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   13 April 2015
Hot Wheels Introduces Boba Fett Character Car
Reported by Justin on 13 Apr 2015 20:01

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Celebration Anaheim 2015: Prepping The Outside
Reported by Justin on 13 Apr 2015 19:59

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Ashley Eckstein On Developing Ahsoka Into A Fan Favorite
Reported by Justin on 13 Apr 2015 18:59

Point your browser towards SciFiNow for an interview Steve Wright conducted with Ashley Eckstein, voice of Ahsoka Tano, on how her character rose up to become one of the most beloved characters in the entire Star Wars Saga.

Was it important to you to bring out strong female character qualities in Ahsoka?

I never really approached Ahsoka from the angle of ‘Oh, this is a strong female character, so I need to play her that way’, I was just so fortunate to be a small part of creating Ahsoka. The writing was superb, and [Dave Filoni and his crew] wrote such great episodes that I just had to bring life to the words that were on the page. The funny thing was that Ahsoka’s gender didn’t matter at the end of the day, because Dave didn’t write towards that, and I think that is the key to the success of writing a strong female character; just making her a strong character, male or female, and David and his crew did that. If you think about it, we never pointed out that she was a girl. I don’t think the term came up in the text, no one in the crew pointed out that she was a girl; she was just one of the gang, and I think the fans after a while looked past her gender.

Be sure to check out Ashley's earlier interview with SciFiNow if you didn't catch it last week when it was posted.

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Celebration Anaheim 2015: Marvel Star Wars Panels
Reported by Justin on 13 Apr 2015 18:00

Heading to Celebration Anaheim 2015 this week and are eager to see what panels Marvel will have in store for fans to attend? Check out their list below.

STAR WARS Comic Art (Thursday, 4:30 PM, Collectors Stage)

Just one of many authoritative collecting panels throughout the show, STAR WARS comic art collector and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” writer/director David Mandel gives you an expert perspective on collecting original comic art.

One Big Story: Working Within the STAR WARS Canon (Friday, 3:30 PM, Fan Stage)

Last year’s announcement of an interconnected STAR WARS canon means that publishers, including Marvel, are telling stories within an intricately connected galaxy. A full panel of guests includes Marvel’s VP of International Development C.B. Cebulski and editor Jordan D. White.

STAR WARS Comes Home to Marvel (Saturday, 1:00 PM, Behind-The-Scenes Stage)

C.B. Cebulski, Jordan D. White, and Lucasfilm Senior Editor Jennifer Heddle will discuss Marvel’s new STAR WARS series. Fans won’t want to miss this panel that promises not one but two exciting announcements about the future of STAR WARS at Marvel!

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Jabba The Hutt & Slave Leia Figures From Madme Tussauds Almost Finished
Reported by Justin on 13 Apr 2015 12:52

Check out this latest stunning Star Wars experience update from the extremely talented folks over at Madme Tussauds.

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   11 April 2015
Felicity Jones Wants A Pink Lightsaber
Reported by Mark on 11 Apr 2015 19:32

Long gone are the days when lightsabers came in just red, blue and green varieties. Now it seems there's every colour under the rainbow, and Felicity Jones emphasizes this by picking her preferred colour while promoting her latest film on MTV.

Felicity Jones talks about being the female lead in the new 'Star Wars' while promoting her upcoming film 'True Story'.

Source YouTube (via Trove)
Sideshow Presents R2-ME2
Reported by Matt on 11 Apr 2015 18:39

Check this out, another treat to look forward to at Celebration Anaheim.

Sideshow is proud to present R2-ME2, a unique re-imagining of everyone’s favorite sassy astromech: R2-D2!
The Force is strong with this collective of creative minds from across the galaxy! Starting with a blank prototype of our Deluxe R2-D2 Sixth Scale Figure, Sideshow invited over 90 friends and fans to participate in customizing the iconic droid with a brand new look. Check out a sneak peek at the progress on these one-of-a-kind custom projects below, and follow along on Instagram with the hashtag #R2ME2.

Source Sideshow Collectibles
Full of Sith Rumor Control 04
Reported by Mark on 11 Apr 2015 17:44

Join Bobby Roberts for Full of Sith: Rumor Control.

This episode of Rumor Control is CHOCK FULL OF SPOILERS so don’t say you weren’t warned before you go traipsing through this particular minefield and end up getting your SOCKS ROCKED OFF by juicy rumors about who Domnhall Gleeson, Gwendoline Christie, and Andy Serkis are playing, as well as some interesting details about Leia and her career decisions; A very special guest star might make an appearance in the newest trailer, and a quick look behind the curtain at how the movie is being cut and chopped together in the Bad Robot bullpen.

Contact Information:Voicemail - 206-426-5592 | Website | Twitter | Facebook

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Star Wars Social Scanner - April 10, 2015
Reported by Justin on 11 Apr 2015 17:31

It's time for the latest weekly installment in the Star Wars Social Scanner series provided by Lucasfilm's own social media guru Andi Gutierrez!

As a member of the (very small) social media team here at Lucasfilm, I have the honor of reading, responding to, laughing at, loving, and sharing all of your Star Wars conversations every day. Our fans are creative, passionate, funny, and very active across the Internet; every Friday, I’ll share my favorite social media posts from the week in the Social Scanner, so show me what you’ve got!

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Source Star Wars
Celebration Anaheim 2015: Gentle Giant Collecting Panel
Reported by Justin on 11 Apr 2015 17:26

Check out the following Celebration Anaheim 2015 collecting panel announcement from Gentle Giant that was sent out via email (click the image for a larger view.)

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Disney Launches New Star Wars Game with Kanata
Reported by Mark on 11 Apr 2015 16:17

Here's some interesting new regarding the latest Star Wars app game, and the potential for future games.

Star Wars lovers and game creators at Kanata company Gigataur celebrated the launch of the newest Star Wars game on March 27, after working with Disney for 16 months to create it.
The mobile gaming company, formerly Glitchsoft, secured a contract to make the game alongside Disney animators and writers, resulting in Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions.
The game, based on Disney’s new digitally animated TV show, Star Wars Rebels, is set five years before Luke Skywalker meets Obi-Wan Kenobi, and focuses on rebels opposing the tyranny of the Empire.
Coming out nine months before the anticipated release of the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, the game is meant to “onboard the new generation of Star Wars fans,” said Gigataur CEO Andrew Fisher.

Source SWTOR Strategies (Via Soeren Kamper)
Official Site: The Saber Guild. Celebrating Costumes, Charity and, Of Course, Lightsabers
Reported by Mark on 11 Apr 2015 15:36

Adrienne Lombardo looks into the history of The Saber Guild over at

Enter the Saber Guild. Formed in 2006 in California, the Saber Guild is an international Star Wars costuming and performance organization, dedicated to performing 100% choreographed lightsaber battles for charity. We are costumers, actors, dancers, martial artists, musicians, artists and photographers, and I’m here to tell you the seven reasons why Saber Guild is awesome.

Source Official Site
PEGI Announces Two Classic Star Wars Games Coming to PS3
Reported by Mark on 11 Apr 2015 14:13

Great news for fans of vintage Star Wars games, two titles are returning from the netherworld of the Force to the Playstation 3 imminently.

Assumedly heading to the PS3 under the PlayStation Classics range are Star Wars: Starfighter and Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, both recently reclassified by PEGI.
Both titles were originally released on PS2 and Xbox.

Source SWTOR Strategies (Via Soeren Kamper)
Conversations: Sounds in Space - Lightsaber Sounds
Reported by Mark on 11 Apr 2015 13:50

Ben Burtt invites you into his office at Skysound to show the inspiration for the sound of the iconic Lightsaber.
The Star Wars Digital Movie Collection is available for the first time ever on Digital HD April 10th.

Source Star Wars on YouTube
Wrongside Bob
Reported by Mark on 11 Apr 2015 12:46

It's described as "Drama, Comedy, Americana, Fantasy" and is the new film project from Return of the Jedi, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Goonies and Star Trek: Voyager writer James Kahn. It's called Wrongside Bob and James is keen to spread the word.

Click here to visit their Facebook page, like it and follow its progress. You can also follow it on Twitter.

And don't forget, James is attending Celebration Anaheim where he will be interviewed by Insider editor Jonathan Wilkins alongside A New Hope author Alan Dean Foster and will be signing copies of Return of the Jedi. It's at 11.30am on Sunday 19th April.

Source Wrongside Bob
   10 April 2015
The Force Awakens Novel Not To Be Released Until 2016?
Reported by BrianC on 10 Apr 2015 22:22

That seems to be the word from our pals at Jedi Bibliothek who believes that the novel will be delayed, according to his sources.

A few weeks ago one of our informants has learned that the working title of The Force Awakens -Filmromans "Untitled Novel # 33" is. According to the leaked information from last year, this meant that the book would appear only in January 2016 and. I was skeptical for a while, but a few minutes before I even heard from another source close publisher that the manuscript of the novel, the film will be delayed until next year. Since no Del-Rey placeholder more between Battlefront (Untitled Novel # 24, November 3, 2015) and "Untitled Novel # 33" (Jan 2016) is listed and the source is beyond any doubt, I am inclined now than it to deal with this fact.

Source Jedi Bibliothek
Coffee With Kenobi: Jim Hill and Len Testa Discuss the History of Lucasfilm and Disney
Reported by Mark on 10 Apr 2015 22:19

It's time to join your hosts Dan and Cory over at Coffee With Kenobi.

On this Coffee Chat, Disney Insiders Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media and Len Testa of Touring and WDW Today discuss the history of George Lucas and Disney. They share incredible background information, give hints to the future, and provide tips on both Disneyland and the Anaheim Convention Center, just in time for Celebration Anaheim. This is the podcast you're looking for!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Coffee With Kenobi
Official Site: Meet The Cast Of Smuggler's Bounty
Reported by Mark on 10 Apr 2015 21:30

Smuggler's Bounty is almost here, and our buddy Kyle Newman brings us the deets over at

While the first one was an experiment of sorts (no one had ever done a live Star Wars show like this before), we knew we could push everything much further this time. So we developed the 60-plus-page script over the course of a year to ensure that Smuggler’s Bounty will be more thrilling, more action-packed and even more FUN than the original. And the stage is even bigger — literally — since we are taking over the main Celebration Stage at 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 18.

Stay tuned to Jedi News as we bring more from Smuggler's Bounty during the coming week.

Source Official Site
Win this Exclusive Phiiish Bracelet 'Straight from the dark side'
Reported by Team Jedi News on 10 Apr 2015 21:30

We love innovative products here at Jedi News and our friends at Phiiish have created a collection that provides a uniquely elegant way to create a bespoke piece of jewellery as a treat for you, or as a gift for someone you love.

Hand crafted with fine details in sterling silver 925, the Phiiish links are threaded onto a sleek snake chain bracelet. Choose as many Phiiish links as you wish, to create your own unique piece of jewellery.

Working directly with Phiiish we've come up with a Dark Side inspired design featuring gorgeous red frosted orbs, threaded through the bracelet to create a distinctive personal look and you can win by clicking the image above...  good luck and MTFBWY!

Source Phiiish
Princess Leia Heads March Comics Sales
Reported by Mark on 10 Apr 2015 21:18

How's this for a bumper month for Star Wars fans and Star Wars? comics? Loading the top 10 sales chart are four - count 'em - FOUR Star Wars titles, headed by the first part of the Princess Leia limited series.

Source Comic Book Resources
Official Site: Fully Operational Fandom: Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Tips And Tricks
Reported by Mark on 10 Apr 2015 21:08

Check out this handy list of hints and tips from Amy Ratcliffe over at as we finish our preparations for Celebration Anaheim.

The wait is nearly over. Star Wars Celebration Anaheim is so close that I can practically hear the sounds of Darth Vader cosplayers breathing. While you should absolutely leave room for spontaneity in your schedule, having a loose plan in place and knowing what to expect will make four days of nonstop Star Wars seem less overwhelming and way more fun — and fun is the operative word. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the details and get stressed, but that path leads to the dark side. I have some general Celebration advice and some tips specific to the location to help you be as prepared as a Jedi Master.

Source Official Site
Star Wars Visual Director Doug Chiang Misses His Mentor George Lucas
Reported by Mark on 10 Apr 2015 21:03

Check out this fascinating interview with Doug Chiang, who is nowadays the vice president and executive creative director at Lucasfilm. It seems that life without the Maker isn't as straight forward as some people would like to believe.

“The terrifying part is we don't have George. It’s very demanding. It’s very hard. We’re still trying to figure out, what is Star Wars? Without George, it’s a very tough challenge.
“We all think we know what it is, but really, Star Wars is George. George is the only person who really knows it very well. We’re all trying to create something in his playground, but it’s his playground.”
“He could scan a wall full of art and almost instantly identify the one or two or three images he really liked. When I finally had the courage to ask, it was probably the biggest lesson for me. He said, ‘I’m basically judging it by shapes and understanding.’ What George was really doing was he was looking at those designs through an audience’s point of view.”

Source Jam Canoe (via SWPAS)
Celebration Anaheim 2015: Floor Plan Now Up
Reported by Justin on 10 Apr 2015 20:55

Wanna know where everything is and how to navigate around at Celebration Anaheim 2015? But of course you do! The Floor Plan is now available for you to map out your course of action each day at the convention.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source SWC
RebelForce Radio Celebration Pre-Game Show with JAT and David Collins
Reported by Mark on 10 Apr 2015 20:44

With Star Wars Celebration Anaheim coming next week, RebelForce Radio is the only place you will hear all the hosts from the 3 main stages together. Joining Behind The Scenes Stage hosts Jimmy Mac & Jason Swank are David W. Collins (Digital Stage host) and Celebration Stage host James Arnold Taylor. We preview highlights from the upcoming action-packed week of Star Wars insanity. Force In The Flesh author Shane Turgeon is In The Cantina with the lowdown on what's happening in the Celebration Tattoo Pavilion and competition. Plus, your chance to get last-minute tickets for the RFR Celebration Kickoff Bash, Star Wars goes digital, and much more to get you fired up for Star Wars Celebration!

Contact Information: iTunes | RSS Feed | Twitter | Facebook

Source RebelForce Radio
Celebration Anaheim 2015: Details On Attending The Force Awakens Thursday Kickoff Panel
Reported by Justin on 10 Apr 2015 20:44

OK fellow fans, here is the information we've all been eagerly waiting for. The official Celebration Anaheim 2015 website has just been updated to include details on how you can attend the special The Force Awakens kickoff panel featuring J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy on Thursday morning.

The info provided explains how/when to obtain the required wristbands that you must have (except Jedi Knight/Master VIP badge holders, who do not need a wristband) to attend the panel and how crowd queuing will be handled.

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Source SWC
Celebration Anaheim 2015: Hot Wheels Exclusive R2-KT Character Car
Reported by Justin on 10 Apr 2015 19:47

Our friend Jayson over at Yakface has received the latest issue of Star Wars Insider which reveals an exclusive R2-KT character car that Hot Wheels will be offering for Celebration Anaheim 2015. Over to Yakface...

My new issue of Star Wars Insider landed today and inside, there is a reveal of a very cool Celebration exclusive for an even better cause. Hot Wheels is having a special R2-KT Character card for sale ($10.00 each). Disney and Mattel will be donating the proceeds to Star Wars: Force for Change.

The official Celebration Anaheim 2015 website has also been updated to include more information on this very special exclusive.

Needless to say, this character car has been added to my list of must-have Celebration exclusives.

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Source Yakface
Celebration Anaheim 2015: Sneak Peek At Store Exclusive Merchandise Part 2
Reported by Justin on 10 Apr 2015 17:18

We get another round of sneak peeks today at some of the exclusive merchandise that will be available for attendees to purchase at the Celebration Anaheim 2015 Store. This latest update features images of a sushi set, an assortment of magnets, glassware, and more.

Earlier this week, we showed you some of the exclusive merchandise coming to Star Wars Celebration, including classic Kenner action-figure-inspired pins, Rebel Alliance Soccer Club patches, and the amazing Space Slug-in-a-box. That was just the beginning — check out even more galactic goodies below that you won’t find anywhere else!

If you missed the first round of images and are also looking for product pricing information, take each link provided accordingly.

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Source Star Wars
Celebration Anaheim 2015: LEGO Star Wars Posters
Reported by James on 10 Apr 2015 16:38



Here's some official news from LEGO ahead of next week's Celebration.  Click on each image above for a closer look (the 7th image is the back of all the posters and promotes the recently announced Droid Tales).

Just in time for all of the titles to be available for streaming, we wanted to let you know that for the first time ever we've created LEGO versions of all 6 original Star Wars film posters - from the original trilogy to the prequels. We’re also giving these away to fans at Star Wars Celebration next week!

Those who can’t make it to the show can also get their hands on the Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope poster during the May the 4th promotion at LEGO brand retail stores or at with the chance to collect a new poster each month.

Stay tuned for additional news and announcements around Star Wars Celebration next week...

More to come there is - stay tuned!

New Opening Fanfare For Star Wars Digital Collection
Reported by Justin on 10 Apr 2015 12:36

Our friends over at Yakface have gotten their hands on the new Star Wars Digital Collection (which is available now for fans to purchase across multiple content delivery platforms) and provide us with the video below showcasing the new opening fanfare that accompanies the digital release of each film in the Prequel Trilogy, Episode V, and Episode VI.

The iconic 20th Century Fox fanfare is still present in the digital release for Episode IV.

Will this new Lucasfilm fanfare be the same one that we see with the release of The Force Awakens and the rest of the Sequel Trilogy and standalone films? Time will tell of course.


Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Yakface
Uncle Milton - Help them we must!
Reported by James on 10 Apr 2015 08:50

Our friends at Uncle Milton need our help - their new 20Q Jedi Holocron will be released later this year and they need as many Star Wars fans as possible to go to their 20Q website to play the online game - this way 20Q's Jedi Holocron can ensure it has the best the Star Wars knowledge in the Galaxy!  Take the link below to take part and read on for more details.

Uncle Milton, creator of the innovative Star Wars Science brand of toys, is getting ready to challenge aspiring Jedi in a different way. This time, Uncle Milton will be bringing the popular artificial intelligence game of knowledge, 20Q, into the world of Star Wars with the Jedi Holocron.

Holocrons are artefacts that hold an indeterminable amount of knowledge, so what better way to bring the Holocron into our world, than with 20Q. Even better, Star Wars fans can be part of the creation of this new Star Wars Science Jedi Holocron! Just visit, click on the Star Wars logo and follow the instructions. Think of any person, place, or thing based on all 6 Star Wars movies and TV series and 20Q will try and guess what you’re thinking. See if you can outsmart the Jedi Holocron! The more times you play, the smarter the artificial intelligence of the Jedi Holocron will become.

Look for the Star Wars Science Jedi Holocron on store shelves beginning in Fall, 2015.

Source Unlce Milton - 20 Questions
Celebration Anaheim 2015: ThinkGeek Exclusives & Early Releases
Reported by James on 10 Apr 2015 08:36

Here's some news from ThinkGeek about their Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Exclusives...

ThinkGeek has spent the last several months excitedly preparing the upcoming Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, CA.  The online retailer is proud to announce that they will be debuting a number of exclusive items that will only be available to attendees as well as early release items that will be for sale both at the show and on
“We’ve worked hard to give attendees of Star Wars Celebration and fans around the world unique and amazing Star Wars products this year,” states Erin Zipperle, Event Manager at ThinkGeek. 
“The number of exclusives we have is far beyond any show we’ve ever done, and we’re super pumped to share with other fans.”
The list of show exclusives includes:

  • Star Wars Celebration Pin Trading Exclusive – Lando Calrissian
  • Star Wars Celebration Exclusive ThinkGeek Pin
  • Russell Walks Retro Star Wars Poster Set (only 250 made)
  • Russell Walk 8x10 Propaganda Prints, featuring the 501st – Vader’s Fist
  • Limited-edition Star Wars Celebration Patch with purchase of Con Bag of Holding

Available for purchase at the show before anywhere else will be:

  • 3D Deco Star Wars Darth Vader Wall Light
  • Death Star Charm Bead (compatible with all major charm bracelets)

All of the amazing items above can be found at ThinkGeek’s booth, which is #910 on the exhibit floor.

Source ThinkGeek
Big Bad Toy Store News
Reported by James on 10 Apr 2015 08:27
Show Full Story

Read on for the latest update from site sponsor Big Bad Toy Store featuring lots of new pre-orders and arrivals...

The He Said He Said Show Episode 15: Max Landis
Reported by Mark on 10 Apr 2015 06:38

A Podcast about nothing by two diametrically opposed idiots. Tim Stanton is a hairy ball of a man who loves football, pizza and his dog in that order. Darren Hayes is an ex 90's pop star who Tim describes as really effeminate. They disagree on most things but make each other laugh. A lot. Discussions on Nerd culture, pop culture and locker room inappropriateness await the lucky listener who stumbles upon this man cave. Expect dares, reviews, anecdotes, and a thinly veiled attempt to bridge the gap between straight/gay, American/Australian, funny and truly offensive. Oh and Star Wars.

Darren believes a fake family of demon children have moved in to his building under the witness protection program, Tim weighs in on the best female assets in Hollywood and screenwriter and director Max Landis joins us for our first Mystery Flight! Darren reads his Star Wars fan fiction out loud, Tim is a cap bending fashionista and we get excited about a possible 'Full House' re-boot.

Contact Information: iTunes | Twitter | Facebook

Source He Said He Said
Official Site: 5 Awesome Star Wars Media Collectibles
Reported by Mark on 10 Apr 2015 03:31

Head on over to where Jordan Maison is taking a nostalgic look back at some of the cooler media collectibles released over the years.

There’s no shortage of niche areas to collect within the Star Wars universe. From toys, kitchen accessories, bathroom decor, and video games, there’s a seemingly endless amount of things collectors can consume. I’ve always preached about staying focused on a particular “genre” for a little while to keep from being overwhelmed. Even when you narrow your focus down, there are plenty of unique items to enjoy tracking down and displaying.
One of my favorite areas of Star Wars collecting are the various media incarnations of the stories (i.e., VHS, DVD, albums, etc.). While you may feel you’re on solid ground with your original trilogy VHS tapes, DVD iterations, and ultimate Blu-ray combination, there’s a plethora of other unique collectibles to seek out in this niche.

Source Official Site
Star Wars Jogcast Heir to the Jedi Review Special
Reported by Mark on 10 Apr 2015 02:00

Grab your running shoes, it's time for the Jogcast.

Hi there Jogcasters and Star Wars fans, this is Alan R. Ryan – flying solo on the Falcon tonight as we go through the novel Heir to the Jedi. You won’t be finding any major spoilers, but you’ll be finding out about the smorgasbord menu of foods and drinks on Luke’s primary voyage – post A New Hope. This is the 1st person account of Luke’s growth from a callow youth, to battle hardened Rebel Commander, and Jedi wannabe. Grab your running shoes as we do the Jogcast!

Contact Information: Website

Source Jogcast
   09 April 2015
Official Site: The Belgian Prop Builders Return To Star Wars Celebration
Reported by Mark on 09 Apr 2015 23:25

The Caravan of the Force team (that's Team Jedi News members Mark, James and Matt, All the Cool Stuff's Dave Tree and Maureen and Jeremy Bulloch) spent a fantastic day with these guys on the way to Celebration Europe in Essen a couple of years ago and we can't wait to see them again, so it's with great pleasure we bring you Stefan Cembolista and his article previewing their involvement in next weeks Celebration Anaheim over at

Once again, a new Star Wars movie is approaching fast on the horizon — but approaching even faster is Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim! And once again, our Belgian Star Wars prop builder crew is preparing sets and props. We’re invading the US West Coast for the very first time, and we are more than excited to bring the experience of Star Wars to fans.
We’ll be bringing two 40-foot shipping containers…read on for a sneak peek of what’s inside!

Source Official Site
Legends Epic Collection: Rise of the Sith Vol 1
Reported by Mark on 09 Apr 2015 23:07

Marvel continue their republishing program and bring us another in their Legends Epic Collection series with Rise of the Sith Vol 1, looking back at the pre-Prequel era.

$34.99, 488 pages and it lands on 8th September 2015.

Source Twitter (via Jedi Bibliothek)
Official Site: 6 Things You Can Learn From Hera Syndulla
Reported by Mark on 09 Apr 2015 21:49

Amy Ratcliffe over at discusses the many attributes of the Ghosts ace pilot and ships mother, Hera Syndulla.

The crew of the Ghost wouldn’t get very far without Hera Syndulla. Besides the fact that she owns the ship and uses her exceptional piloting skills to get them out of trouble on a regular basis, she’s the heart of the Star Wars Rebels team. Hera determines which missions the team takes and seems to know exactly when someone needs a word of encouragement. That said, she also knows when holding the line and risking personal conflict is more important than divulging secrets that aren’t hers to share. Simply put, she’s a leader through and through.

Source Official Site
Oscar Isaac Talks Ex Machina And Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Reported by Mark on 09 Apr 2015 21:45

Oscar Isaac is rather excited about being in The Force Awakens, a fact that's shown here in this fun interview with Mike Ryan.

Oscar Isaac seems really excited about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Now, that might not come as much of a surprise, but countless actors before him have tried to “play it cool” when asked about an upcoming biggest movie of his or her life. You know, an iteration of, “Hey, it’s just another movie,” or some other bullshit line that is obviously not true. Every time the subject of Star Wars — in which Isaac plays an X-Wing Fighter pilot named Poe Dameron — is discussed, Isaac was beaming, so much so that I felt compelled to point this out to him.

Source Uproxx
Discoveries From the Inside - Millennium Falcon and Asteroids
Reported by Mark on 09 Apr 2015 21:34

Learn how the original design for the Millennium Falcon wasn’t the hamburger-shaped spacecraft we all know and love. Instead, it was a long, thin vehicle that was deemed too close in design to a ship seen in the iconic television show, Space: 1999.
The Star Wars Digital Movie Collection is available for the first time ever on Digital HD April 10th.

Source Star Wars on YouTube
Official Site: Star Wars The Clone Wars: Bad Batch 4-Episode Arc Coming To Celebration
Reported by BrianC on 09 Apr 2015 21:12

In a special March 2014 blog post celebrating the Netflix release of Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Lost Missions, series supervising director Dave Filoni thanked fans for their continued support, and shared his own sketches and concept art. He ended his post with one teaser image and note, addressing one of the show’s unanswered questions: “Yes, Echo is alive.” Finally, fans of the clone trooper will find out how and why. is thrilled to announce that a previously unreleased four-episode story reel, “Bad Batch,” telling the story of how Captain Rex and company rescued Echo, will screen exclusively at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim. The unfinished episodes (similar to the Utapau arc that appeared on feature complete, final voice performances, specifically by Dee Bradley Baker, who voices the elite clones of “Bad Batch” group.
The screening will take place at the Digital Stage on Friday, April 17, at noon. A Q&A with Filoni, Baker, and writers Brent Friedman and Matt Michnovetz will follow. So mark your calendars, and prepare to welcome back one of the clone army’s greatest warriors!

Source Official Site
Get Your Geek On: April 7th 2015
Reported by Mark on 09 Apr 2015 21:11

Get your geek on every Monday night with host David Gremillion, as he interviews guests, takes your calls, and gives his take on the latest Star Wars news. Listen live every Monday at 9pm EST on

Tonight's show breaks new ground as Dave (the host) has his own AMA! Listen in to find out what was asked and what his answers were on a wide variety of topics. We also discuss the Star Wars Weekends guests as well as take your calls! Stay Geeky and join us!

Contact Information: iTunes | Mixlr | Facebook

Source GYGO
Celebration Anaheim 2015: Del Rey And Penguin Random House Audio Events & Giveaways
Reported by Justin on 09 Apr 2015 20:37

Check out the following Celebration Anaheim 2015 announcement that was posted earlier today over on

Docking Bay 94. Cell Block 1138. Booth 1211.

If you’re wondering, the latter is the latest key Star Wars destination: the Star Wars Celebration booth for publishers Del Rey and Penguin Random House Audio, which is set to feature author signings, giveaways, and much more! Check out’s preview and schedule below!

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Star Wars
The Digital Edition Of Star Wars Could Make A Major Change
Reported by Mark on 09 Apr 2015 20:21

Now this would be an interesting turn of events, if it comes to pass. Word is that the digital editions - which arrive tomorrow - will have a change. A very controversial change.

If my sources are correct - and we'll know in about 24 hours - Han will now shoot first in this edition of Star Wars. It's probably one of the most egregious changes made to the Original Trilogy (and a lot of those changes were egregious) and now, almost two decades after it was included in the Special Edition, it will be gone.

Source Badass Digest (via Club Jade)
Celebration Anaheim 2015: New Her Universe Products Announced
Reported by Justin on 09 Apr 2015 19:56

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Her Universe
Oscar Isaac Got Some Great Advice from Harrison Ford
Reported by Mark on 09 Apr 2015 19:49

Who wouldn't want advice from Harrison Ford? Well, anyone trying to land a small bi-plane in one piece, but apart from that, who wouldn't appreciate that? Oscar Isaac certainly did.

Source YouTube
Star Wars Report #162: Mac, Mark, & Me
Reported by Mark on 09 Apr 2015 19:27

It's time to join your hosts Riley, Bethany and Mark over at Star Wars Report.

In this week’s episode we invite podcasting super-star extraordinaire Jimmy “Mac” McInerney of RebelForce Radio, as well as a Behind the Scenes Stage Host at Celebration Anaheim, onto the show as we discuss the latest news in Fandom, as well as Star Wars Celebration(s) past and future. As well as other tidbits coming our way at Celebration Anaheim.

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Star Wars Report
Star Wars Actors Appearances Updates
Reported by Mark on 09 Apr 2015 19:26

Jedi News is working with Star Wars Actors Appearances to bring you the very latest in Star Wars actors convention appearances. Click here to view this weeks updates on the site and check below to see the new actors who've been added.

  • 08/04/15: Added appearance for Felix Silla and private signings for Dee Bradley Baker, Stephen Standon and James Arnold Taylor
  • 07/04/15: Added appearances for Amy Allen, Steve Blum, Jeremy Bulloch, Silas Carson, Warwick Davis, Ashley Eckstein, Rusty Goffe, Taylor Gray, Daniel Logan, Vanessa Marshall, Peter Mayhew, Ian McDiarmid, Frank Oz, Ray Park and Tiya Sircar
  • 04/04/15: Added appearance for Michael Henbury
  • 03/04/15: Added appearances for Kenneth Colley, Rusty Goffe, Peter Mayhew and Andy Secombe
  • 01/04/15: Added appearances for Jim Cummings, Mark Dodson, Tom Kenny, Jake Lloyd, Peter Mayhew, Dave Prowse, Deep Roy, Felix Silla and Brent Spiner
  • 31/03/15: Added appearances for Mark Dodson, Nalini Krishan, Phil LaMarr, Orli Shoshan and Billy Dee Williams
  • 28/03/15: Added appearances for Jeremy Bulloch, Carrie Fisher, Alan Harris, James Marsters and Tim Rose
  • 27/03/15: Added appearances for Mark Capri and Dave Prowse
  • 26/03/15: Added appearances for Kenny Baker, Trevor Butterfield, Alan Flyng, Andy Herd, Ray Park, Dave Prowse, Pam Rose and Rune Vindenes and private signings for Steve Blum, Taylor Gray, Vanessa Marshall and Tiya Sircar

Source SWAA
Star Wars #4 Boba Fett Variant
Reported by Mark on 09 Apr 2015 18:59

There's no doubt that the action figure variant covers have been hugely successful and most importantly, popular with the readers and collectors of the new Marvel series, and here;'s the Boba Fett variant of the forthcoming fourth issue of Star Wars.

Source Twitter (via Jedi Bibliothek)
Fangirls Going Rogue #18
Reported by Teresa on 09 Apr 2015 18:27

Join Teresa Delgado and Tricia Barr over at Fangirls Going Rogue.

Celebration is almost upon us! Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano, joins Fangirls Going Rogue to share details about everything Her Universe has to offer at the convention and beyond. Teresa Delgado and Tricia Barr fill in Sarah Woloski on our show lore as they break down what we know about the first Star Wars standalone movie, Rogue One. The Journey to The Force Awakens publishing plan had everyone’s interest piqued. The ladies all pick potential highlights from the convention and remind listeners where to find them, most importantly at their Pajama Party on the Podcast Stage at 3:00 PM on Saturday. Amy Ratcliffe helps with finalizing plans for fangirl flair, or even better, get special Fangirls Going Rogue t-shirts! The character discussion turns deadly serious when the fangirls tackle bounty hunter Cad Bane.

Contact Information: iTunes | RSS Feed | Twitter | Facebook

Source RebelForce Radio
Celebration Anaheim 2015: Exclusive Store Merchandise Order Form
Reported by Team Jedi News on 09 Apr 2015 16:58

We have for your viewing pleasure (and for nailing down that always-fluid Celebration budget as best you can) the complete list of exclusive merchandise that will be available for attendees to purchase at the Celebration Store next week! Click each image below to check out the inventory selection and associated item prices.

Greg Rucka To Pen Shattered Empire, Details On Star Wars Legends Epic Collection
Reported by Justin on 09 Apr 2015 13:25

Our good friend Florian over at Jedi-Bibliothek has discovered that author Greg Rucka will be authoring Marvel's novel titled Shattered Empire as part of this year's Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens publishing event. Florian also has cover and product details on entries in the Star Wars Legends Epic Collection, so be sure to take the source link below for the lowdown.

Be sure to have your web browser perform the language translation as needed.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Jedi-Bibliothek
Ashley Eckstein: Ahsoka Will Be "Mysterious" In Star Wars Rebels
Reported by Justin on 09 Apr 2015 12:56

It goes without saying that the appearance of Ahsoka Tano in the Season 1 finale of Star Wars Rebels threw the fan base into a wild state of exuberance and sheer joy. The face of The Clone Wars animated series was back and viewers cannot wait to see what Season 2 and beyond will have in store for Ahsoka moving forward.

In an article posted on SciFiNow, Ashley Eckstein offered up the following comments on reprising her role as this ultra-popular character in the Star Wars Saga.

“Ahsoka will be a recurring role,” says Eckstein. “She is on her own journey, and will continue to be a bit mysterious.”

“It’s a dream to continue to bring Ahsoka to life. Having the opportunity to originate a character in the Star Wars universe is like winning the lottery, and I will forever be humbled by this opportunity.”

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source SciFiNow
   08 April 2015
Jedi News Comic Review: Darth Vader #4
Reported by MaxN on 08 Apr 2015 21:31
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Chaos grips the Galactic Empire. After the destruction of THE DEATH STAR, the disgraced Sith Lord, DARTH VADER was demoted by his Master, Emperor Palpatine. It is now clear to him that no man can be trusted. The rule of law is in danger.

Unknown to the Emperor, Vader is quietly pursuing his own interests: the mysterious Force-strong pilot who destroyed the Death Star and the identity of the stranger who is conspiring with the Emperor.

But For this he will need his own personal, secret forces. Vader recruits droid archaeologist DOCTOR APHRA to do so - and she leads the fallen Jedi to the old warzone of GEONOSIS....

Source Marvel
Celebration Anaheim 2015: "Rebel Women Who Fought The Clone Wars" Panel
Reported by Justin on 08 Apr 2015 21:03

I cannot recall if this panel was initially on the Celebration Anaheim 2015 programming schedule when it was first released a few weeks ago, but has been updated today with an article mentioning a panel titled "Rebel Women Who Fought The Clone Wars" that will be taking place on Friday April 17 6:00pm - 7:00pm at the Behind-The-Scenes Stage.

From design to storytelling to production, Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars: The Clone Wars have featured some of the TV and film industry’s most gifted female creators. is excited to announce that a special panel, Rebel Women Who Fought The Clone Wars, will celebrate these women of Star Wars animation at Star Wars Celebration next week.

On Friday, April 17, from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., join line producer Athena Portillo, creative executive Rayne Roberts, production manager Liz Marshall, and senior concept designer Amy Beth Christenson from Lucasfilm as they discuss how their essential contributions have shaped these beloved series.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Star Wars
Second Printing Cover of Kanan: The Last Padawan
Reported by Mark on 08 Apr 2015 20:34

It arrives 6th May behind an altered cover emphasising that Kanan is a character from Star Wars Rebels and like its predecessor it's set to shift even more copies. Check out the second print cover to Kanan: The Last Padawan #1.

Source Twitter (via Jedi Bibliothek)
Databurst From the 501st
Reported by Mark on 08 Apr 2015 20:00
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Jedi News is working with Roqoo Depot and the 501st Legion to bring you the very latest activity from garrisons across the planet. Here's this weeks events:

Source 501st (via Roqoo Depot)
Radio Free Tatooine: Episode 24
Reported by Mark on 08 Apr 2015 19:21

It’s time to join Sean & John for Radio Free Tatooine, the Star Wars podcast that’s better than some, worse than others.

The Star Wars Saga finally goes digital! The news drops in the middle of our episode, so we steered this old freighter to the real scoop this week. Also, we talk about what KK and JJ are really up to at Celebration, Greg Weisman's fantastic new Kanan comic, look at the link between Star Wars and science through the deep black eyes of the Greedo fish, announce our Celebration exclusive, and crown a champion for our inaugural Star Wars Podcast Invitational (Think Charlemagne). Thanks for listening! If you like what you hear, please leave us a review on iTunes. Stay in touch between shows by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter, we're always looking for criticism! We're going to regret saying that, aren't we?

Contact Information: Website | iTunes | Twitter | Facebook

Source Radio Free Tatooine
Oscar Isaac Referenced War In Preparing For The Force Awakens Role
Reported by Justin on 08 Apr 2015 18:37

As part of an interview he recently conducted with Esquire, new Episode VII cast member Oscar Isaac offered up the following comments on what helped him prepare for the role that he will be portraying on screen for eager fans across the globe in December in The Force Awakens, X-wing pilot Poe Dameron.

Coming up you're doing two movies that are totally fantastical, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and X-Men: Apocalypse. You're playing the title character in the latter, a blue villain previously seen in Days of Future Past moving pyramid bricks with his hands. How do you begin to research that?

You find something that makes it interesting for you. With X-Men, it's about why this woman who invented Apocalypse, [writer] Louise Simonson, she was tasked with: make a new arch-villain. She said, "OK, I'll make the embodiment of the Second Coming with the Four Horseman and all." That's scary sh*t. So I'm curious about that. What's the philosophical expression behind the apocalypse? What apocalypse means, which comes from the Greek for "to reveal." To lift back the curtain.

And Star Wars? Which also has its own expansive mythology?

It's its own culture, yeah. I try to go with the dumbest most literal thing first. "Apocalypse—what's the name apocalypse?" With Star Wars I was like, "War! It's a war." So I read about being a pilot in a war. What was that like?

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Esquire
Official Site: Reserve Feel The Force Premium Packages Now For Star Wars Weekends
Reported by Mark on 08 Apr 2015 18:24

While we're all buzzing about Celebration Anaheim let's not forget that Star Wars Weekends 2015 is just around the corner. Check out this article on by Rachel Brent looking at some of the packages availabke.

Prepare to “Feel the Force” with special premium packages offered this year at Star Wars Weekends! These dining packages put you close to the action of the Legends of The Force: Star Wars Celebrity Motorcade, the “Symphony in the Stars” fireworks and more in true intergalactic-foodie style.

Source Official Site
Watch Two Clips From The Star Wars Digital Collection Extras
Reported by Matt on 08 Apr 2015 17:53

Check out these two new clips looking into the behind the scenes content available with the freshly released digital editions of the Star Wars saga.

First up at USA Today is a clip featuring Roger Christian and Joe Johnston discussing their part in the films, and the second is over at Collider and that looks at the controversy surrounding the true colour of Han Solo's Hoth jacket.

Source Dork Side Of The Force (via Roger Christian's Cinema Alchemist)
Star Wars Digital Movie Collection Bonus Content Videos
Reported by Justin on 08 Apr 2015 17:45

A short time ago, the official Star Wars YouTube Channel uploaded several bonus content videos that will be part of the Star Wars Digital Movie Collection which will be available for fans to purchase later this week on Friday April 10 across a wide assortment of digital content delivery platforms.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Star Wars YouTube
Sarlacc Pit #85: Vintage Vehicles and Playsets
Reported by Mark on 08 Apr 2015 16:33

It's time to join hosts Matt "The Krankster" Krienke and Chris "HothIceplanet" Smith for the latest episode of The Sarlacc Pit.

Join Matt and Chris again for another episode of the Sarlacc Pit. This time around we welcome Chris 51 from “Epic Ink” TV show and Area 51 Tattoo shop. Along with talking tattoo’s with Chris 51 we talk Marvel comics, Star Wars Celebration and more. Enjoy our main topic Vintage Kenner Vehicles and Playsets. So grab your Millennium Falcon and join in on the fun.

Contact Information: Sarlacc Pit | Twitter | Facebook

Source Sarlacc Pit
Darth Vader #4 Lands
Reported by Matt on 08 Apr 2015 15:56

Out today #darthvader #4 by #marvel. Head down to your local comic shop and buy a copy !!!

A photo posted by (@jedinewsuk) on

Check out the cover for the fourth issue of Marvels new Darth Vader series, and stay tuned for a review of the issue here on the site later in the week.

Source Jedi News on Instagram
Star Wars: Rogue One Secures IMAX Release As Part Of Disney Deal
Reported by Mark on 08 Apr 2015 15:45

Prepare for Star Wars to go LARGE once again as Star Wars: Rogue One hits IMAX.

Imax Corporation has renewed its exhibition agreement with Walt Disney Studios, ensuring that its wide screens will host a steady stream of Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm productions in the coming years.
The multi-picture deal begins this year and extends through 2017, and includes such hotly-anticipated films as the seventh “Star Wars” picture and the stand-alone film “Rogue One,” “Captain America: Civil War,” “Doctor Strange” and “Guardians of the Galaxy 2.”

Source Variety
New Star Wars Insider Is In The Office
Reported by Mark on 08 Apr 2015 15:20

Star Wars Insider is heading our way in the next 2 weeks, and the subscriber and newsstand versions have arrived at Titans head offices, specifically on the desk of editor-in-chief Jonathan Wilkins.

But don't just buy this issue. Subscribe now and buy the back issues because as the months roll by this magazine becomes more and more essential.

Source Twitter
RADIO 1138: Episode 26
Reported by Mark on 08 Apr 2015 15:12

It's time to join Mark Newbold and James Burns for the latest episode of RADIO 1138.

Celebration Anaheim, the biggest party in the galaxy, is just around the corner and RADIO 1138 is ready and set to cross the Whale Pond! Before that we cover the 15th anniversary of the UK Garrison and talk to Gary Hailes and Steve Buckley of the UKG as well as Suzi Stelling and Mark Mulcaster of the Rebel Legion. We rock out with G-Force, Darth Elvis and the Imperials and catch up with artist Randy Martinez as he finishes off his preparations for Anaheim. All that and more in a jam-packed 26th episode of RADIO 1138!

Contact Information: | iTunes | RSS Feed | RFR Landing Page | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Source RebelForce Radio
AVCO: Jedi News - An Interesting Box
Reported by James on 08 Apr 2015 13:52

Hmmm, I get LOTS of boxes delivered to my office but this one seems to have grabbed my interest more than others.  Wasn't AVCO the code name for The Force Awakens?  All will be revealed at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim next week!

Darth Vader Wins 2015 Star Wars This Is Madness Character Tournament
Reported by Justin on 08 Apr 2015 13:17

It would appear that the third time really is a charm, at least for the Dark Lord of the Sith, as Darth Vader has emerged victorious in the 2015 Star Wars This Is Madness Character Tournament.

Darth Vader, the Mustafar menace, evil Sith Lord, and Star Wars icon, defeated his arch-nemesis Obi-Wan Kenobi to win the championship in This Is Madness: The Star Wars Character Tournament,’s annual competition in which fans vote for their favorite heroes and villains. This marks the first title win for Vader and, as is fitting for a Sith, cold-hearted revenge. In 2013 and 2014, the Sith Lord lost in the final to Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi, respectively. This year, fans embraced the power of the dark side, giving Vader decisive victories over major characters in each round, including wins over Count Dooku (88%-12%), Darth Maul (75%-25%), and Jabba the Hutt (54%-46%), before his ultimate triumph over Kenobi (57%-43%). Vader’s dark shadow continues to loom over the Star Wars universe, and he has been especially prominent in 2015, with appearances in the hit animated series Star Wars Rebels, as well as his own ongoing comic book series from Marvel.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Star Wars
Fly Casual Episode 33: Deli and More!
Reported by Mark on 08 Apr 2015 12:49

It's time to join the team at Fly Casual.

In this episode of Fly Casual Podcast, Garrick reviews the latest in Star wars comics and Mike brings you rumors.

Contact Information: iTunes | Twitter | Facebook

Source Fly Casual
Celebration Anaheim 2015: Warwick's Off to Hollywood
Reported by James on 08 Apr 2015 09:27

Our good friend Warwick Davis has just tweeted that he's off to Hollywood for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - or is he?  Watch the video that Warwick has just tweeted above.

Spoiler ahead - watch the video first, you've been warned!

You can still see Warwick as the host of the exclusive London screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Panel Live with J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy next Thursday 16th April at 6pm.

Take the link below to for all the details of how you can win tickets for the screening in London and Dublin. 

Whilst most of us will be in Hollywood for Celebration, sorry Warwick, we hope to have some Jedi News representation at the event - stay tuned!

How Star Wars Made The Most Of Junk
Reported by Matt on 08 Apr 2015 04:07

Take a read of this fascinating article detailing the way in which scrap metal and junk was used to build the Star Wars galaxy.

Source Kingdom Hawait
Fantasy Flight Games: Achieving Ultimate Power
Reported by Jonathan on 08 Apr 2015 02:56

Learn new ways to tackle the dark side with this three-article series exploring these factions and how best to harness their unique abilities.

From the website:

“Obi-Wan once thought as you do. You don’t know the power of the dark side.”
Darth Vader, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

The Galactic Civil War rages throughout the galaxy, embroiling new systems every day. The armed forces of the Galactic Empire move forwards on every front, while the Rebel Alliance battles the Empire wherever they can. Meanwhile, the Scum and Villainy of the galaxy wait for their opportunity to make a quick profit from the war.
In the Imperial Assault skirmish game, you take command of a strike team belonging to one of these three factions. Of course, each faction employs very different strategies in its fight for victory. Understanding a faction’s strengths and weaknesses is key to winning your Imperial Assault skirmishes.

Source Twitter
   07 April 2015
Star Wars Celebration Collecting Track Patch Set
Reported by Team Jedi News on 07 Apr 2015 23:59

Star Wars fan sites unite for an exclusive patch only available at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.
Star Wars Action News, Jedi Business, Jedi Temple Archives, and Jedi News UK have combined forces to create a unique piece of Star Wars memorabilia for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim! Together they have created the Star Wars Celebration Collecting Track Patch Set!
Available exclusively in the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Collector’s Social Room, each site has sponsored and will give away one wedge of this set. Collect all six patches and you can form BB-8 -- the new, rolling droid featured in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
Each of the five sites site will hand out one their patch during the Fan Site Meet and Greet held in the Celebration Collecting Social Room (210D).
The sixth piece--the top featuring BB8’s dome--is an exclusive wedge to the Collector’s Social Room and will be given away at random times during panels, podcasts, signings and other events in the Collector’s Social Room. Be sure to attend those events to get the patch!
A small number of top wedges will also be given away through the official Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Collecting Track Twitter Account. Follow @C6CollectTrack for more information.

Patch Giveaway Schedule:

  • Thursday 12-1
    Jedi Business

  • Thursday 1-2
    Jedi Temple Archives

  • Saturday 12-1
    Star Wars Action News

  • Saturday 130-230

  • Sunday 12-1
    Jedi News

  • Various time throughout Celebration
    Collector’s Lounge

Fly Casual Episode 32: Daggit!
Reported by Mark on 07 Apr 2015 22:47

It's time to join the team at Fly Casual.

In this episode of Fly Casual Podcast, Mike brings you the latest in Star wars news, Garrick delivers the toy report, and strap in for the Porkins Bite of the Week.

Contact Information: iTunes | Twitter | Facebook

Source Fly Casual
Celebration Anaheim 2015: Sneak Peek At More Store Exclusive Merchandise
Reported by Justin on 07 Apr 2015 17:49

With just over a week to go before we get this party started in Anaheim, provides readers with another look at some of the exclusive products that will be available for fans to purchase at the Celebration Anaheim 2015 Store.

Last week we were treated to our first look at some of the various apparel designs that will be available at the store.

Fans love Star Wars Celebration for many reasons: meeting their favorite Star Wars creators and actors, attending panels, and, of course…the exclusive merchandise! Brand new T-shirts, patches, art prints, and much more — including, finally, a Space Slug jack-in-a-box — will be available at Star Wars Celebration in Anahiem, April 16-19.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Star Wars
Ian Doescher's The Phantom Of Menace Out Today
Reported by Mark on 07 Apr 2015 17:04

It's out today from Quirk Books, it's 176 pages of Shakespearean tragedy and it's called William Shakespeare's The Phantom of Menace, Yes, starting down the dark path of the prequels, Ian Doescher begins the journey from the innocence of the Republic through its fall and into the dark times.

Join us, good gentles, for a merry reimagining of Star Wars: Episode 1 as only Shakespeare could have written it. The entire saga starts here, with a thrilling tale featuring a disguised queen, a young hero, and two fearless knights facing a hidden, vengeful enemy.
’Tis a true Shakespearean drama, filled with sword fights, soliloquies, and doomed romance . . . all in glorious iambic pentameter and coupled with twenty gorgeous Elizabethan illustrations. Hold on to your midi-chlorians: The play’s the thing, wherein you’ll catch the rise of Anakin!

Source Random House
Best Shorts Competition: Gary Kurtz Centurion Resurrection Gets A Mention
Reported by Matt on 07 Apr 2015 16:14

Congrats to Star Wars legend Gary Kurtz for receiving an award of excellence special mention for the short film Centurion Resurrection in the Best Shorts Awards of Excellence awards.

Richard Bazley (United Kingdom), Centurion Resurrection, Film Short – A Roman Centurion soldier is resurrected in modern times at the Roman Baths, witnessed by a magnificent Golden Eagle (The Spirit of Rome). As he enters the streets of modern day Bath he is mistaken for a street performer. Produced by Disney animator turned live action director Richard Bazley, Academy Award nominee Gary Kurtz (Star Wars, Dark Crystal) and Paul Goodenough.

Source Best Shorts
Excerpt From Lords of the Sith
Reported by Mark on 07 Apr 2015 15:53

Via our great pals at Roqoo Depot here's a brief excerpt from Paul S Kemp's Lords of the Sith , due 28th April in hardcover.

Cham had fought for his people and Ryloth for almost a standard decade. He’d fought for a free Ryloth when the Republic had tried to annex it, and he fought now for a free Ryloth against the Empire that was trying to strip it bare.
A free Ryloth.
The phrase, the concept, was the polestar around which his existence would forever turn.
Because Ryloth was not free.

Source Random House (via Roqoo Depot)
Cantina Cast: Only What You Take With You
Reported by Mark on 07 Apr 2015 15:39

Join Becca Benjamin over at Cantina Cast as she looks into the deeper meanings of Luke's lonely walk into the dark cave on Dagobah.

This is a moment of truth, of self discovery, a time for Luke to reflect on how far he has come and which direction or path he will choose to follow … the crosscut of eternal light of the Jedi that came before him or the imprisonment of darkness, a slave to emotional anguish that haunts his impending legacy and destiny. The experience at the cave was Luke’s ultimate test to continue his journey of becoming a Jedi, facing his fears, his inner demons and controlling it.

Source Cantina Cast
Win Tickets To Come And Celebrate With The Star Wars Community
Reported by BrianC on 07 Apr 2015 15:06

Want to be one of the lucky few outside of Anaheim to be watching the JJ and KK panel live from Celebration Anaheim? Then you need to click on the link below and enter this competition for a chance to be there and hear the very latest news from the show as well as - possibly - be one of the first on the planet to see the new The Force Awakens trailer.

Fans in the U.K & Ireland who are unable to attend Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California are invited to enter a competition to win tickets to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens UK & Ireland exclusive fan event at Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, London or Movies@ Dundrum, in Dublin All attendees of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens UK & Ireland Fan Event will have the opportunity to win exclusive collectibles and other exciting prizes. Additionally fans are encouraged to dress as their favourite Star Wars characters

Source Show Film First
Celebration Anaheim 2015: LEGO Exclusive
Reported by Matt on 07 Apr 2015 14:48

A blurry sneek peek at the Celebration Anaheim LEGO exclusive, as spotted on ebay. It looks like the Lars are getting some LEGO love next week.

Source Jedi News on Instagram
Kanan: The Last Padawan Goes To Second Print
Reported by Matt on 07 Apr 2015 14:44

The Marvel revolution continues as the excellent Kanan: The Last Padawan hits a second printing. This is due to hit stores on 6th May 2015.

Kanan Jarrus -- in Star Wars Rebels, he's a cocky, sarcastic renegade fighting against the Galactic Empire alongside the rag-tag crew of the Ghost ... but years before, at the height of the Clone Wars, he was known as Caleb Dume, Jedi Padawan under the instruction of Jedi Master Depa Billaba. Neither master nor apprentice ever suspected that the Clone Troopers they commanded would turn on them upon the issuing of Order 66 -- the order to execute all Jedi. How did Caleb Dume survive? How did he learn to survive on his own? And how did he become the man we know as Kanan Jarrus? Writer Greg Weisman (writer/executive producer on Star Wars Rebels, Spectacular Spider-Man) and artist Pepe Larraz (Deadpool vs. X-Force, Thor, Inhuman) bring us a tale bridging the years between the Clone Wars and Rebels! Rated T.

Official Site: Collectibles From The Outer Rim: Return Of The Jedi Vending Machine Prizes
Reported by Mark on 07 Apr 2015 14:18

The fangtastically named Matt Dracula returns to to look at some of the awesome vending machine prizes the kids of '83 could win.

For anyone reading this site, the prizes seen here clearly fell under the umbrella of “great.” Officially licensed Return of the Jedi merchandise… from a vending machine?!
Shown above is the original 1983 sample card, indicating the types of prizes quarter-droppers had a chance of going home with. The fact that they were merely school supplies rather than outright “toys” made no difference. If you were a Star Wars fan in 1983, spotting this machine was just cause to crack your piggy bank into a billion pieces.

Source Official Site
Celebration Anaheim 2015: Vader Case Project
Reported by Justin on 07 Apr 2015 13:24

Our fellow The Force United teammate Yakface provides us with this update about the special Vader Case Project that will be on display for fans in attendance at Celebration Anaheim 2015 next week. Over to Yakface...

The Celebration Anaheim Collecting Track is proud to announce: The Vader Case Project

New this year to the Celebration Track is the Vader Case Project. At Celebration IV in 2007, the original Vader Project showcased artist’s talents by having them decorate and alter full sized Darth Vader helmet replicas. The results were stunning with artist’s rendering Vader into everything from a clown to the Statue of Liberty to Vader with a fruit hat. More can be seen about this project at

In a similar style, the Celebration Track has invited over twenty-five Star Wars artists and collectors to decorate a vintage Darth Vader carrying case with their own take on the Dark Lord. The artists include collectors like Gus Lopez, prolific Star Wars artists like Chris Trevas, and even Nathan Hamill has joined in. The cases will be shown throughout Celebration in the Collector’s Track Social Room. So, stop by and see these wonderful pieces of unique artwork.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Yakface
The Star Wars Digital Movie Collection - April 10th
Reported by James on 07 Apr 2015 08:17
Show Full Story

Its been a long time coming and we've been saying for a while now that it will be available soon - well, how about this Friday, April 10th. Read on for all the details and be sure to check out the official Star Wars YouTube Channel for digital release trailers for all 6 films in the Saga.

Source Star Wars
   06 April 2015
Celebration Anaheim 2015: Funko Exclusive Hikari Premium Sofubi Figures
Reported by Justin on 06 Apr 2015 20:49

Earlier today Funko announced a new collection of Hikari Premium Sofubi Figures that will be available exclusively at Celebration Anaheim 2015 (they are located at Booth #1410.)

The collection consists of figures with the following names:

  • Verdigris Greedo
  • Matte Black Boba Fett
  • Icey Stormtrooper
  • Star Clone Trooper

Pricing information for these figures has not yet been posted. Last week Funko kicked off their list of Celebration exclusives with their assortment of five Pop! Vinyl Figures.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Funko
Will Star Wars Battlefront Be Released On December 10?
Reported by Justin on 06 Apr 2015 20:30

We already know that Electronic Arts will be bringing Star Wars Battlefront to Celebration Anaheim 2015 in a big way next week. But what we don't currently know is when the game will be officially arriving on store shelves and online for fans to purchase.

We may know now via this article posted on WCCF Tech.

According to Gamestop Italy, Star Wars Battlefront will release on December 10, a week before the movie. for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Star Wars Battlefront is said to include missions based on The force Awakens, so this could be quite questionable. The missions and content based on the new chapter in the star Wars saga might be unlocked at a later date though, so this issue could not be a factor.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source WCCF Tech
Celebration Anaheim 2015: Gentle Giant Exclusive General McQuarrie Mini Bust
Reported by Justin on 06 Apr 2015 18:27

Gentle Giant has announced an exclusive that they will be offering at Celebration Anaheim 2015 - a General McQuarrie Mini Bust.

After the destruction of the Death Star at the Battle of Yavin, General Pharl McQuarrie was personally selected to head up construction of a new Rebel base on the ice planet of Hoth and placed second in command of the facility upon its completion. Echo Base offered the alliance a much needed chance to rest, re-equip and re-group after the Yavin campaign.

The mini bust will set you back $120.00 and is available for current PGM account members to pre-order right now (you must be logged into your PGM account in order to place your order.)

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Gentle Giant
Celebration Anaheim 2015: Gentle Giant Exclusive C-3PO Droids Jumbo Figure
Reported by Justin on 06 Apr 2015 18:22

Gentle Giant has announced an exclusive they will be offering for Celebration Anaheim 2015 - a C-3PO Droids Jumbo Figure.

In 1985, everyone's favorite protocol droid and astromech droid starred in their own animated TV series. Star Wars: Droids, featured R2-D2 and C-3PO on their early adventures that took place before Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope.

The figure carries a $100.00 price tag and is available for current PGM account members to pre-order now (you must be logged into your PGM account to place your order.)

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Gentle Giant
Preparation For Celebration: The Panels
Reported by Mark on 06 Apr 2015 17:45

Our great pals over at the always informative Roqoo Depot have been giving us disorganised geeks the lowdown on what to see at next weeks Celebration Anaheim. Today they post a great list of all the podcast stage, author and book, comic, television, movie and video game panels.

Get over there for the full list and see you in 11 days.

Source Roqoo Depot
REPORT: The Force Awakens Teaser Poster To Be Shown At Celebration Anaheim 2015
Reported by Justin on 06 Apr 2015 16:58

According to an article posted by Matt Goldberg over at Collider, the first official teaser poster for The Force Awakens will debut at Celebration Anaheim 2015 later this month (actually, next week!)

Back in February, we reported that Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams and producer Kathleen Kennedy were going to kick off Star Wars Celebration “in a big way.” We can now exclusively report that the kick off will involve the first poster and a new trailer.

The poster reveal will presumably be in conjunction with an all-new trailer that will be shown as part of the Thursday morning kickoff panel featuring director J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy.

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Source Collider
Full of Sith Episode CIX: Dave Filoni
Reported by Mark on 06 Apr 2015 16:39

Join Tha Mike Pilot, Bryan Young and Bobby Roberts for the latest episode of Full of Sith.

Mike and Bryan chat about all things Star Wars before they launch into Bryan’s interview with Rebels’ Supervising Director, Dave Filoni. Dave and Bryan discuss Ahsoka, Rebels, and all things Star Wars.

Contact Information:Voicemail - 206-426-5592 | Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Full of Sith
Kevin J Anderson Talks Star Wars Canon, The New Movies And The Novels
Reported by Matt on 06 Apr 2015 15:31

Author Kevin J Anderson weighs in on the canon changes surrounding Star Wars over at Bleeding Cool.

We were writing sequels to Return Of The Jedi because at that time there were not supposed to be any movies ever made so we wrote our own sequels, there were a hundred or some total novels in all different parts of the timeframe and ours were some of them. Well, as it so happens now there is going to be Star Wars 7 that JJ Abrams is going to be doing . Well when you’re doing a brand new movie, starting effectively from scratch, blank slate, the person, JJ Abrams trying to do the movie doesn’t want to have to take into account 100 novels that have been written by 35 different writers.
I would be surprised that there isn’t something pulled from some of those books somewhere
I’ve worked a lot in comics, I’ve read a lot of comics, we’re all perfectly used to rebooting Batman, rebooting Spider-Man, rebooting Superman. This is effectively that. They are going to do Star Wars 7 and they’re rebooting it based only on Return Of The Jedi going forward.
I would love it if they made a movie of my books but I never expected that was going to happen, the part that I like the most is the fact that they like the books enough that they are actually keeping them in print, put them into their own separate universe, called the Legends Universe, they’re all still out there, readers like your son who understand what the real story is, can read those, so.. I don’t have as much heartburn as some other people have for it.

Source Bleeding Cool
Celebration Anaheim 2015: Tsuneo Sanda
Reported by Mark on 06 Apr 2015 14:26

It wouldn't be Celebration without Tsuneo Sanda, and so it's great news to see that Tsuneo San is bringing his beautiful and intricate artwork to Celebration Anaheim, which don't forget kicks off in just 11 days time!

Source Twitter
Celebration Anaheim 2015: Official Pix Exclusives
Reported by Justin on 06 Apr 2015 14:06

Over this past weekend, Official Pix revealed their list of exclusives for Celebration Anaheim 2015 via email. Click the image above to check out what they will have at their booth for fans to add to their collections, including the previously-announced 3-ring 8x10" photo binder that is an absolute must for all autograph seekers.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

IndyCast Episode 209
Reported by Justin on 06 Apr 2015 13:34

Join Ed Dolista and his crew for the latest adventure-filled episode of The IndyCast - your go-to source for Indiana Jones news from all four corners of the globe!

This week, Harrison Ford is released from hospital, his new movie gets a trailer, Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock is back, Joe and Keith return with the further adventures of Indiana Jones, we get a teaser for the next John Williams Special and we have more of your great emails!

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source IndyCast
Happy Birthday Billy Dee Williams
Reported by Team Jedi News on 06 Apr 2015 13:09

He's the baron administrator of Cloud City, the man who helped rescue Han Solo and blew up the Death Star. Yes, it's Lando Calrissian, as played by the one and only Billy Dee Williams and he celebrates his 78th birthday today.

He was born William December Williams in New York on 6th April 1937, was a classmate of Diahann Carroll (yes, she from The Holiday Special) at the New York City High School of the Performing Arts and was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on March 27, 1985.

Many happy returns from Team Jedi News and we're raising a Colt 45 to many, many more.

Now, This Is Podcasting! Episode 73
Reported by Mark on 06 Apr 2015 12:43

It's time to join your hosts Jason, Randy, Johnamarie and Jeremy over at Now, This Is Podcasting!

Randy, Jason, Jeremy, Sal, and Johna hold hands and induce a vision! On tonight’s episode: “Waltz All the Fuss?” Jeremy has two days to learn how to dance before prom!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Making Star Wars
From The Desk Of Charles Lippincott: Marvel Star Wars Comics
Reported by Matt on 06 Apr 2015 12:11

There are a number of people who were vital to the early successes of Star Wars, and Charles Lippincott was undoubtedly one of them. Visit his Blogspot page to read not only about his involvement in the early collaborations with Marvel but much more besides.

After Howard Chaykin, Roy Thomas and I did our presentation at 1976 San Diego Comic Con, we met with George to discuss the 6 issue MARVEL STAR WARS COMICS. George was in the midst of editing and had taken time off to meet with Howard and Roy. Though George sometime has a hard time with names, he knows comic art, and has people around him who also know comics -- his partner in Supersnipe gallery, Ed Summer, and Gary Kurtz, who was also a collector. Additionally, George's close friend, Steven Spielberg, loved comics.

Source From The Desk Of Charles Lippincott
   05 April 2015
Star Wars Jogcast Special: Heir to the Empire
Reported by Mark on 05 Apr 2015 23:38

Grab your running shoes, it's time for the Jogcast.

"I knew heading into doing a cast on my favourite novel in the Legends Line, we would need it to be something different, and something you’d remember. We are heading to a nostalgia filled place, and that means it can get fast and frenetic, as we try and look for the things that mostly drew us to this period of the Star Wars history – the writing, the continuation of the big three, and the impact of a new time for Star Wars."

Contact Information: Website

Source Jogcast
   04 April 2015
Official Site: Star Wars In The UK: Peel The Force. UK Star Wars Stickers Albums
Reported by Mark on 04 Apr 2015 23:40

My latest article lands over at as I take a nostalgic look back at the vintage UK sticker albums, released for the original trilogy and the special editions.


OK, so maybe that’s not a direct quote from Star Wars but the desire to collect and trade Star Wars stickers certainly has stuck around during the past 38 years. Indeed, it’s only grown more and more a-peeling to the millions of Star Wars fans across the planet and as we count the days down to the release of The Force Awakens it’s a good time to look right back to the earliest days of the saga when Luke and Leia weren’t brother and sister, Han Solo definitely shot first and blue milk only came full fat.

Source Official Site
Get Your Jedi News T-Shirts!
Reported by Mark on 04 Apr 2015 14:19

There are only 12 days to go, so hurry up and order your Jedi News T-shirts from Tee Public right away!

We'll be debuting more designs as the year rolls on towards The Force Awakens so stay tuned!

Source Tee Public
Sarlacc Pit Episode 84: Jedi Luke Skywalker
Reported by Mark on 04 Apr 2015 13:52

It's time to join hosts Matt "The Krankster" Krienke and Chris "HothIceplanet" Smith for the latest episode of The Sarlacc Pit.

Join Matt and Chris as we are back for another great episode. This episode we welcome back again J.C. Reifenberg to talk Star Wars, and his new youtube show The Comlink. If you haven’t heard about it, jump to the link below. We talk all the cool things coming up from J.C., plus we talk news topics like Rogue One, Books, Comics and Rebels. Stay with us for our main topic our favorite Luke Skywalker lines. Another great episode we have, so grab your lightsabers and sit back and enjoy.

Contact Information: Sarlacc Pit | Twitter | Facebook

Source The Sarlacc Pit
The Comlink LIVE At The 501st Bash
Reported by Mark on 04 Apr 2015 13:39

Team Jedi News will be there, will you be? The guys from The Comlink will be hosting a live show from the 501st Legion Admirals Lounge Celebration Bash on Friday 17th April at Celebration Anaheim.

Big News: The Comlink is joining the dark side!
The Comlink will be hosting a LIVE event during The 501st Legion - Admirals Lounge Celebration Bash, Friday, April 17, 2015.
Celebration Anaheim and Comlink hosts James Arnold Taylor and David Collins will be joined by Jason and Jimmy Mac from RebelForce Radio to recap their Celebration experience so far and talk about what they are excited for next.
They will also be joined by special guests to perform a live version of A Certain Point of View, conduct exclusive interviews, and more! Expect to see guests such as Catherine Taber, Kyle Newman, and Sam Witwer, along with many other surprise visitors!

Source The Comlink
Star Wars: Rogue One Fan Art
Reported by Mark on 04 Apr 2015 13:28

Great early fan art as spotted on the internet by our ally in the Force Dave Senden. The film is still a long way away and we have no idea if the subject matter of the film is even based around Rogue Squadron or a fighter squadron based idea's pretty cool to speculate, and we'll hopefully learn more at Celebration Anaheim in just 12 days time!

Source Facebook (via Dave 'Jedi Jones' Senden)
Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Weapon of a Jedi: A Luke Skywalker Adventure
Reported by Mark on 04 Apr 2015 12:58

It lands 4th September, runs 240 pages and is by your pal and ours Jason Fry. It's Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens the Weapon of a Jedi: A Luke Skywalker Adventure, it's out in hardback and it promises to not only tell new canon stories of what happened between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back but to also tie in to The Force Awakens.

Luke Skywalker returns for an all-new adventure in this thrilling upper middle grade novel. Set between Star Wars: A New Hope and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, the story finds Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, and R2-D2 stranded on a mysterious planet, and explores a dangerous duel between Luke and a strange new villain. Hidden in the story are also clues and hints about the upcoming film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, making this a must-read for fans old and new!

Source Amazon
Electronic Arts To Offer Early Public Playtesting For Star Wars Battlefront
Reported by Justin on 04 Apr 2015 12:22

If you happen to live in or around the San Francisco, CA and Vancouver, BC areas (or are willing to travel to each of those respective areas) and are eagerly waiting for the launch of Star Wars Battlefront from Electronic Arts, the following update posted over on IGN should be very appealing to you.

A number of people will have access to play Star Wars: Battlefront a week before its official reveal.

EA is seeking out volunteer playtesters to play 3-4 hours of DICE's upcoming shooter in their San Francisco, CA and Vancouver, BC studios on April 10. Those who access the test will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and footage will not be released to the public.

Players who gain entry will be given two copies of select EA games as a thank you, as well as gain big bragging rights by playing Battlefront long before it's revealed to the world.

Visit EAC Playtester's Facebook page to learn more about how you can sign up to qualify for testing.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source IGN
Star Wars Weekends 2015 Celebrity Guest List
Reported by Justin on 04 Apr 2015 11:56

The list of celebrity guests who will be attending each weekend of Star Wars Weekends 2015 at Disney's Hollywood Studios has been released. Check out the full list below that I must say is "most impressive" indeed.

Weekend I (May 15 – 17)

  • Ian McDiarmid: Senator/Emperor Palpatine (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace; Star Wars: Attack of the Clones; Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi)
  • Amy Allen: Aayla Secura (Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith)
  • Tiya Sircar: Sabine Wren (Star Wars Rebels)

Weekend II (May 22 – 24)

  • Warwick Davis: Wald, Wicket W. Warrick (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace; Star Wars: Return of the Jedi)
  • Silas Carson: Ki-Adi-Mundi, Nute Gunray (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace; Star Wars: Attack of the Clones; Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith)
  • Vanessa Marshall: Hera Syndulla (Star Wars Rebels)

Weekend III (May 29 – 31)

  • Warwick Davis: Wald, Wicket W. Warrick (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace; Star Wars: Return of the Jedi)
  • Daniel Logan: Boba Fett (Star Wars: Attack of the Clones)
  • Steve Blum: Zeb Orrelios (Star Wars Rebels)

Weekend IV (June 5 – 7)

  • Ray Park: Darth Maul (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace)
  • Jeremy Bulloch: Boba Fett (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back; Star Wars: Return of the Jedi)
  • Ashley Eckstein: Ahsoka Tano (Star Wars: The Clone Wars; Star Wars Rebels)

Weekend V (June 12 – 14)

  • Frank Oz: Yoda (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace; Star Wars: Attack of the Clones; Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi; Star Wars Rebels)
  • Ray Park: Darth Maul (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace)
  • Peter Mayhew: Chewbacca (Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith; Star Wars: A New Hope; Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back; Star Wars: Return of the Jedi)
  • Taylor Gray: Ezra Bridger (Star Wars Rebels)

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Star Wars
Star Wars Social Scanner - April 3, 2015
Reported by Justin on 04 Apr 2015 11:43

It's time for the latest weekly installment in the Star Wars Social Scanner series provided by Lucasfilm's own social media guru Andi Gutierrez!

As a member of the (very small) social media team here at Lucasfilm, I have the honor of reading, responding to, laughing at, loving, and sharing all of your Star Wars conversations every day. Our fans are creative, passionate, funny, and very active across the Internet; every Friday, I’ll share my favorite social media posts from the week in the Social Scanner, so show me what you’ve got!

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Star Wars
   03 April 2015
Star Wars Oxygen: Vol.16 Podracing
Reported by Mark on 03 Apr 2015 14:00

It's time to join Jimmy Mac and David Collins for the latest Star Wars Oxygen.

David Collins & Jimmy Mac bring you more of the soundtrack to Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace, specifically, the music of Tatooine. We listen to the compositions associated with the desert planet and the film’s centerpiece – The Podrace. Plus, listener feedback, Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, Little Debbie, Ben Hur, fart jokes and more!

Contact Information: iTunes | RSS Feed | Twitter | Facebook

Source RebelForce Radio
Vintage 1980 Toy Catalogue
Reported by Matt on 03 Apr 2015 13:41

Who wants too see inside???#palitoy

A photo posted by (@jedinewsuk) on

Every day we are sharing on our Jedi News on Instagram page a couple of pages from this very hard to find UK Palitoy wholesaler catalogue featuring vintage Star Wars product from 1980.

Head over and follow us on Instagram or our Jedi News Facebook page to see all the pics. From the collection of our good friend Dave Tree at All the Cool Stuff.

Source Jedi News on Instagram
On The Shelves UK: B&M
Reported by Matt on 03 Apr 2015 13:37

#starwars #pez are back out again on current branded packaging. £1 each B&M stores UK. Nom nom nom !!!

A photo posted by (@jedinewsuk) on

These are out there, across the UK at B&M stores. But if you can't find them the first time out don't give up. Be pezistent.

Source Jedi News on Instagram
The Wampa's Lair #124: Your Worshipfullness
Reported by Mark on 03 Apr 2015 11:08

It's time to join hosts Karl and Jason for the latest episode of The Wampa's Lair.

In their latest episode, Karl and Jason delve into the character of everyone’s favorite Disney princess: Princess Leia Organa! They look at her character development through the films and go off on some tangents along the way!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Star Wars Report
Star Wars Beats Convergence In Advance Orders
Reported by Matt on 03 Apr 2015 11:03

Just look at this chart - Star Wars is doing amazing business, even beating out the new DC mega series.

Star Wars comics may take the top spots, four out of the top five to be precise, but Convergence does very well, with eight spots in the top twenty-five, and strong performances from Amazing Spider-Man, All-New X-Men, Black Vortex and Jem & The Holograms.


  • STAR WARS #4

Source Bleeding Cool
Treasure Trove Of Untouched Old Toys Found At Shop Closed For Years
Reported by Matt on 03 Apr 2015 09:14

Can you imagine? It would be like every Christmas coming at once. Vintage, carded Star Wars figures by the dozen, found in Wales.

From Star Wars figures to Action Man and Barbie, a treasure trove of old toys and games has been discovered in a shop which has been closed for years. The Frank Beech Toy Shop first opened more than 70 years ago and was well-known in Holywell in North Wales for its vast array of toys and popular window displays. But in 2009 it closed its doors to the public, bringing to an end many decades of service since its opening by Frank Beech in the 1940s.
Amazingly, though, the contents of the store remained untouched and an auction house has now recovered 120 pallets of toys dating back to the 1960s, 70s and 80s. These include boxes of Star Wars figures, Action Man and accessories, trains, Dinky cars, Timpo toys and Britains soldiers, dolls, tinplate and plastic, Airfix and many board games.

Back shortly, just checking my loft...

Source Wales Online (via Gary Mancini)
Official Site: Split Personalities: Star Wars Movie Characters Played By Multiple Actors
Reported by Mark on 03 Apr 2015 07:18

Adam Bray returns to and brings with him a look at classic GFFA characters played by different actors.

Most Star Wars characters are played by just one actor, but a few of Star Wars’ most iconic personalities have been brought to life through the collaboration of a surprising number of on-set actors, voice talent, stunt doubles and choreographers. Some of these duplicitous characters are obvious, particularly when younger versions of older characters are needed, as in the case of Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Boba Fett. Even so, it might surprise you just how many people were needed to fill any given role. Some examples are even a little strange, particularly when character’s faces or voices change on-screen during a single movie! Following, we examine some of the best examples of live-action Star Wars characters (omitting CG and practical puppets), played by multiple actors.

Source Official Site
Kotobukiya ArtFX+ R3-A2 and K-3PO Celebration Exclusive 1/10 Scale Statue Video Review
Reported by Matt on 03 Apr 2015 05:06

Check out this detailed look at the Celebration exclusive Kotobukiya ArtFX+ R3-A2 and K-3PO statues and their insane detail.

Source YouTube
Dark Empire Radio: I Was A General: Memoirs Of A Rebel Veteran
Reported by Mark on 03 Apr 2015 03:02

It's time to join Lord Bruticus and Lord Draconis on Dark Empire Radio.

A retired Rebel general reflects back on events of the past, how things were, and how things are now, thirty years after the battle of Endor. This audio fanfiction story was written, narrated, and produced by Joe Mignano.

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Dark Empire Radio
Mile High Comics Variant Cover For Star Wars #4
Reported by Mark on 03 Apr 2015 02:51

Mile High Comics revealed their variant cover for the upcoming (April 22, 2015):STAR WARS # 4Book I, Part IV:...

Posted by Star Wars Upcoming Books & Comics on Thursday, 2 April 2015

Pretty swish, huh? Here's a look at Mile High comics variant for issue 4 of Star Wars, a title that's hitting reprint faster than a yuzzem polishes a pair of glasses.

Source Facebook (via Eddie van der Heijden)
Care For Elise
Reported by Mark on 03 Apr 2015 00:00

This little lady desperately needs our help, and as members of the greatest fan community in the galaxy, here's how you can help.

First and foremost this website is all about Elise and the Care for Elise, it's been created to give you an understanding of her condition which any single one of you reading this right now could possibly catch (see Treatment), what she faces in her daily life (see Diagnosis) and why she needs your support. Everybody who donates will be automatically entered into this mega Star Wars VII giveaway and all your donations go to an extreamly important cause so please give generously what you feel this mega giveaway is worth to you. And remember that this is an Extreamly Limited, Once in a Lifetime Opportunity, Mega Giveaway of Original Star Wars VII gifts. So everyone who donates will be automatically entered into this Star Wars VII limited edition giveaway.

How to get your hands on this Limited Edition, Once in a lifetime, Awesome Star Wars VII giveaway?

All you need to do is:

1. It's open to every single Star Wars fan where ever you are located in the world. We will pay postage and packaging anywhere worldwide.
2. Please tell as many people as possible sharing on all of your social media. Please SHOUT it out as we really need your help generating Traffic to raise aweness of the Virus which 90% of the population has, yet 99.9% of you will not even know can destroy a childs Brain and even destroy an Adults brain aswell. So be sure your aware of this extreamly dangerous viral infection (see Encephalitis)
3. Simply make a Donation to Care for Elise which is all for a great cause. Every one who donates will be automatically entered into the giveaway. Follow this link to make your donation and enter the giveaway -
4. If you wish to be listed on our site as a Jedi or Sith so we can all see which side of the force is more caring, but of course only if you want to be named, please send us an email to with your "Donation Name used on Gofundme" and "Your Jedi or Sith Name" that you want shown on this web site. And of course let us know if your a "Jedi or Sith".
5. Sit back and wait until "May the 4th" and keep an eye on May the Forth page where we'll put all names of people who've donated into a random draw using
6. If your the winner we ask that you send us a Photo of yourself wearing the Prize Giveaway for us to share on the site. You could even then wear your Authentic & Unique Star Wars VII outfit to the opening of the new Star Wars film released on December 18th and have everyone ask you where you got these. Unless of course your going in your Storm Trooper outfit in which case, you Rock...
7. This giveaway is not associated with Disney or Lucasfilm in anyway.

This is just the start of it. Click here to read more about Elise and how you can donate and enter a draw to win these unique and limited prizes.

Source Care For Elise
   02 April 2015
Rebels Reactions: Freddie Prinze Jr. Talks Season One of Rebels
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2015 23:23

It's time to join your hosts Dan and Cory over at Rebels Reactions.

Joining us to discuss the epic first season of Rebels is returning guest, Freddie Prinze Jr. We go into detail with Freddie as we discuss some of the more thought provoking moments of Season One, go over key episodes, and discuss what Season Two has in store. This is the podcast you're looking for!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Coffee With Kenobi
Continuing Call
Reported by AdamDB on 02 Apr 2015 22:45
Show Full Story

After my previous A Call To Arms, you can imagine my surprise and elation when Jar Jar actually seemed to have a substantial lead when his turn came up. And yet, for nearly a week after the match’s conclusion, the final results had yet to be posted on the official website in spite of the competition’s continuation. Only on April Fool’s day was Jar Jar declared the winner, and only when there needed to be a contestant to go against Captain Rex (as of this writing, they’re switching off leads, though by the time this sees print a winner will have been decided).

Something is rotten on the site of Star Wars.

Official Site: A Fish Called Greedo: 10 Species Named After Star Wars
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2015 20:47

Kevin Beenjtes looks into the various earth species named after Star Wars characters over on, and there are more than you might think.

As the characters and creatures in Star Wars have often been inspired by the wildlife of our own planet, so have scientists around the world been inspired by Star Wars. While often new species that are discovered are named after their finders, their location or their morphological characteristics, it is not uncommon for scientists to name newly discovered species after famous individuals or fictional characters. Here’s a list of 10 species names inspired by that galaxy far, far away!

Source Official Site
Celebration Anaheim 2015: Store Exclusive Merchandise Link Now Up
Reported by Justin on 02 Apr 2015 20:36

Following yesterday's reveal of the variety of apparel design options fans will be able to purchase at Celebration Anaheim 2015, the official Celebration website has been updated today to include a dedicated link for the Store Exclusive Merchandise. Be sure to keep checking this link often in advance of the convention to see what new items have been added!

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source SWC
The 10: Best Celebration Moments
Reported by Justin on 02 Apr 2015 19:23

In this Special Edition installment, we're counting down the top moments from the biggest Star Wars party this side of Endor: Star Wars Celebration.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Star Wars YouTube
Celebration Anaheim 2015: Star Wars Commander Mobile Game To Be Featured
Reported by Justin on 02 Apr 2015 19:02

We already reported on the news that Electronic Arts will be showcasing their highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront title later this month at Celebration Anaheim 2015. Now we learn via an article posted on App Trigger that Disney Interactive will be putting their mobile platform game Star Wars Commander on display for fans to experience at the convention as well.

Disney Interactive will be showing off the game in style at Star Wars Celebration, beginning with the debut of new gameplay features that you can see if you drop by booth #1345. While you’re there, you may want to take a photo to show off your allegiance to either the Empire or Rebellion, and an iPad station will be set up so you can text yourself the pic and share it with others.

For a more detailed look at how Star Wars: Commander came together, Disney Interactive’s Nathan Etter and Lucasfilm’s Matt Fillbrandt, both executive producers on the game, will host a Star Wars University session. You can find that on Friday, April 17 at 2 pm in Room 206AB, where the duo will discuss “how the team has translated classic technology, vehicles, and heroes into this popular mobile game, discuss some tips & tricks to succeeding and becoming a top rated Commander, as well as unveil some brand-new features that will soon completely change the way the game is played.”

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source App Trigger
General Mills Trix Cereal Star Wars Movie Poster Promo Mentions The Force Awakens
Reported by Justin on 02 Apr 2015 18:35

We have our first cereal tie-in that contains a promo for the theatrical release of The Force Awakens in December as General Mills has produced boxes of Trix cereal that include a series of 6 different Star Wars movie posters to collect - one for each of the films currently in the Saga. I found this box earlier today at one of my local Target stores.

Trix isn't the only brand that this movie poster promo is attached to, as other boxes of General Mills cereals will be participating as well.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Celebration Anaheim 2015: Live Launch Around the World
Reported by James on 02 Apr 2015 17:02

Can't attend Star Wars Celebration Anaheim but still want to be part of the first panel, entitled The Rise of the Force, featuring JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy on April 16th?  If the answer to that is 'yes' then you may be in luck!

The article we published earlier in the week linked through to Disney's French website and explained that the panel would be broadcast live in 35 cinemas in 23 countries (for a list of the six French cinemas taking part click here).  We can now confirm that the Empire Cinema in London's Leicester Square will be taking part in this live broadcast - no further details are available yet although we can tell you that since the panel starts at 10am in Anaheim that equates to 6pm here in the UK (7pm for France).  Also, in France all participants that attend will come away with a free collector gift - we don't know yet if that applies to every country or what the gift is.

As soon as we get more information on how to get tickets for this event, as well as the other venue's that you'll be able to watch this panel and finally the collector gift we'll let you know!

UPDATE 18:35 UK: This just confirmed... the Empire Cinema in London will be the only UK screening.  There will also be a screening in Dublin (part of the Republic of Ireland) too.  We also think we know what the gift maybe, but we're waiting for further confirmation before we publish that.

Official Site: We Need That Scum: A Guide To Bossk Collecting
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2015 14:43

He's big, bad, scaly and he'll eat your bones if you don't behave. It's Bossk, the fierce Trandoshan from The Empire Strikes Back and over at Tim Veekhoven looks into the many Bossk collectibles.

Introduced in The Empire Strikes Back in the short but memorable scene on the Executor, Bossk was one of the few non-human characters in the movie. The Trandoshan also had a cameo in Return of the Jedi, but it wasn’t until the nineties that he (and his fellow bounty hunters) truly entered Star Wars stardom. West End Games created a background for Bossk that was later expanded, last but certainly not least in Star Wars: The Clone Wars where Bossk made several appearances. In more than three decades a lot of merchandise has been produced about Bossk that will enable you to set-up a nice collection of Bossk goodies only. Who still dares to comment that bounty hunters are scum?

Source Official Site
Marvel Star Wars Titles Reaching 2nd, 3rd and 5th Prints
Reported by Team Jedi News on 02 Apr 2015 14:14


Reprint frenzy continues as 5 titles go to reprints.

Star Wars #1 now reaches its 5th reprint, this time marked by a very fetching yellow background. Darth Vader #1 has a 3rd printing, as does the big selling #2. Princess Leia continues it's hot streak with #2 reaching a 2nd printing and Star Wars #3 picks up a 2nd printing.

And remember to make space on your shelves. Including variants and reprints the Marvel releases this year will already occupy more shelf space than your entire 9 year, 107 issue run of Marvels first volume 1 between 1977 and 1986.

Jedi News Comic Review: Kanan: The Last Padawan #1
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2015 13:50
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It is a dark time for the galaxy. It's been years since the fall of the Republic, when Chancellor Palpatine have ORDER 66, wiping out the peace-keeping JEDI ORDER and rising to the role of Emperor.

Since then the Emperor and his Imperial forces have ruled the galaxy with an iron fist. The people have lived under the yoke of Imperial oppression and the sparks of rebellion have begun in secret. Small clusters of rebels have begun fighting for freedom.

One such rebel band is home to KANAN JARRUS, a mysterious former Jedi who has spent years hiding his Force powers and lightsaber. Not even his companions know his true past, that he was once a young Jedi Padawan named Caleb Dume, fighting in the Clone Wars udner his master, DEPA BILLABA....

The characters of Star Wars Rebels are a diverse bunch, and Marvel have chosen the mysterious Jedi Kanan as the character to follow they take their first trip into the world of the show, tying our current TV series back to the events of the prequel trilogy in a very welcome and well executed journey to the galaxy far, far away.

Source Marvel
Sideshow Collectibles + ThinkGeek: A Life-Size Yoda, you may win!
Reported by James on 02 Apr 2015 12:45

Sideshow Collectibles and ThinkGeek are breaking out the AWESOME for Star Wars fans...

Sideshow Collectibles and ThinkGeek are offering Star Wars fans the chance to win the Emperor’s “little green nemesis” - a Life-Size Yoda Figure! “Judge me by my size, do you?”

Well don’t be fooled, the Master Yoda replica stands at a most impressive 2 feet, 8 inches tall. The magic of Frank Oz’s classic character has been perfectly captured in this highly detailed, magnificent replica. Valued at U.S. $2,499.00 Republic Credits, this figure is a galactic dream come true for any Star Wars collector! And if you miss the target on scoring the grand prize, ThinkGeek is  generously providing an amazing Star Wars prize pack for the runner up! This pack will feature a huge assortment of Yoda themed items
from the extensive catalogue, including: a Yoda Plush Backpack, Star Wars Cookie Cutters, Yoda Umbrella, Yoda Desk Lamp, Star Wars Motion Lamp, Star Wars Family Decal, Star Wars Golf Club Covers, and Sculpting a Galaxy Model Shop book.

The exclusive contest will run until May 15th, 2015. On May 21st, 2015 one lucky padawan will be chosen to bring home Master Yoda himself and the runner up will get a heap of Star Wars prizes!

Take the link below to enter and MTFBWY!

Source Sideshow Collectibles
Databurst From the 501st
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2015 12:00
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Jedi News is working with Roqoo Depot and the 501st Legion to bring you the very latest activity from garrisons across the planet. Here's this weeks events:

Source 501st (via Roqoo Depot)
New Del Rey Book Titles and Legends for True Colors
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2015 11:46

With apologies for the often times shonky translation skills of Google (I've tweaked it to - hopefully - helpo make better sense), Jedi Bibliothek bring us information on two forthcoming Del Rey releases hitting shelves in the autumn.

Del Rey / LucasBooks have updated their online catalog. The canon novel anthology is A New Dawn and Tarkin and the title will be Star Wars: The Rise of the Empire, out on 6 October 2015. The format is Trade Paperback and the price is $15.00.
There is now a Legends -Cover for Republic Commando: True Colors by Karen Traviss. This means the complete Republic Commando series (including Imperial Commando) now has the golden bars on the cover.

Source Jedi Bibliothek
Tosche Station Radio #108: Celebration Pre-Funk
Reported by Mark on 02 Apr 2015 11:30

It's time to join the moisture farmers down at Tosche Station for the latest episode, brought to you by Majestic Giraffe Productions.

Dunc and James from Club Jade join the hosts to discuss all things Celebration on this week’s Tosche Station Radio! Kicking off the show, the hosts highlight What’s New on the Blog. Bria reviewed Kanan #1. We announced A Celebration of You, your chance to take part in a podcast recording and share your story at Celebration.

Nanci and Brian are the co-founders and writers of You can find Nanci on Twitter with the handle @Nancipants and you can find Brian with @LaneWinree.

Contact Information: iTunes | Website | Twitter | Facebook | Google+

Source Tosche Station Radio
   01 April 2015
Official Site: The Cinema Behind Star Wars: The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad
Reported by Mark on 01 Apr 2015 17:48

It's time to rejoin Bryan Young over at as he delves into the cinema of Star Wars with the hugely influential 7th Voyage Of Sinbad.

For many filmmakers, Ray Harryhausen is one of the most important names in the movie business. He was a pioneer of stop-motion special effects and holds a special place of inspiration in the history of Star Wars. He’s famous for a lot of films, but perhaps the most important would be 1958s The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, the first film using stop-motion special effects to be shot in full color.
This was the film that inspired Tippett to get into the business of making films, and his contributions to Star Wars can’t be undersold. He was one of the key the artists who created the holochess game we see played in A New Hope. He was the man behind the go-motion techniques that brought tauntauns and AT-ATs to life in The Empire Strikes Back. He was the man who operated the Rancor’s head in Return of the Jedi.

Source Official Site
Celebration Anaheim 2015: First Look At Store Apparel Designs
Reported by Justin on 01 Apr 2015 17:39 was updated a short time ago to include a preview of some of the various t-shirts and other apparel designs that will be available for fans to purchase at the Celebration Anaheim Store later this month!

Each Star Wars Celebration features new artwork and unique products that fans can only find at the show and we’ll be revealing it all here over the next few weeks. Check out the gallery below for a first look at the exclusive t-shirts, hoodies and other apparel that will be available at Star Wars Celebration Anheim and keep an eye on for additional items as we get closer to the show.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Star Wars
UK Star Wars Rebels Cover
Reported by Matt on 01 Apr 2015 16:44

It's on stands right now here in the UK, but as with most kids comics these days it comes bagged with a handful of good goodies inside, so here's a look at the actual magazine cover of #3 of Egmonts Star Wars Rebels comic.

Source Jedi News on Instagram
The Realm Recap: Episode #57 - Countdown to Anaheim
Reported by Mark on 01 Apr 2015 16:02

It's time to join Jason and the Yakface crew for the latest Realm Recap.

Better late than never. Flyguy and Yakface are back to break down the latest collecting news from the past week. On this episode, we discuss the new Black Series products hitting eBay, new product listings hitting Target’s DPCI database, the confusion around the cancelation/discontinuation of some Saga Legends case assortments and Hasbro’s absence from presenting at Celebration Anaheim. Funko continues to churn out product this week including the return of a retired POP bobblehead as well as several exclusives planned for Celebration. Play Arts Kai figures made quite and impression on collectors this week with the reveal of not one, but two figures: the Stormtrooper and Boba Fett. Will these figures tempt you to the dark side? All of this plus Celebration news, reviews and our latest toy purchases, acquisitions and more on Episode 57 of The Realm Recap!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr

Source YouTube
Celebration Anaheim 2015: Kotobukiya Exclusive Non-attendee Pre-order & More
Reported by James on 01 Apr 2015 16:00

Mark your calendars for tomorrow, Thursday April 2nd, beginning at 10am PST (that's 6pm in the UK) for the upcoming non-attendee pre-order of the Star Wars Celebration Two-Pack ARTFX+ featuring R3-A2 & K-3PO (click on the above image for a closer look).

This extremely limited, one-time production will only be available for purchase at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim directly from Kotobukiya from booth #1324 (April 16-19) and through while supplies last.

Source Kotobukiya
Skywalking Through Neverland Episode 72: Record Of The Jedi with Victoria Sampson
Reported by Mark on 01 Apr 2015 15:41

It's time to join your hosts over at Skywalking Through Neverland.

This show features special guest, Victoria Sampson! She was the ADR supervisor on Return Of The Jedi, as well as COUNTLESS other films. We had an amazing conversation – you DO NOT want to miss this! We also talk with Star Wars Celebration newbie Bryn MacKinnon. She still had some questions about attending this life-altering event so we brought her on as the voice of all #SWCA first-timers.
And remember…NeverLand On Alderaan.

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source RebelForce Radio
Celebration Anaheim 2015: Funko Exclusives
Reported by James on 01 Apr 2015 15:35

Here's the first five Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015 Exclusives from Funko, click on the above image for a closer look.  Here's what they have to say...

We are excited to announce that Funko will be exhibiting at Star Wars Celebration 2015 in Anaheim, CA! You can find Funko at booth #1410! We are announcing our Pop! exclusives! Stay tuned for TWO more announcements leading up to the convention!

More information as we get it - stay tuned!

Source Funko
Disney/Pixar's X-WINGS Movie Trailer
Reported by Team Jedi News on 01 Apr 2015 15:23

What happens when the people who made Cars & Planes get their hands on Star Wars? X-Wings. That's what happens.
Seriously though, I am in no way affiliated with the Walt Disney Company. I do enjoy most of their movies, and their theme parks, but I don't work, and have never worked for them. This movie doesn't exist, as far as I know, and this mock-trailer was produced for satirical purposes only.

Source YouTube
The Last 50 Years Of LEGO, In True LEGO Form
Reported by Matt on 01 Apr 2015 15:17

It's come from the brink of extinction to becoming one of the leading toy brands in the world. Here's a potted history of LEGO, including the vital role Star Wars has played in its existence.

With sets related to Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman, The Avengers and more, Lego has basically had your childhood locked down for decades.
So what are the most popular playsets from the past 50 years? What gargantuan sets have the most pieces? We could have just given you the answers to these questions in a simple list, but where's the fun in that? Instead, we built an explanation, IRL, using Lego bricks.

Source Mashable
New Marvel Star WarsComics Out Today
Reported by Matt on 01 Apr 2015 14:11

Reprints, variants, new's a busy Wednesday as it always seems to be with the new range of Star Wars comics going from strength to strength.

Source Jedi News on Instagram
Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection Coming to Vudu?
Reported by Matt on 01 Apr 2015 14:02

Great news via Yakface regarding something we've been talking about here on Jedi News for quite some time, the digital releases of the films.

We’ve been wondering for a while what the deal is with Hasbro’s Digital Release Commemorative sets, well wonder no more as we can now confirm that the Star Wars saga is coming via digital release through The url ( is currently inactive, but Walmart is now displaying marketing with the announcement stating an April 10 availability.

And if this is an April Fools joke, hats off, it's very well done!

Source Yakface
Darth Vader #3 Second Printing
Reported by Matt on 01 Apr 2015 13:34

In a fast growing Marvel tradition, issue 3 of the new Darth Vader title goes to a second printing.

From Marvel Comics. When a Dark Lord needs help, who can he turn to? Meet Aphra -- the galaxy's foremost raider of lost weaponry! Plus: could these be the deadly droids she's looking for?

Official Site: Celebration 0: The Star Wars 10th Anniversary Convention
Reported by Mark on 01 Apr 2015 13:31

Richard Woloski brings us his first blog over at as he looks back to 1987 and the now legendary Star Wars 10th Anniversary Convention.

Memorial Day weekend 1987, Starlog Magazine held the first-ever Star Wars Convention for it’s 10th Anniversary. The official title was, “Starlog Salutes Star Wars–A 10th Anniversary Tribute to George Lucas and the Galaxy Far, Far Away Which He Created!” Personally, I prefer my title – Star Wars Celebration 0.

Source Official Site
Star Wars Rebels Propels Disney XD Ratings In Q1 2015
Reported by Justin on 01 Apr 2015 13:17

To nobody's surprise really given the excellent quality of the show, Lucasfilm's animated series Star Wars Rebels continues to help Disney XD reach all new sorts of ratings records. Head on over to Zap2it to check out their latest Disney XD ratings report that breaks down the numbers for the first quarter of 2015.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Zap2it
UPDATED: #Fangirl Flail T-Shirts
Reported by Teresa on 01 Apr 2015 13:05

The ladies of Fangirls Going Rogue have created some amazing shirts that you can get now for a discounted price. That’s right you can get some amazing shirts to wear for Star Wars Celebration whether or not you are going to Anaheim. We would love the support to see our amazing listeners sporting our shirts and being willing to #fangirlflail with us! There are two designs to choose from and you can get both for the cost of one shirt.

Get our basic show shirt to show how much you love Fangirls Going Rogue. This shirt is available in men’s, women’s and kids sizes. You can get it in several colors as well and only for $14. Simply click on the image above and you will be taken to a page where you can purchase the shirt.

The second shirt that you can get will allow you to show your support for the #fangirlflail. We are proud to be a part of this amazing phenomenon and we had to capture it in a shirt! So for $14 you can get this shirt in Men’s, Women’s and Kids sizes. It also comes in several different colors we think you will enjoy.If you would like to purchase this shirt you can click on the image above

We hope you like the designs and that you order a shirt! See you all at Celebration Anaheim and if we don’t see you then post a picture to our Jedi News Facebook page, on Twitter @JediNewsUK or on our Jedi News on Instagram page with us in your Fangirls Going Rogue shirt.

UPDATE: Just a quick change to the links, which have now been corrected. Get buying!

A Major Plot Detail From Journey to the Force Awaken’s Aftermath
Reported by Mark on 01 Apr 2015 12:53
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If you want to know this juicy rumour regarding Chuck Wendig's debut GFFA novel Star Wars: Aftermath, as posted over at Club Jade, then you're going to have to take a leap after the break. So if you want to avoid any vague kind of spoiler, rumour or tidbit then walk away now.

Source Club Jade
CERN Researchers Confirm Existence Of The Force
Reported by BrianC on 01 Apr 2015 12:44

Finally, the news we've been looking for...

Researchers at the Large Hadron Collider just recently started testing the accelerator for running at the higher energy of 13 TeV, and already they have found new insights into the fundamental structure of the universe. Though four fundamental forces – the strong force, the weak force, the electromagnetic force and gravity – have been well documented and confirmed in experiments over the years, CERN announced today the first unequivocal evidence for the Force. “Very impressive, this result is,” said a diminutive green spokesperson for the laboratory.

Source CERN
Proof? You Can't Handle the Proof!
Reported by Mark on 01 Apr 2015 12:25

Collector, writer and Star Wars historian Mattias Rendahl brings us this fascintating book, A New Proof, looking at Kenner’s Star Wars packaging designs which includes proofs, cromalins, Artwork and more.

The book will be $45.00 and pre orders start the 7th of April at It will ship the same week as Celebration Anaheim.

Ron Salvatore over at SWCA has interviewed Mattias and you can read that fascinating encounter by going here.

We're happy to announce that Swedish collector, designer, and all-around cool guy Mattias Rendahl has completed work on his new book, a stylish tome devoted to the process behind the creation of the packaging used on Kenner's first wave of Star Wars action figures. Judging by the sample pages Mattias sent me, it's going to be terrific.
Mattias was kind enough to let me interview him about the publication. I hope the resulting piece will serve as a nice tease of the product as well as an instructive peak into Mattias' collecting and design philosophies.

Source SWCA
Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Seven Daytime Emmy Nominations
Reported by Mark on 01 Apr 2015 01:34

Superb news as the much-missed but never forgotten Star Wars: The Clone Wars receives 7 nominations at the 42nd annual daytime Emmy's for it's 6th and final season The Lost Missions, shown last year on Netflix.

Outstanding Special Class Animated Program

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

  • Executive Producer: George Lucas
  • Supervising Director: Dave Filoni
  • Producer: Cary Silver
  • Line Producer: Athena Portillo

Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

  • Mark Hamill as Darth Bane

Outstanding Writing in an Animated Program

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

  • Writer: Christian Taylor

Outstanding Directing in an Animated Program

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

  • Supervising Director: Dave Filoni
  • Directors: Brian Kalin O’Connell, Danny Keller, Steward Lee

Outstanding Sound Mixing – Animation

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

  • Production Mixer: Cameron Davis
  • Re-Recording Mixer: David Acord Foley Mixer: Frank Rinella Scoring Mixer: Mark Evans

Outstanding Sound Editing – Animation

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

  • Supervising Sound Editor: Matthew Wood
  • Sound Designer: David Acord Music Editor: Dean Menta Sound Editors: Jeremy Bowker, Steve Slanec Foley Editors: Andrea Gard, Kevin Sellers Foley Artists: Dennie Thorpe, Jana Vance

Outstanding Music Direction and Composition

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

  • Composer: Kevin Kiner

The show airs on 26th April at 20.00pm Eastern, 17.00pm Pacific.

Source Emmy Online
Full of Sith Episode CVIII: Greg Weisman
Reported by Mark on 01 Apr 2015 00:09

Join Tha Mike Pilot, Bryan Young and Bobby Roberts for the latest episode of Full of Sith.

Bryan and Mike get together to chat Star Wars, and then Greg Weisman takes some time with Bryan to discuss his new comic book Kanan: The Last Padawan, Star Wars: Rebels, and everything else under the sun.

Contact Information:Voicemail - 206-426-5592 | Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Full of Sith

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