and fandom. The show closes with a character discussion on new Star Wars Rebels character Hera Syndulla.

Contact Information: iTunes | RSS Feed | Twitter | Facebook

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   10 April 2014
Coffee With Kenobi Show # 16: The Impact of Star Wars on Culture
Reported by Mark on 10 Apr 2014 20:36

It's time to join your hosts Dan and Cory over at Coffee With Kenobi.

In today’s show we share a cup of coffee with Rancho Obi-Wan and Star Wars fan favorite Consetta Parker. We are happy to have her on to discuss our topic for Show # 16, the impact of Star Wars on Culture. Consetta is plugged into Star Wars culture in an amazing way, and we look forward to sharing the discussion with this inspirational person! We also have the next offering of “Your Espresso Shot with The Bearded Trio” featuring Rob Wainfur, as well as discuss Star Wars updates at Walt Disney World, Celebration Anaheim updates, and more. We will also introduce our topic for Show # 17. This is the Podcast You’re Looking For!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Coffee With Kenobi
Sideshow Han Solo in Carbonite Life-Size Figure Pre-Orders Now Up
Reported by Justin on 10 Apr 2014 20:23

Pre-orders for the Sideshow Han Solo in Carbonite Life-Size Figure are now up. The figure is expected to ship in September and will set you back a cool $6,999.00 (monthly payment plans of $629+ are available as well).

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

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Sideshow Savage Opress Premium Format Figure Pre-Orders Now Up
Reported by Justin on 10 Apr 2014 20:16

Pre-orders for the Sideshow Savage Opress Premium Format Figure are now up. The figure is expected to ship in October and carries a $399.99 price tag.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

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Insect Politics
Reported by AdamDB on 10 Apr 2014 20:00
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No, this article is not about the deleted Separatist Kangaroo Court scene, though I will say that if George ever does a Special Edition of Attack of the Clones, I’d love to see it put back in, in one form or another.

The Trade Federation B1 Battle Droids were, at least in The Phantom Menace, a formidable fighting force in spite of their inherent disadvantages. However, the biggest complaint against them from certain audience members wasn’t their limited programming. It was their propensity to be cannon fodder.

The Metro: Star Wars Episode 7: Maisie Richardson-Sellers To Play Kenobi Descendant?
Reported by Mark on 10 Apr 2014 19:46

Who is this unknown actress who caused such a stir across the net this morning? My latest entry on The Metro takes a look at Maisie Richardson-Sellers and where she's come from.

That certainly seems to be the rumour floating around the internet today as The Hollywood Reporter pop out another rumour for the mill and suggest that actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers could be about to enter the galaxy far, far away as a descendant of the legendary character Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Richardson-Sellers, a stage actress with no movie credits to her name, has suddenly become a hot property as it seems she is set to become the actress to portray a member of the Kenobi family in the seventh Star Wars film, due for release December 18 2015. With production already underway and principal photography rumoured to start on May 14, the rumour mill is at full tilt, and any news is big news. But who is Maisie Richardson-Sellers, and where did she come from?

Source The Metro
Karen Gillan Talks Donating Her Hair to Star Wars
Reported by Mark on 10 Apr 2014 19:33

Like Will Smith, Karen Gillan is getting wiggy with it. Yep, she's donated her hair to the cause, giving someone in Episode VII Amy Pond's long, luscious red locks.

Was it just very liberating to shave your head, or did you have any moments of tears while they were doing it?

GILLAN: No, I was laughing hysterically. It really hit me when I woke up the next morning. That’s when I was like, “Oh, my god, where’s my hair?!” But also, everyone kept me in good spirit. Everyone was laughing and telling jokes. Marvel are the best company to work for, they really are. They treat you really well. They made my hair into the most incredible well-made wig and they gave it to the Star Wars people. It’s just so funny to think that my hair is made into a wig, next to all these Star Wars monster heads in a warehouse. I thought that was really funny.

I just can't imagine a character in Star Wars with red hair...wonder who it could be?

Source Collider (via Paul Bateman)
New Jakks Pacific Star Wars Figures Revealed
Reported by Dan on 10 Apr 2014 17:39

As news breaks on the new Star Wars films, TV series and a whole lot more the interest in this incredible franchise grows once more. Now you can take a piece of the Star Wars magic into your home with these fantastic figures which are essential for Star Wars fans and will prove a welcome addition to anyone’s collection. Choose from Chewbacca, Boba Fett, Scout Trooper*, Star Wars Rebels Ezra, Star Wars Rebels Kanan, Star Wars Rebels TIE Fighter Pilot and Darth Vader.

(*) From the photos provided, it looks like the "Scout Trooper" is sculpted to be the Kashyyyk Trooper, which could mean that that figure is planned to be coming out with an accurate jungle deco. No word yet on if this is just a prototype, or if an accurate Scout Trooper is in the works. 

'Star Wars' Pinball 'Droids' Table Video
Reported by Justin on 10 Apr 2014 15:24

These Are the Droids™ You're Looking For! Find them on PlayStation Network starting April 29, 2014!

Climb aboard the Jawa's massive Sandcrawler and check out the trailer showing off our Droid duo's pinball debut.

R2-D2 and C-3PO face a myriad of pitfalls including conveyor belts, welding torches, pressing machinery, robotic arms and lava pits! Your finest pinball skills are required to help our friends escape the Sandcrawler! Beware of Nebit, as he tries to thwart the escape and keep our Droids captive!

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source YouTube
Chicago Being Considered For Lucas Cultural Arts Museum
Reported by Justin on 10 Apr 2014 15:16

We get word via the Chicago Tribune that, after an unsuccessful bid to have the establishment built in San Francisco, George Lucas has turned his attention towards Chicago as a possible destination for his proposed Lucas Cultural Arts Museum.

Billionaire "Star Wars" creator George Lucas, who wants to establish a major museum to house his significant art and movie memorabilia collection, is considering Chicago as the location after plans for his $300 million Lucas Cultural Arts Museum stalled in San Francisco.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants the museum and is expected to create a task force of community leaders to identify potential sites. The city will submit a proposal to Lucas in the coming months, said David Spielfogel, a senior adviser to Emanuel.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source Chicago Tribune
Concept Art From Cancelled Darth Maul Video Game
Reported by Justin on 10 Apr 2014 13:48

Expanding further on our initial story about the Darth Maul-centered video game that was unfortunately canned by LucasArts, Game Informer provides us with a collection of concept art pieces that were potentially being considered by the developers for the final release of the game.

Below is a gallery of artwork that features new pieces not seen in the print or digital version. These images give insight into the direction Red Fly's artists hoped the game would go in. Without a script, or even a writer to pen one, these proposed stages and characters may never have seen the light of day. Had they been woven into the plot, however, this Darth Maul game would have given fans a look at a much different side of the Star Wars universe than previously seen in games.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source Game Informer
'Star Wars Rebels' Propaganda Artwork Now Available on T-shirts
Reported by Justin on 10 Apr 2014 13:15

If you are a fan (honestly - who isn't?) of the 'Star Wars Rebels' Propaganda Artwork Promo Cards that were designed by Lucasfilm's Amy Beth Christenson, then the tweet embedded below should make you very happy indeed.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source Twitter
You can help save Star Wars' Tatooine sets from being swallowed by sand
Reported by Mark on 10 Apr 2014 12:55

You have to feel for the hard-working fans who have fought, scrimped, saved and given their time and efforts to save the original Mos Espa sets from being worn away by father time, but now they face an uphill battle even for dedicated and focused Star Wars fans.

Last year we told you that scientists have been using the sets from the Tatooine city of Mos Espa -- Anakin Skywalker's hometown from Episode I: The Phantom Menace -- as a tracking point for sand dune movements in the region. High winds in the region, called Ong Jmel, can move sand dunes several dozen feet each year, and those dunes are rapidly encroaching on the Mos Espa sets. In fact, some of the set has already suffered damage from the dunes.

"Mos Epsa is located in a very windy region, threatened by sand dunes which the wind moves by around 15 meters [about 49 feet] a year. One dune has already buried 10 percent of the site," tourism official Nabil Gasmi told "We managed to remove 8,000 cubic meters of sand in 12 days. Unfortunately some of the set has already collapsed,"

Join the Save Mos Espa campaign over at Indiegogo and save the sets.

Source Blastr
We Talk Clones #607: The Rush Clovis Story Arc
Reported by Mark on 10 Apr 2014 12:47

It's time to join your hosts Stephen, Tom, and William over at We Talk Clones.

Welcome to We Talk Clones, your podcast for Star Wars, The Clones Wars Season 6 – The Lost Missions. Join your hosts Stephen, Tom, and William, as well as special guest Aaron Goins from Star Wars Bookworms, as they discuss the Season Six Episodes 5 thru 7 which is considered the Rush Clovis Arc, “An Old Friend,” “The Rise of Clovis,” and “Crisis at the Heart”

Contact Information: Email | Voicemail (641) 715-3900 ext. 54409 | Website | Twitter

Source We Talk Clones
I'm A Sith On The Wind...Watch Me Soar
Reported by Mark on 10 Apr 2014 12:44

As if we didn't already know that Firefly was the show fans of the Star Wars smuggling underworld loved, here's three of its stars engaging in a little light Lightsaber duelling.

Source Twitter
Star Wars Featurette: The Birth of the Lightsaber
Reported by Mark on 10 Apr 2014 12:39

Star Wars creator George Lucas, actor Mark Hamill, and sound designer Ben Burtt discuss the concept and creation of the lightsaber.

George Lucas recalls that Star Wars was influenced by pirate and swashbuckling films of the '40s, which showcased the romantic side of fighting, illustrated in characters like Errol Flynn's Robin Hood. With Jedi, who were heroes in this tradition, the director needed a weapon that would match their ideals. In a clip from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, the lightsaber is introduced by Obi-Wan Kenobi, who says it's "not as clumsy or random as a blaster. An elegant weapon for a more civilized age." Thus, the lightsaber also became a symbol for more peaceful, honorable times, representing what the galaxy was like before the Empire. Originally, Lucas says, Jedi were meant to fight with just swords. But to give the weapon a technological edge, they became "laser swords," able to deflect incoming fire -- which made sense, character-wise, as Jedi were not meant to be warlike, aggressive fighters.

Source Star Wars On YouTube
Star Wars: Episode VII: Speculation Centers on Unknown Oxford Actress
Reported by Mark on 10 Apr 2014 12:34

Could this be the face of a descendent of Obi-Wan Kenobi? The Hollywood Reporter - who are on quite the roll regarding Episode VII news - certainly seem to think so as Maisie Richardson-Sellers comes under some intense scrutiny after being - allegedly - circled for the role.

Could an Oxford-educated actress with no movie credits to her name land a key role in Star Wars: Episode VII?

Speculation is swirling like the mists of Dagobah around newcomer Maisie Richardson-Sellers. Several sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that she is in line to nab an undisclosed and possibly major role in the high-profile Disney/Lucasfilm production, which is in the middle of an extended casting search in London in advance of a May production start date.

On April 2, Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn told THR that casting for the film was almost complete and some shooting had taken place.

One of the roles yet to be filled is that of a young black or mixed-race woman who may be a descendent of Jedi Knight Ben Kenobi. In the film, which takes place 30 years after the events of 1983's Star Wars: Episode III: Return of the Jedi, the character would cross paths with the children of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. (Original Star Wars stars Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are expected to reprise their roles, as is Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca.) Disney declined to comment, and calls to Richardson-Sellers' U.S. manager Lena Roklin were not returned.

But industry buzz has begun to coalesce around the British actress, an Oxford student who has appeared on stage in such plays as For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide, Mephisto and There Will Be Red. The actress is repped by Creative Artists Management in the U.K.

We've put the feelers out there and we'll be sure to bring you more news as it breaks.

Source Hollywood Reporter
KT and Pinky Pie to the rescue!
Reported by Mark on 10 Apr 2014 12:26

Great news comes via R2-KT's man servant, Albin Johnson.

The new My Little Pony anti-bullying patch has shipped out and parents are emailing us like crazy - kids love them and love the idea that they can like whatever they want without feeling ashamed. What a concept! We still have plenty left and Rene Clement's artwork is amazing - it's so cool to hear kids' parents emailing us thanking KT for reassuring kids can like whatever they want without fear of torment. What a concept!

Please spread the word and let's help young Michael with his medical bills. Patches just $10 each free shipping paypal to

We still have Greedo and Vader-Kid KT patches left and others as well. Swing on by and check the 'KT stuff' button to see what's still available.

Thank you for helping make a difference in one young fan's life. AL (R2-KT's man-servant)

Big Bad Toy Store News
Reported by James on 10 Apr 2014 12:20
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Read on for the latest update from site sponsor Big Bad Toy Store featuring lots of new pre-orders, arrivals and a Spring Cleaning Sale...

Spring Cleaning Sale!

   09 April 2014
That Was The Week That Wars
Reported by BrianC on 09 Apr 2014 22:00
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Welcome to our weekly look back at the highlights of the news from the past week – from the irrelevant, to the best of fan content / media, the latest official news, rumours and reviews…

Star Wars on YouTube
Reported by Mark on 09 Apr 2014 21:22

Subscribe to the official Star Wars channel to be the first to know when new trailers, behind-the-scenes extras, interviews and more hit the web!

Source Star Wars On YouTube
"D-Tech Me" Experience Returning to 'Star Wars' Weekends 2014
Reported by Justin on 09 Apr 2014 21:21

We get word via the official Disney Parks Blog that the popular "D-Tech Me" Experience will be making its return to 'Star Wars' Weekends this year and will include two new figurines - Alderaan Princess and X-Wing Pilot.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that the Star Wars – D-Tech Me experience will return this year with a few new options for guests. This year, the experience will be located inside Darth’s Mall, located in Soundstage 1 between Studio Backlot Tour and Toy Story Midway Mania.

For those unfamiliar with Star Wars – D-Tech Me, this 10-minute experience uses the world’s highest-resolution, single-shot 3D face scanner created by our Imagineering scientists with Disney Research labs. The captured image is later sent to a high resolution 3D printer to create the figurine. My fellow author Gary Buchanan has a cool, behind-the-scenes video about the experience as seen in this story.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source Disney Parks Blog
Databurst From the 501st
Reported by Mark on 09 Apr 2014 20:00
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Jedi News is working with Roqoo Depot and the 501st Legion to bring you the very latest activity from garrisons across the planet. Here's this weeks events:

Source Roqoo Depot
The Official Star Wars Fact File Darth Vader Figurine Special
Reported by Mark on 09 Apr 2014 19:14

The Official Star Wars Fact File brings us another treat in the form of this exclusive Darth Vader figurine.

Collect this amazingly detailed, limited edition, large scale 120mm tall model of the most iconic villain from the Star Wars saga - Darth vader. Made from solid cold-cast resin porcelain, carefully finished and hand painted, the figurine is based on an original sculpt approved by Lucasfilm.

The result is an incredibly life-life and detailed depiction of the feared dark Lord of the Sith at the height of his powers. The model is accompanied by a fascinating 16 page illustrated collector's guide, explaining how Darth vader was brought to the screen, from the original concept to his appearance in each of the movies.

Source Official Star Wars Factfiles
George Lucas Inspirational Speech
Reported by Matt on 09 Apr 2014 18:25

Just when you thought this man couldn't possibly be any more inspirational. Listen to this short speech by The Maker George Lucas as he gives some valuable and direct advice to entrepreneurs.

Source YouTube
Dark Horse Preview: Star Wars: Rebel Heist #1 By Matt Kindt
Reported by Mark on 09 Apr 2014 17:34
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Check out after the break for a selection of images from 30th April's first issue of Star Wars: Rebel Heist by Matt Kindt.

A young Rebel meets one of the Alliance’s best for his first mission. But the young man’s hero worship is crushed by the reality of Han Solo. A botched escape, a ship that doesn’t work—could it be that Solo is just a lucky bumbler whose luck has run out?

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Star Wars T-Shirts At Matalan
Reported by ZakPT on 09 Apr 2014 16:25

Check out these class t-shirts released by Matalan! The first design has a black and white New York background with two scouts racing through the streets of downtown. The image is set onto a pastel blue creating a unique contrast. The second t-shirt includes an original ESB poster logo with faded effects to reflect how classic it is. The white shirt makes the image stand out just enough to be clearly recognized. Both these t-shirts are made from a mixture of polyester and cotton, giving the ultimate cooling effect for summer heat. So go and grab one, or both, from your local store for only £10!

RUMOR: Tatooine To Be Re-Created For Episode VII
Reported by Justin on 09 Apr 2014 15:25

As posted over on The Hollywood Reporter:

A source says Star Wars: Episode VII director J.J. Abrams and Disney are planning to build out an extensive re-creation of Tatooine, the desolate home planet of Luke and Anakin Skywalker, in a Morocco-like environment (the original was built in Tunisia).

As always, this can only be classified as a rumor until we hear otherwise from an official Lucasfilm/Disney source.

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ROW Blog: How I Was Almost the ‘Cover Girl’ Of a 'Star Wars' Book
Reported by Justin on 09 Apr 2014 14:08

Enjoy the latest entry in the new Rancho Obi-Wan blog series provided by Sue Rostoni, former Executive Editor for LucasBooks and current ROW Board of Directors member.

In early 2000, the incredibly talented sound designer Ben Burtt approached Lucy Wilson, then Publishing Director of Lucasfilm Licensing, to propose a book wherein he could relate his stories of developing the sounds and various intergalactic languages used in the classic Star Wars films. Del Rey Books loved the idea and we began work on Star Wars: Beeps, Bleats, and Boskas.

As editor of the book, I was excited to work directly with Ben and we brainstormed various layouts for the book, which included illustrations by Sergio Aragonés, who I fondly remembered from my childhood obsession with MAD magazine.

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'Star Wars' Content in 'SciFiNow' Issue 92
Reported by Justin on 09 Apr 2014 13:37

The latest issue of SciFiNow magazine contains the following 'Star Wars' related content:

Star Wars

- Anakin Skywalker on Star Wars: Rebels and Episode VII.

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Wampas Lair #80: The Unknown Regions
Reported by Mark on 09 Apr 2014 03:10

It's time to join hosts Karl and Jason for the latest episode of The Wampa's Lair.

In their latest episode, Karl and Jason set out into the unknown without any set topic of discussion. So they end up chatting about the “This Is Madness” tournament, some Episode VII stuff, how they played with their action figures as kids, and some other random Star Wars fun!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Invasion. Game Update 2.7
Reported by MarcZ on 09 Apr 2014 01:05

Patch 2.7 is now out for Star Wars: The Old Republic today. This patch has a lot of new game play for level 55 players, including two new Flashpoints and Nightmare Mode Operation for The Dead Fortress. Also introducing a new space battle map and Huttball on Quesh.

Jump into two new Flashpoints on Tython and Korriban and embark on an exciting new Level 55 story arc “Forged Alliances,” where the galactic conflict between the Empire and the Republic takes center stage.

Prepare to invade the enemy’s land and then defend the Jedi or Sith home worlds as you meet a host of new intriguing characters, including the adventurous Theron Shan, the son of Jedi Grandmaster Satele Shan, and a sophisticated Sith Lord named Lana Beniko whose passion lies in unravelling secrets behind the enemies of the Empire.

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Jedi News Comic Review: Star Wars #16
Reported by BrianC on 09 Apr 2014 00:00
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Princess Leia is to wed! As part of an agreement to provide the Rebel fleet with a safe base, Leia is to marry Prince Kaspar of Arrochar. But not everyone is happy with the arrangement.

While meeting with Leia, and later with his adviser—one of Arrochar’s military generals— Kaspar revealed his true desire to marry the princess, but both Leia and the general remained focused on duty and the benefits of the union for both the Rebels and Arrochar.

With construction of the new base underway, Wedge Antilles began drilling the newly named Rogue Squadron. But when Luke Skywalker, fuming over Leia’s decision to marry a stranger, refused to follow orders, he was grounded—for the second time in recent history...

Writer Brian Wood, penciller Stephane Crety, Inker Julien Hugonnard-Bert, colourist Gabe Eltaeb and cover artist Sean Cooke bring us the sixteenth issue of Star Wars.

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   08 April 2014
T-Shirts: The Trooping Dead
Reported by Matt on 08 Apr 2014 23:52

$10.00 in all sizes and a lovely shade of brown that allows you to become a member of the Trooping Dead. And no matter how slow those zombies move you still only have just over 6 hours to grab it before it necrotizes for good.

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Luminous Beings Are We...
Reported by Mark on 08 Apr 2014 23:35

If anyone doubted how much of a Star Wars Dominic Monaghan is, just check out the forearm, read some of the wisest words ever uttered by a little green guy and nod in appreciation.

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Meet Fangirl of the Day: Teresa
Reported by Mark on 08 Apr 2014 23:23

The gang here at Jedi News know she's invaluable and now the rest of the world knows too as she is spotlighted over at Her Universe.

Why did you decide to shine the spotlight on this Fangirl?

Teresa has been participating in fandom for many years. She isn’t just a fan but also actively creates ways for people to enjoy their fandom. From running her blogs to hosting podcasts, she has been a positive voice and role model for female fans. Teresa speaks up for what she believes in and supports her fellow fans, making her a role model for future fans.

Source Her Universe
Skywalking Through Neverland Episode 25: Simon Wilkie — Being C-3P0
Reported by Mark on 08 Apr 2014 23:14

It's time to join your hosts over at Skywalking Through Neverland.

We were very excited (and con­fused) when we first saw a Star Wars ver­sion of the Phar­rell Williams video “Happy” that went viral. Who did this? Who are these cos­play­ers danc­ing in the actual Tunisian Star Wars loca­tions? We were really impressed with their C-3PO since the pro­to­col droid is not an easy cos­tume to find (and fit into).The man behind the mask is none other than a very friendly, gra­cious and hum­ble man named Simon Wilkie. Simon tells us all about the C-3PO Builders Club, the behind-the-scenes sto­ries of the ‘Happy’ video and what the gold­en­rod droid really means to him. Not only did we get a great inter­view but we made a life-long friend! And remem­ber, never land on Alderaan…

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

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A Darth Maul Video Game Was Cancelled By LucasArts
Reported by Justin on 08 Apr 2014 20:19

We get word via an article posted on IGN about a video game LucasArts was working on that was supposed to be centered around the character of Darth Maul.

Prior to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, developer Red Fly was working on a Star Wars game starring Darth Maul, the Sith Lord from Episode I: The Phantom Menace, and eventual star of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Red Fly's PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U game would have been a stealth action game inspired by Batman: Arkham Asylum, Game Informer revealed in its May 2014 issue. Maul was, as an anonymous developer described it, "insanely powerful and deadly, but one or two hits will take you out."

What's of very interesting note is that according to the article, the game was initially being developed to tie into a season from 'The Clone Wars'.

Although the developer aimed to create a Darth Maul origin story in 2010, LucasArts' goal was to link the game, codenamed Damage, to an upcoming season of The Clone Wars, in which reintroduced the supposedly dead Maul via his brother, Savage Opress.

Check out this demo reel video that shows some footage of what the game could have looked like.

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Official Blog: “Which Side Are You On?” This Winter’s Pensacola and Lexington Cons
Reported by Justin on 08 Apr 2014 18:55

Enjoy the latest official blog post courtesy of our good friend John "Dak" Morton.

One of the last conversations I have at the March 2014 Lexington Comic & Toy Convention is with a miner from Eastern Kentucky. He comes to my table with his teenage daughter, a pretty cosplayer all decked out in pink, heels a tad too high for her rail-thin legs. A rugged, handsome man, he says proudly he’s a fracker who has coal-mined all his life — except during the years when he had an unhappy experience out West working in oil and gas. “It was crazy out there,” he says. He’s glad to be back in Kentucky, in coal.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi Wins 2014 'Star Wars This Is Madness' Tournament
Reported by Justin on 08 Apr 2014 18:17

The 2014 'Star Wars This Is Madness' character tournament has come to an end, and from the title of this story you can clearly see who came out victorious!

Check out the congratulatory announcement on the official site as well as details on his run through the tournament brackets and a special WeLoveFine championship t-shirt celebrating Obi-Wan's historic achievement!

And of course, be sure to listen to James Arnold Taylor's victory speech!

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SDCC 2014: Hotel Reservations Open Today April 8 at 9:00am PT
Reported by Justin on 08 Apr 2014 13:32

Please see the latest SDCC 2014 update pertaining to hotel availability and reservations that will be going live later on today.

We are offering this “sneak peek” at the hotels in our block and their rates and shuttle availability, but HOTEL RESERVATIONS DO NOT OPEN UNTIL April 8, 2014 at 9:00 AM Pacific Time (12:00 PM Eastern time). You cannot request your hotel through the Comic-Con reservation service at these special rates until then. This information is presented early to allow you to be better prepared when the reservation process goes live on that day.

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Cantina Cast Episode 51: Qui-Gon needs to recharge his force ghost ( Yoda Arc )
Reported by Mark on 08 Apr 2014 05:16

It's time to join Mike and Joao for The Cantina Cast.

Joao and Mike go over some recent Star Wars news, give their take on the Clone Wars Yoda arc and go off topic several times, but in a good way.

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

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   07 April 2014
Full of Sith Episode LIX: Revenge of the Nerds
Reported by Mark on 07 Apr 2014 23:01

Join Bryan, Mike and Bobby for the latest episode of Full of Sith.

Bryan, Mike, and Bobby talk about all the recent news and rumors about Episode VII, the Wookieepedia April Fool’s foofaraw, and Bobby gives a report from Emerald City Comic-Con. Then, they discuss Bobby’s latest assignment of The Clone Wars on “Late to the Party.”

Contact Information: Voicemail - 206-426-5592 | Website | Twitter | Facebook

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English HispaBrick Magazine 019
Reported by Matt on 07 Apr 2014 21:42

The new 19th issue of Hispabrick is out with a wonderful article on custom made LEGO Technic snowspeeder.

Get it FREE right here.

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Clone Wars Declassified: 610 - 613 The Yoda Arc
Reported by Mark on 07 Apr 2014 21:12

Join Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac over at RebelForce Radio for Clone Wars Declassified.

The final four episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars dig deep into the nature of The Force and Jedi immortality as Yoda embarks on a mission unlike any he has ever been on before. Along with our "A-Team" of Kyle Newman & Paul Bateman, we have two very special guests from the cast of The Clone Wars: Jaime King and a surprise visit from Sam Witwer. This is in-depth discussion and behind-the-scenes info you will not find anywhere else. So listen in as we gather around the original roundtable one last time for our epic conversation about The Yoda Arc: "The Lost One", "Voices", "Destiny", and "Sacrifice".

Contact Information: iTunes | RSS Feed | Twitter | Facebook

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Rancho Obi-Wan Adds New eBay Items - April 7, 2014
Reported by Justin on 07 Apr 2014 21:12

Source Twitter
The Metro: Star Wars Finally In Active Production Once Again As Episode VII Starts Filming
Reported by Mark on 07 Apr 2014 20:46

My latest entry to The Metro looks at the great news that Star Wars is filming right now.

So Star Wars is in active production once again and news of casting surely cannot be far away. Stay tuned as there’s certain to be a torrent of it coming over the next few short weeks and keep your eye on May 14 as we agree that it’s the likely date for First Unit production to begin at Pinewood Studios.

The last time we started a trilogy on The Phantom Menace it was Ray Park and Ian McDiarmid. Who will it be this time?

Source The Metro
RUMOR: Peter Mayhew Returning as Chewbacca For Episode VII
Reported by Justin on 07 Apr 2014 20:18

Sources have reportedly told The Hollywood Reporter that Peter Mayhew will in fact be returning as Chewbacca for Episode VII.

The trio of new leads for Star Wars: Episode VII has yet to be revealed, but an actor from the original franchise is returning to reprise his role.

Peter Mayhew will play Chewbacca for Disney and Lucasfilm's upcoming sequel, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

As always, regardless of where the story is originating from, nothing is official unless/until we hear from a Lucasfilm/Disney source.

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Dave Filoni To Answer Your 'Star Wars Rebels' Questions at WonderCon Anaheim 2014
Reported by Justin on 07 Apr 2014 20:06

Check out the exciting update below copied from the official blog that follows up our initial story concerning the 'Star Wars Rebels' panel that is scheduled to be held on Saturday April 19 at WonderCon Anaheim 2014.

The Empire is back in Star Wars Rebels, Lucasfilm’s upcoming animated series set between Episodes III and IV, and you’ll be able to get secret information without losing any Bothans or hiding plans and messages in astromech droids.

Executive producer Dave Filoni (along with members of the show’s cast) will be appearing at WonderCon for a special “Behind the Scenes of Star Wars Rebels” panel — Saturday, April 19, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. — and he wants to hear from you. Submit your question to Dave in the comments section below by April 9, and he may answer it live during the panel. And don’t worry. As powerful as the Empire is in Star Wars Rebels, they won’t be intercepting or jamming your communications.

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New 'Star Wars Rebels' Books Coming Later This Year
Reported by Team Jedi News on 07 Apr 2014 13:54

The following list of books centered around the upcoming 'Star Wars Rebels' animated TV series was provided to us by Eddie van der Heijden of Star Wars Timeline.

August 5, 2014: STAR WARS: REBELS - A NEW HERO (previously announced as Picturebook, Purchace includes free Star Wars eBook) written by Pablo Hidalgo, hardcover (32 pages), ISBN 1-4847-0669-5), $16.99 This action-packed picture book uses beautiful concept art from the show.

August 5, 2014: STAR WARS: REBELS - CHOPPER SAVES THE DAY (previously announced as 8x8 Stickerbook) softcover (24 pages), ISBN 1-4847-0273-4), $4.99 This action-packed 8x8 retells scenes from the show.

August 5, 2014: STAR WARS: REBELS - ZEB TO THE RESCUE (previously announced as World of Reading Early Reader # 1, Level 1) softcover (32 pages), ISBN 1-4847-0486-X, $3.99 This level 1 early reader retells scenes from the show.

August 5, 2014: STAR WARS: REBELS - EZRA'S GAMBLE (previously announced as a Prequel Junior Novel) written by Ryder Windham, softcover (160 pages), ISBN 1-4847-0272-7), $5.99 This action-packed junior novel gives readers a glimpse at our main hero's adventures before the events of the first episode of Star Wars Rebels.

August 5, 2014: STAR WARS: REBELS - RISE OF THE REBELS (previously announced as Chapter Book # 1) written by Michael Kogge, softcover (112 pages), ISBN 1-4847-0270-3), $4.99 This action-packed chapter book retells an episode of the show.

August 5, 2014: STAR WARS: REBELS - EZRA AND THE PILOT (previously announced as World of Reading Early Reader # 2, Level 1) softcover (32 pages), ISBN 1-4847--0271-9, $3.99 This level 1 early reader retells scenes from the show.

October 21, 2014: STAR WARS: REBELS - THE REBELLION BEGINS (previously announced as the Movie-of-the-Week Junior Novel) written by Michael Kogge, softcover (160 pages), ISBN 1-4847-1475-1, $5.99 This action-packed junior novel retells the premiere episode of Star Wars Rebels.

October 21, 2014: STAR WARS: REBELS - SERVANTS OF THE EMPIRE: EDGE OF THE GALAXY (previously announced as Original Novel # 1) written by Jason Fry, softcover (160 pages), ISBN 1-4847-0485-1, $6.99 This action-packed junior novel tells an original story set in the world of Rebels.

October 21, 2014: STAR WARS: REBELS - EZRA'S WOOKIEE RESCUE (previously announced as Read Along Storybook and CD) written by Meredith L. Rusu, softcover (32 pages), ISBN 1-4847-0504-1, $6.99 Real character voices and thrilling sound effects add to the action in this exciting storybook-and-CD set.

November 18, 2014: STAR WARS: REBELS - DROIDS IN DISTRESS (previously announced as Chapter Book # 2) softcover (112 pages), ISBN 1-4847-0466-0, $4.99 This action-packed chapter book retells an episode of the show.

December 9, 2014: STAR WARS: REBELS - THE INQUISITOR'S TRAP (previously announced as 8x8 Storybook # 2) softcover (24 pages), ISBN 1-4847-0468-4, $4.99 This action-packed 8x8 retells scenes from the show.

Source Star Wars Timeline
   06 April 2014
itty bittys® | Hallmark: Coming September 2014
Reported by Matt on 06 Apr 2014 22:27

They arrive in September this year via Hallmark and without doubt, if cuteness had a name it would be itty bitty.

Source Halllmark
The Realm Recap - Episode 9: The Winter Collector
Reported by Mark on 06 Apr 2014 21:08

It's time to join Jason and the Yakface crew for the latest Realm Recap.

Another week has passed and it’s time for our look back at the latest news in Star Wars collecting. On this episode of The Realm Recap we chat about the possible delay of Chewbacca from the 6? Black Series line, new images from LEGO, another great round of custom figures, pre-order announcements from Sideshow and much more. Click on through to check out the latest episode and feel free to subscribe to our channel and leave suggestions on what you’d like to see covered (more or less) on the show.

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr

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T-Shirts: Bubble Boba
Reported by Matt on 06 Apr 2014 20:30

For $11.00 Unamee bring you this cute tee that brings two bubble Boba's togeth in a cataclysmic collision of cuteness.

All together now...awwwwww.

Source Unamee
Space Trees Final Update
Reported by Mark on 06 Apr 2014 19:56

Our pal Brent at Twelfth Parsec brings us an update on their Indiegogo priject.

We have about a week left in the campaign for Space Trees. I'm happy to say that we have the printers and we are starting to test them out now and will begin printing ahead of schedule. We have reached goal but the higher we exceed our goal we will be able to pump out the trees faster as well as get to new environments via being able to afford more printers and resources.

Plus that way if anyone is interested and maybe forgot they can get their order in before the indiegogo campaign ends in 7 days. There will be an opportunity to purchase later down the line when our store opens, but buying now insures them the current price, they will be able to get them sooner, and plus they get the coupons for a future purchase.

We also put up a BONUS GOAL on the indiegogo page to sweeten the pot. If we can reach $7,000 everyone will get a not yet released Torch Railing included with their set! So lets keep spreading the word ! And try to reach that mark to get the bonus! Achieving a higher amount during the indiegogo will allow us to afford more resources to bring you space trees and other new environments at an even much faster pace.

Thank you again for all your support with helping spread the news and we cant wait to bring more exiting environment news to you.

Source Indiegogo
Would You Support This The Vintage Collection Basic Figure Exclusive?
Reported by Matt on 06 Apr 2014 19:29

Jedi Temple Archives have a question that they need you to answer. Check this out and then get over there and take part in their survey.

The Star Wars exclusives at Entertainment Earth haven't been all that exciting in recent memory. But there are some great possibilities that would cost Hasbro very little money while appealing to the adult collector facet of buyers. (You know, Hasbro, the collectors with $$$). Let me pose a question to our viewing audience. Would you buy the proposed The Vintage Collection exclusive? Click through for more.

Source Jedi Temple Archives
Stephen Stanton's New Disney Show: The 7D
Reported by Mark on 06 Apr 2014 19:11

Our great pals Dutch and Kathy dropped us a line to let us know all about Stephen Stanton's latest venture. It's a Disney project, a spin off from a much loved classic and it features other Star Wars stars including Dee Bradley Baker.

The series takes place in the whimsical world of Jollywood, where Queen Delightful relies on the 7D - Happy, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Grumpy and Doc - to keep the kingdom in order. Standing in their way are two laughably evil villains, Grim and Hildy Gloom, who plot to take over the kingdom by stealing the magical jewels in the 7D's mine. With seven very distinct personalities, the 7D always manage to save the day and send Grim and Hildy running back to their evil lair to try another day.

Source IMDB
Jedi News Review: Sci-Fi Weekender 5 - 27th - 30th March 2014
Reported by Jonathan on 06 Apr 2014 10:00
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Travelling to the convention in North Wales was a journey through Middle-earth itself as we meandered through Snowdonia National Park, so that was more than enough to get us in the mood for Sci-Fi Weekender 5.

Upon arrival on the Thursday we picked up our keys to a wonderfully comfortable three-berth caravan, which we were sharing with top photographer James Loveridge of Lost Media, and a wonderful place it was. Comfortable, warm and the television was streaming continuous science fiction and fantasy movies provided by Sci-Fi London Film Festival. While we were in the caravan getting ready between trips to the shows we constantly had movies like Cocoon, Pitch Black and Predator playing as background noise, so the atmosphere was constant.

[For a gallery of images from Sci-Fi Weekender 5 click here].

Star Wars Episode VII: Already Shooting
Reported by StephenG on 06 Apr 2014 05:45

Well, I think we can safely say that it is no longer a rumour. After our initial rumor report about Episode VII filming having gotten underway ahead of its announced May timeframe, Big Shiny Robot updates us with some news regarding an interview with Disney's Alan Horn

Disney Chief Alan Horn was interviewed today by The Hollywood Reporter and let slip in the interview above that they'd already begun shooting sequences for "Episode VII."

He admits that casting has been difficult and isn't even complete, but that hasn't stopped them from moving ahead.

Head on over to BSR to check out the video!

Source Big Shiny Robot
Priest Touches Off Anger After Toy Complaints
Reported by Mark on 06 Apr 2014 00:32

Friend of the site Tray Chester dropped us a line with this interesting piece of news from the Star Wars mad country of Poland.

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — A Roman Catholic priest has touched off a controversy in Poland after news media quoted him describing toys like LEGO's Monster Fighters as tools of Satan that lead children to the "dark side."

The Super Express tabloid quoted the Rev. Slawomir Kostrzewa urging parents to dump the LEGO series as well as Mattel's Monster High. The remarks at a Sunday service in the town of Wolsztyn touched off discussion in predominantly Catholic Poland, which holds priests in high esteem.

Mainstream newspapers seized on the report, as did state radio. Parents took to Twitter to mock Kostrzewa.

Source MSN News (via Tray Chester)
   05 April 2014
The Beginning: Making Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace (Full Version)
Reported by Mark on 05 Apr 2014 23:23

The Beginning is a documentary on the making of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, originally produced for the film's DVD release. It covers the entire production of The Phantom Menace, from preproduction to casting to visual effects, editing, and theatrical release.

The Beginning starts with early production work on the film, as George Lucas (returning to the director's chair for the first time since Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope) and Lucasfilm plan how they will bring his vision to the screen. Jake Lloyd auditions for the part of Anakin Skywalker and is eventually cast in the role, joining Natalie Portman (Padmé), Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi) and Liam Neeson (Qui-Gon Jinn). Lucas leads several meetings with ILM, including visual effects supervisor John Knoll, in an effort to figure out how Episode I's many CGI effects would be accomplished -- Jar Jar Binks, in particular, was a challenge, as digital characters were still new at the time.

Other highlights from The Beginning include Steven Spielberg, a longtime friend of Lucas', visiting the set and getting a first look at a battle droid prop; McGregor choosing his lightsaber hilt; stunt rehearsals offering a glimpse at how The Phantom Menace's thrilling lightsaber duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Darth Maul came together; footage of the first scene shot (Darth Sidious and Darth Maul's meeting on Coruscant); a look at the editing of the film featuring early effects and the splicing together of different takes; Frank Oz operating the Yoda puppet and working out his performance; and finally, the opening night release of The Phantom Menace in theaters.

Source YouTube
Star Wars Beyond The Films #116: Vector: Legacy (Part 1)
Reported by Mark on 05 Apr 2014 21:48

It's time to join your hosts Nathan and Mark over at Star Wars Beyond The Films.

This week true believers, Beyonders, Fanboys, Fangirls, respected aliens around the galaxy, The Defender of the EU; Mark Hurliman, and your EU Guru; Nathan P. Butler, sit down to jump further down the Vector path, leaping forward 100+ Years to Star Wars: Legacy’s end of the Star Wars: Vector tale. Strap in and tighten your crash webbing Fandom, Star Wars Beyond the Films is setting off on another rapid-fire trip into the galaxy far, far away!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Star Wars Report
'Star Wars Detours' Delay Was "100% a Lucasfilm Decision"
Reported by Justin on 05 Apr 2014 21:14

In an interview posted over on Topless Robot in which they talk about their extremely popular 'Robot Chicken' series, creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich had this to say when the subject of 'Star Wars Detours' was brought up:

Has Disney killed Star Wars Detours?

No, no, and I think - I'll correct this again - there's a misinterpretation that Disney had anything to do with that decision. That was 100% a Lucasfilm decision, and it was born from the time they decided to make new movies. We started having conversations about what the next three years of Star Wars were going to be before those movies came out. And it was months of talking with Kathy Kennedy, and the decision makers at the company.

The decision really was that because our show - the way it was conceived - is timeless, and because we've got nearly 40 completely finished, ready for broadcast episodes, but because the tone of the show is comedic, and it's more like the Simpsons universe within the Star Wars universe, it was counter-intuitive to spend the next three years targeting young kids and teens with a show that was kind of a deconstructionist view of the characters that they just, three years from now, were going to be meant to take very seriously.

Take the source link below for more comments from Seth and Matt on 'Detours'.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source Topless Robot
Revenge of the Sith Featurette: The Return of Darth Vader
Reported by Mark on 05 Apr 2014 20:27

In this featurette, George Lucas, Ewan McGregor, and others discusses Anakin Skywalker's transformation into Darth Vader in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith.

Source YouTube
Episode VII Fan Art: War...Aftermath
Reported by Mark on 05 Apr 2014 20:26

There's been some insanely cool fan art coming out of the creatives hands and minds of fandom since Episode VII was announced way back in 2012, and this is another one to add to the list. Just imagine a scene like this in the new film, devastation on an epic scale.

Source Twitter
History of Star Wars Video Games 1995 - 1999 Part Two
Reported by MarcZ on 05 Apr 2014 20:00
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In this edition of the history of Star Wars video games, we are covering the years 1995-1999 Part 2.

RUMOR: Dominic Monaghan To Be a Jedi in Episode VII?
Reported by Justin on 05 Apr 2014 16:36

We've already posted his stated desire to be part of the film, and now the tweet below comes our way via our friends at Yodasnews in which sources have told them Dominic Monaghan has been selected for a role as a Jedi in Episode VII.

As with each and every Episode VII rumor report, take this with a grain of salt for the time being.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source Yodasnews
Coffee Chat: Dark Coffee Edition Featuring TNA’s Gunner
Reported by Mark on 05 Apr 2014 16:27

It's time to join your hosts Dan and Cory over at Coffee With Kenobi.

On our latest Coffee Chat, we welcome TNA’s Gunner and Chad of the Cantina Cast. Pro Wrestling fans will need no introduction to this Total Nonstop Action Wrestling icon. The Modern Day Viking is a fan favorite in the ring, and he is here to talk about his pro wrestling career, as well as talk about his other great passion, Star Wars! Chad is a frequent contributor to the Cantina Cast and a good friend of our show. This is the Podcast You’re Looking For!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Coffee With Kenobi
EXCL: Production Designer Rick Carter on Star Wars: Episode VII's Blend of Old and New
Reported by Mark on 05 Apr 2014 14:32

Justin briefly posted this on the site yesterday before his eagle-eye spotted that it was in fact a post from November 2013, and then took it off.

However, our buddy Jimmy Mac emailed me to say that he was halfway through reading it when it disappeared, so in the spirit of keeping our audience happy here's the article again.

"I offered my services to Kathy Kennedy," Carter says of Episode VII, "who I had known for a long time. I said, 'If you're going to get involved with 'Star Wars' in this new generation, I'd love to be a part of the dialogue and help.' She invited me in last January and that's what I've been doing ever since. Then J.J. [Abrams] came in and we hit it off."

Source Coming Soon
Indiana Jones: A Move Across Companies
Reported by Mark on 05 Apr 2014 13:25

Nostalgia is a booming business and this look back 30 years to 1984 shows a move of manufacturer for Indiana Jones, from Kenner who released the Raiders line in 1981 to LJN - famous for their E.T products - on Temple of Doom in 1984.

Source Twitter
ForceCast #297: Location, Location, Location
Reported by Mark on 05 Apr 2014 12:16

It's time to join your hosts Eric and Erik for the ForceCast.

A new Star Wars Episode VII filming rumor inspired us to discuss Star Wars locations and their potential appearances in the sequel trilogy. Which planets worked in the first six films and which didn't? Which places would we like to see again? Which unseen locations should make their on-screen debut in December 2015? We cover all of that on this week's show.

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Forcecast
Star Wars: 10 Reasons The Galactic Empire Wasn’t As Bad As Everyone Thinks
Reported by Mark on 05 Apr 2014 11:23

Nathan GIbson kindly dropped us a line to bring to our attention this very cool piece over at What Culture that argues the case for the Galactic Empire and why it wasn't such a bad option after all./

The Galactic Empire have had to deal with something of a bad image since Star Wars was first released in 1977, but that’s what happens when you lack a PR guy to tell you not to make Darth Vader the public face of government. Of course, it could also have something to do with the huge Imperial Navy, relentless brutality and the use of super weapons like the Death Star, too.

None of these actions are particularly virtuous, of course, and it is understandable as to why so many believe that the Empire was evil… but if you look deeper, it’s possible to see past those first impressions. Examining the Empire closely, it becomes clear that – instead of an inherently bad government – you can actually see a group of people who are trying to do their best for the good of the entire galaxy. You can view their actions in a much more positive light – in fact, many of the decisions they made actually make sense.

After all, if you look at what the Empire replaced in the Old Republic and the Jedi, you start to realise just how hurtful those organisations were for the general population. In some ways, the Empire can seem like the much better option and there are some really strong reasons for why they were not as bad as they have been made out…

Source What Culture
Calling All Self Proclaimed Geeks Who Wanna Get Inked
Reported by Matt on 05 Apr 2014 10:27

So, do you wanna get inked? Our pal Chris Jones dropped us this email about a new show that gives you the chance to get just that. Take a closer read of this and see if you are eligible, available, near enough and have enough free skin to carry a high quality tattoo.

Retail comings and goings and Star Wars ‘nuts’… it’s the Friday Blog!
Reported by Mark on 05 Apr 2014 09:45

It runs every Friday over at Toy World Mag and this week it takes a look at the aforementioned 'Star Wars nut', our very own James Burns.

Finally, if you thought a certain Derbyshire-based toy retailer was something of a Star Wars fanatic, Wednesday night’s Collectaholics programme on BBC2 featured one James Burns, who I suspect tops even Mr Middleton, with his collection of over 35,000 Star Wars action figures and pieces of memorabilia. In fact, not since the days of the mythical landfill site in Coalville have so many Star Wars items been found in one place. Although perhaps the most surprising part of the whole programme was when they introduced his wife (yes, you read that right: a collection of 35,000 toys and he is still married). It makes my record collection look pitiful in comparison – at least it only takes over one room in my house.

Source Toyworld Mag
Official Blog: Heir to the Empire: Critical Reaction
Reported by Mark on 05 Apr 2014 09:12

My latest blog is tractor beamed into the battle station that is The Official Star Wars Blog as I take a look at a decade and a half of reviews of the classic Heir To The Empire.

As we move into the next era of Star Wars, easing from the end of The Clone Wars toward Star Wars Rebels and Episode VII, it’s an opportune time to take a look back over two decades to a landmark 1991 release that led us out of The Dark Times. Star Wars: Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn brought us into a decade that produced Star Wars Galaxy Magazine, Star Wars Insider, Shadows of the Empire, the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition, and The Phantom Menace. It jumpstarted a publishing program that endures to this day and formalized the Expanded Universe — stories set outside of the canon established by the films and TV shows of George Lucas that make the galaxy deeper and richer.

Source Official Blog
   04 April 2014
Darth Vader Consideration For Ukrainian Presidency Denied
Reported by Justin on 04 Apr 2014 19:21

The BBC news feed brings to our attention the failed attempt of a certain dark Sith lord at tossing his hat (helmet?) into the Ukrainian presidential candidacy ring.

Ukrainian authorities have rejected a bid from a man calling himself Darth Vader, who wants to run in the presidential elections.

The man, who appears in the costume of the fictional character from the Star Wars films and is often accompanied by people dressed in other Star Wars outfits, was nominated for the presidency by the Internet Party of Ukraine. Earlier he told the party's congress that he wanted to turn Ukraine into "a galactic empire".

But the country's Central Electoral Commission says parts of Darth Vader's application were "questionable" and some paperwork was probably forged. Apparently, the man is really an electrician called Viktor Shevchenko, who changed his name to Darth Vader in March.

Thanks to Jedi News reader James L. for the heads up.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source BBC
Photo of George Lucas and His Dog Indiana
Reported by Justin on 04 Apr 2014 18:56

In case you haven't seen it before, check out this old photo of George Lucas and his trusty Alaskan malamute named Indiana, who as you know was the stimulus behind the creation of Chewbacca and the naming of the character Indiana Jones himself.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source Movies
The Metro: Uncharted Director Amy Hennig Joins EA’s Star Wars Project
Reported by Mark on 04 Apr 2014 16:32

Amy Hennig has joined the new untitled Star Wars project, bringing her skilled eye to the in-development game, rumoured to be a third person shooter. Could this mean we'll be seeing some results of the now abandoned 1313 creep into the project?

As both a colleague and friend, I’ve always admired her approach to creative development – focusing on nailing down the soul of a game first, and then making sure the writing, the gameplay, the design and the art comes together to form a unified, interactive experience for the player.

Over the last few weeks, Amy and I have spent a lot of time talking about what her first project would be. There are a lot of different directions we could have gone, but I could sense that what really excited her about this opportunity (because let’s face it, we weren’t the only ones knocking at her door) was Star Wars. Amy’s a huge fan. We happen to be making a Star Wars game.

Just thinking about the possibilities made both of us even more excited about having her join the team.

Source The Metro
James Reads Star Wars Novels #20: Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn
Reported by Mark on 04 Apr 2014 14:33

It's the one that started the renaissance of Star Wars back in 1991, and the man himself Jawa James is reading a passage from Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire.

I read part of the opening scene from the Star Wars novel Heir to the Empire (20th Anniversary Edition) by Timothy Zahn, as part of the Del Rey's Star Wars Action Team. Visit to learn more about how you can get free stuff by helping promote Star Wars books!

Source YouTube
The Metro: When And Where Will Star Wars Episode 7 Start Filming?
Reported by Mark on 04 Apr 2014 13:45

In the fast moving world of Star Wars news things are constantly fluid. As a wise man once said, 'Always in motion is the future.' As we posted earlier, the goalposts have changed as we understand that preliminary filming has already begun in Cairo and Abu Dhabi, but here's my latest post on The Metro (written late last night) when we still believed that filming was starting next month. Which, of course, it could be as until Lucasfilm say otherwise it's all rumour.

Bad Robot – J.J. Abrams production company which is overseeing the production of Episode VII – filmed Tom Cruise’s fourth Mission Impossible film, Ghost Protocol in the United Arab Emirates and as such have contacts already in place. Meanwhile, Lucasfilm have been doing a lot of promotional work out there in the last six months including art shows and prop shows. However, it’s unclear exactly what landscapes the production would use. The deserts are very flat with little dynamic landscaping to them – an essential ingredient for a Star Wars location. So, perhaps there are other reasons to be attracted to the UAE other than the landscapes the country has to offer.

As always, stay tuned as this one is developing by the hour.

Source The Metro
Star Wars Oxygen: The Music of John Williams Vol. 5
Reported by Mark on 04 Apr 2014 13:14

It's time to join David Collins for the latest Star Wars Oxygen.

The music of The Empire Strikes Back had as much of an impact, if not more, on moviegoers as did the compositions for the original 1977 film. On the heels of his award-winning soundtrack from A New Hope, John Williams had a tight window and a ton of pressure to create the music for the second Star Wars movie. For Star Wars Oxygen Vol. 5, David W. Collins brings us a close look at Williams’ process of writing and recording the themes and motifs for Episode V. Listen to scenes from Cloud City’s carbon freezing chamber before the music was added, along with analysis of The Imperial March, and even hear from Williams himself in rare vintage interviews. All this and more as Star Wars Oxygen transitions from A New Hope into The Empire Strikes Back!

Contact Information: iTunes | RSS Feed | Twitter | Facebook

Source RebelForce Radio
RUMOR: Episode VII Already Filming in Cairo; Abu Dhabi a Selected Location?
Reported by Team Jedi News on 04 Apr 2014 11:29

We can only classify this as a rumor at this point (given what has been officially announced already), but a solid source has told Jedi News that Episode VII is already filming in Cairo.

That's right - ALREADY FILMING.

Our source also relayed to us that filming is expected to be take place at some point in Abu Dhabi, though no further details were provided on that location.

As stated above, this is rumor material until we hear from an official Lucasfilm/Disney source.

Official Blog: Welcome to the Star Wars Jungle
Reported by Mark on 04 Apr 2014 01:52

Kevin Beentjes takes a look at the flora and fauna of the Star Wars galaxy, some of which is surprisingly hungry over at The Official Star Wars Blog.

Sentient life comes in many different forms, shapes, and classifications. Although rarer than animals, plant life has also developed sentience across the Star Wars galaxy. Roughly one-and-a-half percent of known sentient life has a botanical origin. And like animals, plants exhibit a range of sentience, from very crude to highly intelligent. At the bottom of the classification system is the plant analog of what anthropologists such as Mammon Hoole would consider a “non-sentient.” While most plants will not respond to external stimuli like animals would (don’t argue about that with a Reeksa survivor), those attuned to a plant’s Force presence will confirm that quite a few of them do have a mind of their own. Jedi describe the life force from plants as an internal hum, each “vibrating according to its own particular emotion, some low and oscillating, others pulsing high and bright to match the explosions of flowers that spring from their stems”.

Source Official Blog
   03 April 2014
ForceCast Special: Episode VII Special Report
Reported by Mark on 03 Apr 2014 21:35

It's time to join your hosts Eric and Erik for the ForceCast Special Report.

We managed to get our hands on a few tantalizing scraps of information about Star Wars Episode VII, and after mulling it over for a little while, we're ready to discuss it on the show. Tune in to hear what we learned about a character and a starship -- and what we think it means for the first sequel.

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Forcecast
The Metro: We Want Everything In This Man’s 35,000 Piece Star Wars Collection
Reported by Mark on 03 Apr 2014 19:44

It's certainly been the watercooler topic of the day, James and his amazing Star Wars collection as seen on last nights Collectaholics. The Metro took a closer look at the show.

You might think that model of R2-D2 you swiped from a Happy Meal is a valuable bit of Star Wars merchandise, but it’s got nothing on the treasures lurking in this man’s home.

In fact the frankly awesome collection of Star Wars fanatic James Burns – which was showcased on BBC Two’s Collectaholics on Wednesday night – is so huge that it numbers around 35,000 pieces, and features rather more spin-off Lego than you ever imagined existed

Stay tuned as there will be more about the episode in The Metro as well as here on Jedi News and on the next episode of RADIO 1138.

Source The Metro
Star Wars Pub Quiz In Four London Venues
Reported by Mark on 03 Apr 2014 19:33

Live near London? Want to test your Star Wars knowledge? Are you of legal drinking age, and prepared to encounter an angry Aqualish at the bar? If so, this could be the quiz for you.


  • Apr 14th: Game Of Thrones
  • May 12th: Arrested Development
  • Jun 9th: Spaced / The Cornetto Trilogy
  • Jul 14th: The X-Files
  • The Monarch, 40-42 Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8BG

May 4th: Star Wars

  • The Abbey Tavern, 124 Kentish Town Road, London, NW1 9QB
  • The Beehive, Stoneleigh Road, London, N17 9BQ
  • The Chequers, 145 High St, London, E17 7BX
  • The Duke Of Edinburgh, 204 Ferndale Road, London, SW9 8AG


  • Apr 13th: Game Of Thrones
  • May 11th: Sherlock
  • Belgrave Music Hall And Canteen, 1-1A Cross Belgrave Street, Leeds, LS2 8JP


  • Apr 17th: Game Of Thrones
  • May 8th: The Walking Dead
  • The Bracket, 50 Marine Terrace, Margate, CT9 1XJ

Source Geeks Inc
Official Blog: Painting Star Wars, from Ackbar (with a Moustache) to Vader
Reported by Mark on 03 Apr 2014 18:47

Artist Steven Daily takes a look at the work involved in his unique Star Wars images over at The Official Star Wars Blog.

When I approach a new idea for an illustration piece such as “Magnitude,” the first question I ask myself is: “What would I want to hang in my own house?” With “Magnitude,” I wanted to make Star Wars for a grown man. A classic-looking piece for your den, study, or something that would go well with hunting trophies, diamond-back burgundy leather chair, and mahogany desks.

Source Official Blog
Electronic Arts Names Amy Hennig Creative Director For 'Star Wars' Project
Reported by Justin on 03 Apr 2014 18:30

According to a new Electronic Arts story, Amy Hennig has been brought onboard as Creative Director for an upcoming 'Star Wars' project.

Amy has long been recognized as one of our industry’s top visionaries, and is coming off an amazing run as the Writer and Creative Director of the Uncharted franchise. But her contributions go beyond the games she helped create at Naughty Dog and at Crystal Dynamics, where we worked together many years ago. As both a colleague and friend, I’ve always admired her approach to creative development – focusing on nailing down the soul of a game first, and then making sure the writing, the gameplay, the design and the art comes together to form a unified, interactive experience for the player. This fits in perfectly with what we’re trying to do here at Visceral and Amy’s going to help us continue in our pursuit to make the most thrilling, immersive games in the world.

Over the last few weeks, Amy and I have spent a lot of time talking about what her first project would be. There are a lot of different directions we could have gone, but I could sense that what really excited her about this opportunity (because let’s face it, we weren’t the only ones knocking at her door) was Star Wars. Amy’s a huge fan. We happen to be making a Star Wars game. Just thinking about the possibilities made both of us even more excited about having her join the team.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source EA
T-Shirts: Got It Where It Counts
Reported by Mark on 03 Apr 2014 18:28

This tee from Nowhere Bad certainly has it where it counts, for just $18.00 you can do the Kessel Run in style.

Source Nowhere Bad
May the 4th Star Wars Day Costume Party, Aberdeen, Scotland
Reported by Mark on 03 Apr 2014 18:19

Star Wars Day fast approaches and the events are starting to stack up. For those Force followers up in Aberdeen there's a very special guest attending an event.

Hi Guys I just wanted to let you know that ROTJ puppeteer Toby Philpott will be our guest of honour at our May the 4th Star Wars Day Costume Party up here in sunny Aberdeen, Scotland. Toby was one of the original crew of puppeteers operating Jabba the Hutt and he will be meeting guests and signing pictures and fans own memorabilia. The event is taking place at The Blue Lamp 121 Gallowgate Aberdeen And will be running from 8pm - 1am If you would like more event information please feel free to get in touch. Kind regards Martin

Rebel Legion UK Latest Events
Reported by Mark on 03 Apr 2014 18:06
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Jedi News is working with The Rebel Legion UK to bring you the very latest activity from the Legion here in the UK. Here's the latest events:

Source Rebel Legion UK
'Star Wars Reads Day' III Announced For October 11
Reported by Justin on 03 Apr 2014 14:13

UPDATE: As well as the text below copied from the USA Today article, this announcement has just been posted on the official 'Star Wars' site.

Today I can report that Star Wars Reads Day will return for its third year Oct. 11 — a fact that doesn't come as too much of a surprise, since it keeps getting bigger.

Last year more than 2,000 events took place, so expect just as many this time around. Several publishing partners will come together for the festivities, including Disney Publishing Worldwide, Abrams, Chronicle, Dark Horse, Del Rey, DK, Klutz, Quirk Books, Random House Audio, Scholastic and Workman.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source USA Today
Lucasfilm and 'The Big Bang Theory' to Release Special 'Star Wars Day' Episode
Reported by Justin on 03 Apr 2014 13:20

We learn via The Hollywood Reporter that Lucasfilm and the producers of the hit TV comedy series 'The Big Bang Theory' on CBS will be working together to release a special 'Star Wars' themed episode in celebration of 'Star Wars Day' next month.

In "The Proton Transmogrification" -- the episode set to air May 1 and timed to the annual May 4 Star Wars Day -- the gang gets together to celebrate the annual geek holiday, while Sheldon (Jim Parsons) is guided by visions of his childhood idol and mentor, Professor Proton (Emmy winner Bob Newhart), who appears to the socially challenged genius as his own Jedi master.

And special it will be: Newhart will appear as one of the iconic characters from the Star Wars universe during the episode -- though exactly which character he'll play is being kept under wraps.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source THR
The 10: Best Episodes of 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'
Reported by Justin on 03 Apr 2014 13:12

Welcome to The 10, a feature where’s editorial staff huddles to discuss — in a committee — various topics relating to a galaxy far, far away. Today we’re looking at the top installments of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Note: In the case of story arcs with multiple strong episodes, we opted to select one installment from each.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source SW Blog
   02 April 2014
Lost Media's Review Of Sci-Fi Weekender 5
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2014 22:50

Our roommate for the weekend and mega photographer James Loveridge of Lost Media brings us his review of last weekends brilliant Sci-Fi Weekender, along with a swathe of stunning images.

Being that it was still early, the Spaceport had a nice gathering of people listening to the first panel of speakers, whilst also being entertained by members of “The Galactic Knights” walking through the crowds, posing for photos, and carrying out a bit of public interaction, every once in a while taking a member from the audience, holding them up at gun point, forcing to them to the floor and treating them like a common criminal being searched… all in good jest of course and all part of the entertainment.

Source Lost Media
Jedi News Review: The Official Star Wars Fact File Issue 12
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2014 22:00
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We delve deep into EU territory in the latest issue of Official Star Wars Fact File as we cover all manner of worlds, characters and technology. While it would be all to easy to stick to the familiar, the Fact File is clearly planning on dipping its toes into the waters of the Expanded Universe. Hold on, here we go!

Source DeAgostini
Official Blog: From Boonta to Baobab: Droids and the Star Wars Prequels
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2014 21:41

Tim Veekhoven brings us another essential entry over at The Official Star Wars Blog as he takes a look back at the classic era of Star wars and the numerous similarities between Droids and the Prequels.

Droids: The Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO aired on ABC in the US in 1985 and 1986. The cartoon was developed by Nelvana, but it only lasted one season (13 episodes) and one special (“The Great Heep”). The episodes aired during the Ewoks and Droids Adventure Hour, which also showed an episode of Nelvana’s other Star Wars cartoon: Ewoks. Droids was a typical US cartoon (though Nelvana itself was Canadian) from the mid-eighties, so it couldn’t show physical violence. Droids also aired in other countries, such as Spain and France, where it was very popular.

Source Official Blog
Behind the Scenes of 'Star Wars Rebels' Panel at WonderCon Anaheim 2014
Reported by Justin on 02 Apr 2014 20:36

The complete slate of programming for WonderCon Anaheim 2014 has been posted, and the line-up for Saturday April 19 includes a 'Star Wars Rebels' panel that is sure to be a highlight of the entire convention.

Be sure to take the source link below for the full convention schedule, which features a few other 'Star Wars' related panels.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source WonderCon
Denis Lawson In The Machine
Reported by Matt on 02 Apr 2014 20:24

Denis Lawson stars in The Machine, a new thriller with a great reputation. If you want a teaser, the first 5 minutes can be viewed right here.

With an impoverished world plunged into a Cold War with a new enemy, Britain's Ministry of Defence is on the brink of developing a game-changing weapon. Lead scientist Vincent McCarthy (Toby Stephens) provides the answer with his creation, The Machine - an android with unrivalled physical and processing skills. When a programming glitch causes an early prototype to destroy his lab, McCarthy enlists artificial intelligence expert Ava (Caity Lotz) to help him harness the full potential of a truly conscious fighting machine.

Source Amazon
Ralph McQuarrie 'Tribute to a Master' Video Part 5
Reported by Justin on 02 Apr 2014 20:07

In part five of Ralph McQuarrie, Star Wars Concept Artist: Tribute to a Master, concept artist and illustrator Marc Gabanna, Industrial Light & Magic's Scott Farrar, and others continue their discussion of the industry giant's work, from his personal style to the wide-ranging impact of his paintings.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source YouTube
Databurst From the 501st
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2014 20:00
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Jedi News is working with Roqoo Depot and the 501st Legion to bring you the very latest activity from garrisons across the planet. Here's this weeks events:

Source Roqoo Depot
The Week That Wars…
Reported by BrianC on 02 Apr 2014 19:30
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Welcome to our weekly look back at the highlights of the news from the past week – from the irrelevant, to the best of fan content / media, the latest official news, rumours and reviews…

Star Wars Rebels: Brian Snook Brings The Awesome
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2014 19:17

Not that many months to go now until Star Wars Rebels arrives and here's a very clever piece of image work via artist Brian Snook.

Source Twitter
Plaque In Black: Kyle Newman Guests On The Goldbergs
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2014 18:06

He's set to take Hollywood with the forthcoming Barely Lethal (which I'm sure will still be awesome despite my devastatingly amazing cameo being cut out during production. Something about 'the wrong light'...) and here is director Kyle Newman himself making a cameo in the smash hit The Goldbergs.

Anyone catch my "cameo" on @thegoldbergsABC?? Thanks @AdamFGoldberg! & thanks for sharing @Stephen_Stanton

Source Facebook
Official Blog: Wil Wheaton Talks Star Wars Board Games
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2014 17:28

Bryan Young beams down a taste of Trek as he chats with Wesley Crusher himself, Wil Wheaton, over at The Official Star Wars Blog.

Last year, Wil Wheaton started a little thing called “International TableTop Day.” It’s his goal that we all play more board games and it’s an ideal many of us in the world of Star Wars fandom share. And even though Wheaton is inherently linked to his role on Star Trek, we know he’s really a Star Wars guy at heart. (He even talked to us about it last year.)

With “TableTop Day” coming back this week for 2014, I got a chance to talk to Wheaton about what Star Wars board games he’d recommend we check out. And maybe I had a recommendation for him, too.

Source Official Blog
Kenner Collector Focus: Interview with Star Wars Collector Steve Denny
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2014 17:27

Grab a cuppa and sit down for this fascinating interview with uber Star Wars collector Steve Denny as he takes us through his own personal Star Wars collecting journey from 1985 though to now.

S- Then I started getting into the weird stuff.

D- Like what?

S- Well like the flat boxes. I liked seeing them displayed. Different things were just starting to appeal to me. Like the transparencies I got. I got a boatload of those from that same Kenner guy. Those are cool. I always thought they would be the next big thing. I thought man, there is so much you can do with these transparencies. But the ex-Kenner employee always told me “don’t you dare mention where you got them!” I’ve still never dropped his name. I heard he moved up to Rhode Island, but I’m not real sure. But I lost touch with him. I think he probably started selling to The Earth (Toy Mall), because he was right there.

Source Kenner Collector
Billy Dee Dances With Chewbacca on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'
Reported by Justin on 02 Apr 2014 16:56

Upset about the news that Billy Dee Williams had to withdraw from Dancing with the Stars, Jimmy invites him to perform one last dance with a very hairy partner.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source YouTube
The Black Series Rolls Back At Asda
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2014 16:55

Some interesting news comes in via two good pals of Jedi News. First we hear from Colins Customs who tells us there are £5.00 Black Series figures available at Asda.

Asda are selling Black series figures for £5. I got a Plagueis and a Neyo today. But this might not include every store as some friends are finding them still at £10.

And then we received this info and image above from John Bedford and his son Lewis.

Hi, As fan of the your great blog, I couldn't help but think of you guys when, on a family shopping trip to Asda, I noticed they are selling the Black Series small figures for just a fiver. My son and I took a pic as I know you guys like to feature Star Wars bargains.

We certainly do! Cheers guys.

The Metro: Star Wars Arrives At The Sci-Fi Weekender 2014
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2014 16:30

My latest entry arrives at The Metro as I take a look back at last weekends Sci-Fi Weekender, a great fun event that me and our RPG Editor Jonathan Hicks were lucky enough to attend.

Last weekend there was no better place to celebrate your geekdom than the Hafan Y Mor Holiday Park in Pwllheli, Gwynedd, North Wales. Sound an unlikely place for sci-fi? That was the location of Sci-Fi Weekender 5, a convention bringing together all aspects of the sci-fi world including Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Blakes 7, The Hobbit and much, much more including novelists, costuming organisations, themed bands and street performers.

Source The Metro
'Star Wars Pinball' Episode IV 'Heroes Within' Table Video
Reported by Justin on 02 Apr 2014 16:20

Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within coming to digital stores this Spring!

These are not the droids you are looking for! Relive the most memorable moments from Star Wars™: Episode IV A New Hope!

In a period of civil war in the galaxy, it is up to Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, R2-D2, and C-3PO to destroy the Death Star!

Be sure to check out the trailer for the upcoming Han Solo table as well.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source YouTube
REMINDER: Collectaholics On BBC 2 Tonight At 8.00pm
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2014 14:51

If you are in the UK or have access to the BBC from wherever you are, make sure you're tuned to BBC 2 tonight. It's James' big moment as Collectaholics focuses on his huge Star Wars collection, and if you're very lucky you just might see my feet in one scene. Fingers crossed...

Source BBC
Celebration Anaheim: Updates Should Start Coming This Month
Reported by Justin on 02 Apr 2014 13:21

The calendar has officially changed to April (though one could easily argue Mother Nature hasn't gotten the memo, at least not here in NY where it snowed a few days ago), and so we just wanted to remind you of what Lucasfilm's Mary Franklin said in her last official blog post about when we should start seeing announcements/news for Celebration Anaheim come our way.

So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for exciting news in the next few weeks as Celebration Anaheim is destined to be one of the best Celebrations yet!

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Skywalking Through Neverland Episode 24 Audio Only: Kevin Rubio and his Troops
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2014 07:06

It's time to join your hosts over at Skywalking Through Neverland.

We are excited to have Robert Bapst of The Bald Solo Pod­cast as our co-co-host this week on Sky­walk­ing Through Nev­er­land. To my knowl­edge we never have dis­cussed super­heroes who wear their under­wear on the out­side of their out­fit — until now! What must it feel like to be involved in some­thing so unique and cre­ative that it changes a fan­dom? This week we talk with Kevin Rubio, direc­tor and co-writer of the Star Wars fan film, Troops. This Star Wars and Cops mash-up started a new move­ment in fan­dom com­mu­ni­ties — fan films! Armed with a great idea, eager friends and an end­less sup­ply of Cops episodes, Kevin directed the Star Wars fan film that inspired peo­ple all over the world. And remem­ber, never land on Alderaan…

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Skywalking Through Neverland
Farthest From: Hello, What Have We Here?
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2014 05:54

He's coming your way via the amazing team at the essential Farthest From. All we'll say is stay tuned...

Source Facebook
Jedi News Comic Review: Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Squadron: The Rebel Opposition #1
Reported by ZakPT on 02 Apr 2014 04:20
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The second Death Star has fallen by the hands of Lando Calrissian and Wedge Antilles. The great Luke Skywalker has destroyed the feared Dark Lord of the Sith known as Darth Vader. And the Emperor has also fallen, this time by the turned hands of Darth Vader. But despite this final victory, word is spreading slow and isolated Imperial forces are still attacking the mighty Rebel Alliance, un-knowing about the Empires defeat.

Shortly after the destruction of the second Death Star, a handful of X-wing fighters teamed up to create rogue squadron, a highly skilled star fighter squad capable of taking on any mission. But the squad’s morale would not be if it wasn’t for the leadership of the great Wedge Antilles. Ready, fearless but not stupid, this Rebel hero is a true hero.

Their latest mission takes them to the world of Cilpar, a world divided by Imperials and Rebels. The squad are on a routine protective convoy mission when they suddenly come under fire by Imperial TIE fighters. But how could the Imps have possibly known about the route…a spy? The battle is easily won but with the help of over confidence from pilot Janson, he crashes into the dense forest while the others return to base to be greeted by the “official” government of Cilpar.

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Jedi News Comic Review: Star Wars #15
Reported by BrianC on 02 Apr 2014 02:00
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Since abandoning its base on Yavin 4, the Rebel fleet had been without a sure destination or a home, constantly pursued and harassed by Imperial forces. But in the aftermath of a victorious skirmish with the Empire, Princess Leia—recently returned from a prolonged solo mission—made the stunning announcement that she had located a safe haven for a new base: the planet Arrochar.

Even more stunning was the news of how the agreement with the government of Arrochar was reached and how the pact will be sealed: Leia is to marry the planet’s prince.

As the Rebels scurry to build a new home and prepare for the upcoming nuptials, some have conflicting feelings about the impending wedding—and none more than Princess Leia herself...

Writer Brian Wood, penciller Stephane Crety, Inker Julien Hugonnard-Bert, colourist Gabe Eltaeb and cover artist Hugh Fleming bring us the fifteenth issue of Star Wars.

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Cover Star Brooklyn Beckham Makes His Modelling Debut
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2014 01:53

You're probably wondering why we'd be focusing on a photo of the young Brooklyn Beckham son of arguably the worlds best known sportsman David Beckham. Well, check out the poster on Brooklyns wall which shows another young padawan in Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Source Daily Mail (via Jonathan Wilkins)
2GGRN: A Few Good Clones Podcast: AFGC A Cinematic Radio Drama the Empire Strikes Back Part 3 of 3
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2014 00:31

It's time to join your host Dave Senden over at A Few Good Clones.

The latest special, a special so so so BIG and so bantha size MASSIVE that it came in 3's, AFGC A Cinematic Radio Drama the Empire Strikes Back Part 3 of 3, a EXCLUSIVE A Few Good Clones presentation of the NPR Radio Drama of SW the Empire Strikes Back. A ESB Radio Drama Trilogy if YOU will. Star Wars is best in 3's

Contact Information: Website | Facebook

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Star Wars Episode VII Rumour: Filming To Start 14th May 2014
Reported by Team Jedi News on 02 Apr 2014 00:15

Before you ask that's a typo, Devin Faraci means 14th May BUT the date (we can't attest to the location, we understand filming will be in the UAE - where Bad Robot filmed Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol - not Morocco) matches exactly the date we've been told here at Jedi News.

Previous dates mentioned were 6th May (the first Tuesday after the UK bank Holiday) and naturally everyone in the popular media assumes it will start on gimmick day, the 4th May but the 14th matches our info. Only time will tell.

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Full Throttle (1995) PC Complete Playthrough
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2014 00:07

Full Throttle wasn't just a great moment in Lucasarts history and didn't just capture the vibe of 'The Chin' Bruce Campbell but it was vitally a darn good ride. In these days of photorealistic graphics it may look antiquated - and it is - but you can't buy cool, and this game had it in spades. Watch this playthrough of the game and judge for yourself, via our pals at The Bearded Trio.

A beginning to end playthrough of LucasArts' 1995 graphic adventure opus, Full Throttle.

This game blew my mind when I first got it back in 1995. It combined the awesomeness of all of LucasArts' previous adventures (Sam n Max, Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island...) and amped it up by several orders of magnitude. It's a fair amount shorter and easier than the company's earlier games, but it's drowning in personality, badassness, and general quality in every respect. If you ever had a passing interest in the "experience" of a graphic adventure, look no further. Full Throttle has everything in spades.

I hope you enjoy it - I thoroughly enjoyed playing through this again for the umpteenth time.

Source YouTube (via The Bearded Trio)
Jakks Pacific Clone Commander Cody Is Out
Reported by Matt on 02 Apr 2014 00:06

Jakks Pacific has released a 30" figure of Clone Commander Cody, as seen in Revenge of the Sith. This figure is a nice repaint with additional parts to make him unique (new shoulder armor, belt, and helmet). There is no backpack included with this figure, and the colours are very different to the Hasbro Cody figure which was a far stronger deeper orange. UK retail price is £50 (equivalent of $75). Shipping now.
   01 April 2014
Warwick Davis In Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis
Reported by Mark on 01 Apr 2014 22:45

The busiest man in show business is back with a new series, Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis where Warwick and family will be travelling the UK looking for great locations to vacation.

Warwick Davis is joined by his family for this new series about holidaying in Great Britain. As a keen ‘staycationer’, Warwick loves nothing more than spending time in Britain rather than travelling abroad, however his family don’t feel quite the same way.

Over six episodes, Warwick and his wife Sam, kids Annabelle and Harrison and dog Sherlock explore the British Isles investigating what makes a quintessential British holiday. Warwick also tries to convince them of the benefits of holidaying near home. The Davis family visit some of Britain’s most famous holiday spots, camping, caravanning or staying in their campervan. As well as showing some of the great destinations the UK has to offer, the series is also an amusing insight into how families behave on holiday.

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James Reads Star Wars Novels #19: Scourge by Jeff Grubb
Reported by Mark on 01 Apr 2014 22:33

Jawa James returns to bring us a reading from Scourge by Jeff Grubb.

I read part of the opening scene from the Star Wars novel Scourge by Jeff Grubb, as part of the Del Rey's Star Wars Action Team. Visit to learn more about how you can get free stuff by helping promote Star Wars books!

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Darth Elvis At Sci-Fi Weekender 5
Reported by Mark on 01 Apr 2014 21:59

Myself and Jonathan Hicks were at last weekends Sci-Fi Weekender, and Jon's review will be with us later this week. But to tide you over until then, here's a taste of the action as Darth Elvis and The Imperials take the stage.

Source YouTube
Dark Horse To ‘Scorch Earth’ Star Wars On Their Way Out
Reported by Matt on 01 Apr 2014 21:43

In a week where there are no new Star Wars comics, Bleeding Cool bring us this amazing news that Dark Horse are exiting the GFFA with a bang.

Dark Horse Comics will finish publishing their Star Wars line of comic books, as Disney-owned Lucasfilm move the license to Disney-owned Marvel Comics.

But on their way out, I understand Dark Horse plan to run some plot lines that will salt the fields before Marvel take over, permanently destroying a number of characters and concepts in the minds of the fans before Marvel take over with two ongoing Star Wars monthlies. And they are using the best fanficcers out the to find the most outrageous plots and images to do so. So what can we look forward to?

Source Bleeding Cool
Star Wars Action News Episode 421: Is 6-Inches Short for a Stormtrooper?
Reported by Mark on 01 Apr 2014 21:28

Join Marjorie and Arnie for the latest edition of Star Wars Action News...

Reviews of all 4 figures shipping with Hasbro's Black Series Wave 3, plus new online sales and Episode VII news! From coast to coast the third wave of Hasbro's 6-inch Star Wars Black Series has started to appear in stores. This wave has three new figures, a Stormtrooper, Bespin Luke Skywalker, and Episode III Obi-Wan, plus a carry-forward Han Solo. With this wave we finally have more than 10 Star Wars icons in this new scale. Is now the perfect time to jump into the line? Listen to this episode of Star Wars Action News for Marjorie and Arnie's reviews of all four of these figures! With more Rancho Obi-Wan extra auctions, a Millennium Falcon model that may not look like much until you assemble all 100 pieces, and a look at the latest Episode VII news, it's all in this issue of the Star Wars Action News podcast!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

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Dangers of Playing With Toy Lightsabers
Reported by Justin on 01 Apr 2014 21:23

You may want to think twice after watching the video below about having your young son or daughter play with a Hasbro lightsaber while in the toy aisle...

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

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Official Blog: The Sears Wish Book and 'Star Wars' Toys’ Real Value
Reported by Justin on 01 Apr 2014 20:45

Let me start out by saying I thoroughly enjoy each entry in the ongoing series of official 'Star Wars' Blog posts. All of the contributors do a great job with their respective content and each post makes for a very enjoyable read.

If you are a fellow 'Star Wars' fan who was lucky enough to have grown up during the vintage Kenner line days, this latest blog post by Brad Ricca takes things one step further and will send you gleefully on your way down Memory Lane.

From its humble 1888 beginnings as a pamphlet selling watches, the Sears catalog (and the later, massive Wish Book) became a staple of American home shopping. At various points in its run it sold tractors, cigar store Indians, flowers, wallpaper, menswear, firearms, pre-constructed homes, lingerie, tools, and clothes. Toys were also a constant in the catalog since the early twentieth century.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source SW Blog
Boring Conversation Anyway #52: Are We Collecting Or Hoarding?
Reported by Dan on 01 Apr 2014 17:01 presents another video/audio Boring Conversation Anyway as we go deep in to why we collect Star Wars and ask if we really are just hoarders? As usual some of the best expertise in toy collecting and sites join us to share their thoughts:,, Jedi Temple Archives, Dan Curto &

Billy Dee Williams Leaves 'Dancing with the Stars' Due to Back Pain
Reported by Justin on 01 Apr 2014 13:30

Unfortunately the coolest cat in the galaxy Mr. Billy Dee Williams was forced to remove himself from last night's 'Dancing with the Stars' competition.

Williams, 77, cited chronic back pain and his doctor’s warning not to dance as reasons for sitting out tonight. The Star Wars actor, who’s had two hip replacements, thanked [Emma] Slater for “this wonderful, brilliant, fantastic blast of a time” and promised to keep dancing — “It’s an epic part of me now,” he said of his ballroom experience.

Here's hoping Billy Dee is able to receive the necessary treatment for his back condition that will allow him to successfully reprise his role as Lando in Episode VII (assuming Lando is returning of course).

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source EW
SamuelLJackson to Appear @ Star Wars Fan Fun Days
Reported by StephenG on 01 Apr 2014 12:01

Even more April Tom Foolery, this time from @swffd

Actor @SamuelLJackson TO APPEAR AT THIS YEAR'S @swffd

Imagine if he did though? It would be sold out in an hour!!!

Source Twitter
Star Wars Report #126: Is Padme a Weak Character?
Reported by Mark on 01 Apr 2014 07:04

It's time to join your hosts Riley and Mark over at Star Wars Report.

On this week’s podcast, Bethany joins me! Padme’s characterization in episode III and delve into more of your emails.

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

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Return of the Jar Jar
Reported by StephenG on 01 Apr 2014 04:33

Yes, I know...look at the date. Dave Filoni posted via his Twitter page:

Guess who's back in #StarWarsRebels ?

Don't believe a word of it!!! (But imagine the reaction from gungan haters?? Heh Heh)

Source Twitter
Full of Sith Episode LVIII: Billy Dee Williams
Reported by Mark on 01 Apr 2014 02:00

Join Bryan, Mike and Bobby for the latest episode of Full of Sith.

Billy Dee Williams stops by for a short visit to talk about his upcoming appearance at Salt Lake Comic-Con’s FanX, as well as his time on Star Wars and the enduring nature of Lando Calrissian. Wil Wheaton also stops by for Star Wars game recommendations for International TableTop Game Day. After that, Mike and Bryan answer listener emails and delve even deeper into the nature of the force and Anakin’s redemption. Mike also talks about his new tattoo and we invite all the listeners to send in pics of their Star Wars tattoos…

Contact Information: Voicemail - 206-426-5592 | Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Full of Sith
Title For Jason Fry's New 'Star Wars Rebels' Novel Revealed
Reported by Justin on 01 Apr 2014 00:13

The official title of author Jason Fry's 'Star Wars Rebels' novel that we first heard about a few weeks ago has been revealed.

Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinL81

Source Twitter

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