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   20 October 2014
T-Shirts: Our Dark Lord and Savior
Reported by Mark on 20 Oct 2014 11:55

Unamee bring us this dark side delight as Lord Vader bows to his master. And for just $11.00 and this sartorial sithly shirt can be yours, so fly out of one hangar and put this shirt on another right now.

Source Unamee
Jedi News Review: Star Wars Rebels: Fighter Flight
Reported by Teresa and Aaron on 20 Oct 2014 11:38
Show Full Story

Rebels gave us a little change of pace this week but we were totally ok with it. We are starting to see the type of range this show is going to give us. Some episodes are going to be just good fun.

Feel The Force Day Lands In Peterborough
Reported by Mark on 20 Oct 2014 11:26

The second annual Feel The Force Day landed in Peterborough yesterday and just like the first it was a magnificent event, attended by over 2000 people and featuring Episode VII star Warwick Davis.

Star Wars actor Warwick Davis was among more than 2,000 people to attend a film and television fans' convention that uses touch, smell and texture. The Feel the Force Day took place at the Kingsgate Centre in Peterborough.

Co-founder JJ Lucia-Wright was inspired to help organise it after spending the past 10 years teaching a friend who is deaf and blind about Star Wars. He believes it is the only film and television convention in the UK to focus upon sensory experiences.

Many congratulations go out to the team on a superb event.

Source BBC
UPDATE: New Matthew Stover Star Wars Book On The Way in 2015?
Reported by MaxN on 20 Oct 2014 11:00

Upon some investigation on Amazon I found this listing for a book from author Matthew Stover, due June 18th 2015.

Star Wars 44
Matthew Stover
ISBN: 1780893744
ISBN-13: 9781780893747
Publisher: Century - 2015-06-18
Format: Hardcover
List price: GBP 19.99

UPDATE: This just in via Star Wars Books:

Source Amazon
Jedi News Competition: Win Copies of The Jedi Doth Return
Reported by Team Jedi News on 20 Oct 2014 00:00

It's time for our latest competition here on Jedi News and this time we're giving away copies of The Jedi Doth Return by Ian Doescher, released by Quirk Books.

To win you need to answer this question:

What was Shakespeare's first name?

  • 1: WILLIAM?
  • 2: MIRIAM?
  • 3: BIG WILLY?

Good luck!

Source Jedi News Competition
   19 October 2014
Fantasy Flight Games: Announcing the 2014 World Championship Schedule, November 6-9 2014
Reported by Jonathan on 19 Oct 2014 22:25

Preregistration for the 2014 World Championship Weekend closes on Thursday, October 23rd. Register now to guarantee a spot in your favorite tournament and join us for the largest event of the year! There's plenty of Star Wars action going on as well as other games in the Fantasy Flight Games catalogue.

As November draws closer, hundreds of players around the world have begun to plan their treks to FFG’s hometown in Minnesota. Some will take the bus across town or pile into a car full of friends and drive a couple of hours, but others will be hopping on planes and flying halfway around the world to the Twin Cities. Will you join them and test your skills against the best in the world?

If you are looking to attend Worlds or just want to tune in as the action happens, download the schedule now and start sketching out the most important days and times for you. The schedule for each game’s side events will be posted soon.

If you haven’t already, preregister now and solidify your spot among the hundreds of players from around the world coming to Minnesota for the 2014 World Championship Weekend. But don’t wait too long because preregistration closes October 16th! While players can still register on site the day they arrive, the cost will increase to $50.

Source Fantasy Flight Games
Rebels Roundtable #2: Droids in Distress (or Gratuitous Droids)
Reported by Mark on 19 Oct 2014 21:30

It's time to join your hosts over at Rebels Roundtable.

The Star Wars Report’s Rebels Roundtable returns this week to check out the Season 1 episode Droids in Distress, the first “regular” episode in the series’ run. Join Johnathan, Berent, Nathan, and guest Shawn as they discuss the episode. Were the cameos used well? What does the team think of Zeb now that he has actually gotten some characterization? Where might this all be leading? All this and more in this episode of Rebels Roundtable.

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Star Wars Report
The Collector Strikes Back
Reported by Mark on 19 Oct 2014 19:51

The Sun takes a look at some more amazing Star Wars auctions on the evening that Antiques Roadshow features a TIE Fighter pilots helmet valued at between £40 - 50,000.

THE Force is not strong with Antiques Roadshow star Fiona Bruce after she described a Star Wars pilot helmet as just "a bit of plastic" on the show. That bit of plastic from the set of the original 1977 flick directed by George Lucas goes on to be valued at around £50,000 by experts on tonight's episode.

The helmet, believed to be one of only 12 ever made, belonged to collector Stephen Lane who travels the world hunting down film props. But it is not the first time a piece of memorabilia from the sci-fi film series has a seen whopping valuation.

Here, we take a look at six other rare finds. Could you have something similar lurking in the dark side of your attic?

Put the kettle on and get switched onto BBC One right now, the show starts in just under 15 minutes.

Source The Sun
Buy The Millenium Falcon at For Half Price
Reported by Matt on 19 Oct 2014 19:26

This seems crazy. A new product released at half price. That's how you kill a line before it's even grown any legs.

Take your Star Wars adventures to a whole new level with this incredibly detailed Millennium Falcon vehicle! The many features of this realistic, 2½-foot-long vehicle let you re-enact the most amazing scenes from the Star Wars Rebels series - and then create brand new ones!

The vehicle can detect Imperial ships with its rotating radar dish, and fend them off with the rotating cannon that lifts and lowers! Head for the stars with this awesome Millennium Falcon vehicle!

  • One supplied.
  • Size H26.7, W34.3, D6.4cm.
  • For ages 4 years and over.
  • EAN: 5010994813154.


Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Only for domestic use.

Source Argos
Star Wars Light Up Watches At K-Mart
Reported by Justin on 19 Oct 2014 18:46

Source Twitter
George Lucas Reveals New Details About Chicago Museum
Reported by Mark on 19 Oct 2014 18:30

More details arise regarding the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art , which is set to set up home in the Museum Campus on Chicago's Lakefront (which makes Jimmy Mac a very happy camper).

"It's going to be organic architecture, connected to the ground. And it will look like a living thing."

Lucas wants a showcase for his collection of popular art, including illustrations by Norman Rockwell, Maxfield Parrish and N.C. Wyeth as well as works by Lucas's visual effects company, Industrial Light and Magic, and other companies. The museum will also feature art linked to film and digital media, as well as a theater that will screen films and host lectures and workshops.

"Illustrative art and narrative art has been short-shrifted. Critics weren't dealing with narrative art. They were interested in modern."

The city will provide the land, but Lucas said he would bankroll construction and the endowment to maintain it.

"I pay for the whole thing and the endowment, and everything," Lucas said.

"You can afford a museum?" Rose asked.

"Yeah, I can," Lucas answered.

How much do I love this guy? I guess if George can write about Marcus Brody getting lost in his own museum it only makes sense for Lucas to OWN said museum.

Source Hollywood Reporter
Official Site: Galactic Backpacking, Part 4: Visiting Real-World Tatooine
Reported by Mark on 19 Oct 2014 17:54

Sander De Lange returns to with the fourth part in his look at the real world locations of Star Wars, this time focusing on Tatooine.

The planet of Tatooine may very well be the most important planet in the saga. It was here that Luke watched the twin suns set in the sky, where Qui-Gon battled against a Sith Lord, marking their return to the galaxy, and where Anakin Skywalker and his son Luke grew up. It is also the only planet that appeared in five of the six movies, receiving a mention in the one movie it was not seen, The Empire Strikes Back. We start to explore this planet by going to the country where most, but not all, of the exteriors shots were filmed: Tunisia, maybe the most famous of Star Wars locations.

Source Official Site
Fantasy Flight Games: An X-Wing Strategy Article by Guest Writer Neil Amswych
Reported by Jonathan on 19 Oct 2014 17:19

Are you into the Star Wars: X-Wing™ Miniatures Game? Enjoy blasting about a tabletop annihilating your friends? Over at Fantasy Flight Games they've got an interesting article about A-Wings that just might help you with your builds and strategies.

From the website:

It’s a good time to fly A-wings in X-Wing™!

The recent release of the Rebel Aces Expansion Pack has added a great deal of power and versatility to the Rebellion’s lightning-quick interceptor. You can now outfit your A-wing with a Chardaan Refit to make it a more efficient dogfighter, or you can outfit it with the highly efficient Proton Rockets to launch a devastating alpha strike. Meanwhile, the Title card A-Wing Test Pilot allows your A-wing pilots to draw upon as many as two elite pilot talents at the same time, adding all sorts of new combinations and creative wrinkles to your squad building.

Today, guest writer Neil Amswych (aka “The Tusken Tactician”), one of the A-wing’s leading advocates and the author of “A Guide to A-Wings,” picks up where he left off in that earlier article and explores some of the new, advanced strategies and squad builds now permitted by the release of Rebel Aces.

Source Fantasy Flight Games
Fiona Bruce on Antiques Roadshow fails to feel the force of Star Wars helmet worth £50k
Reported by Mark on 19 Oct 2014 17:06

UK readers, make sure you're tuned in to the Antiques Roadshow tonight at 8pm as one of the shows presenters Fiona Bruce shows her own vintage by her show of disbelief at the value of this TIE Fighter pilot helmet, one of only 14 made and valued at between £40 - 50,000.

Star Wars fans may be forgiven for thinking Fiona Bruce lives on another planet. After all, the Antiques Roadshow presenter dismissed one of the helmets from the iconic film as a worthless ‘bit of plastic’ – when in fact it is valued at almost £50,000. Bruce, 50, displays her ignorance of the Star Wars phenomenon in tonight’s edition of Antiques Roadshow, from Chenies Manor, Buckinghamshire.

The presenter is so taken aback by the helmet’s value she even conducts a straw poll of members of the public taking part in the filming, asking: ‘What do you think, £40-50,000 for this, surprising?’ She then adds: ‘I think to anyone who is not in your world it’s astonishing.’

The helmet featured in the first Star Wars film in 1977 and is owned by sci-fi collector Stephen Lane, who took it along for a valuation.

Source Daily Mail
Fandom Focus: Hip Hop Trooper, body popping the galaxy
Reported by ZakPT on 19 Oct 2014 16:32

Now there are many Star Wars costume organisations around the world today. Some raise money for charity’s and some cheer up the mood at conventions. The 501st are always present whatever the charity or convention, making people smile and collecting money for a good cause while also spreading the love of Star Wars.

However, one specific cosplayer has caught my attention over the past couple of weeks. This person is the one and only, Hip Hop Trooper. He combines childhood memories of Star Wars with his passion for old skool Hip Hop like Run DMC to create one sweet looking Storm Trooper suit accompanied by his custom boombox known as the Def Star Thumper. He travels around many conventions bringing smiles to all and hosting all kinds of crazy dance battles. Originally an Oxford homie who now resides in the sweet city of Los Angeles, he came down from the Death Star and swapped his blaster for his nifty Boombox in order to save true old skool Hip Hop.

But it’s not all about getting down to that funky beat for Hip Hop Trooper. He also plays a great part in charity events and organisations. He’s currently raising money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation and will be taking part in the Los Angeles NF walk to raise awareness for CTF and to help put a stop to neurofibromatosis (NF). He’s also completed the cancer walk, and has just finished selling some personalised figures where 15% of income goes towards the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Check out his Facebook page and Instagram (@HipHopTrooper) for all the fresh updates.

   18 October 2014
RUMOR: Episode VII V-wing Fighter; Man Witnesses Filming From Black Park Outside Pinewood
Reported by Justin on 18 Oct 2014 18:53

Making Star Wars has updated their website to include the following Episode VII rumors provided via the titled links below.

The V-wing Fighter

Man Witnesses Episode VII Filming From Black Park Outside Pinewood Studios

As is the case with all Episode VII rumors posted out there on the interwebs, take each link at your own potentially spoiler-filled discretion.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Gentle Giant Admiral Ackbar Kenner Jumbo Figure Pre-Order
Reported by Justin on 18 Oct 2014 18:44

Gentle Giant has posted a pre-order link for their new Admiral Ackbar Kenner Jumbo Figure. The figure carries an $80.00 price tag and is scheduled to begin shipping in Q3 2015.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Gentle Giant
New Star Wars Rebels Endcap Display At Walmart
Reported by Justin on 18 Oct 2014 18:31

While out on my routine toy run earlier this morning, I found this awesome new Star Wars Rebels endcap display at one of my local Walmart stores. Of course no actual Rebels figures were hanging from the pegs, but I absolutely LOVE any & all Star Wars display signage, so I just had to share these pics with you.

Click the images above and below for a larger view.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Carrie Fisher's Secret Method for Learning Star Wars Lines (Without Using Jedi Mind Tricks)
Reported by Mark on 18 Oct 2014 12:14

She's nothing if not honest. Carrie Fisher has difficulty learning with lines, which is kind of surprising...

Seated next to Mark Hamill, Fisher said she is having the time of her life on the J.J. Abrams pic, except for acting.

“I’m bad at learning my lines — it’s humiliating. There’s no way unless you put cards and stuff or write the lines on my hand.”

Source Hollywood Reporter
The Comlink: Ep. 102 - Kevin Smith. Star Wars News, Interviews, & More!
Reported by Mark on 18 Oct 2014 11:13

The latest news from the week of October 17th, plus Kevin Smith talks about his Star Wars Episode 7 set visit and Adrianne Curry hits the streets to talk to Star Wars fans. The Comlink is your weekly show for Star Wars entertainment!

Source Seesmod
John Boyega Gets His Nerd Fix
Reported by Matt on 18 Oct 2014 10:36


Big thank you to forbidden planet for allowing me to shop after opening hours! Literally had no time to go but they let a nerd have his fix! I used to come to this store all the time a few years back! Can't wait to annoy harrison with a Han Solo figure in my hand :D

View on Instagram

Remember, even future global mega stars need their nerd fix and John Boyega is no exception. Here he is enjoying the treasures of Forbidden Planet after hours, a very cool service they offer celebrity guests.

Source Instagram
   17 October 2014
Fantasy Flight Games: Zach Bunn on Regaining Control in Star Wars: The Card Game
Reported by Jonathan on 17 Oct 2014 23:08

Get on over to Fantasy Flight Games for another article by Zach Bunn, player extraordinaire. In this feature he talks about controlling the game and making sure the odds stay in your favour. A must read for even experienced players.

From the website:

In my last article, I laid the foundation for a definition of control in Star Wars: The Card Game, and I even claimed it was the most important concept in the game! I want to continue the discussion of board control, but this time I want to show a very real and practical example of board control at work

Source Fantasy Flight Games
ForceCast #325: Rebels in the Empire State
Reported by Mark on 17 Oct 2014 23:00

t's time to join your hosts Eric, Erik and Justin for the ForceCast.

Eric is back from New York Comic Con with a report on all the Star Wars panels, an interview with Star Wars Rebels panel moderator Christian Blauvelt and panelist Vanessa Marshall, and audio from the show floor. In other news, Rebels gets more strong ratings, canceled Rogue Squadron videogame footage emerges, and Marvel has a new Kanan Jarrus comic. All that and so much more, including a special Star Wars book giveaway, in this week's ForceCast!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Forcecast
New Star Wars Rebels Shorts In Toon TV
Reported by Matt on 17 Oct 2014 22:56

Playing any of the Angry Birds games? If so, go and check out the Toon TV section and watch the Star Wars Rebels shorts. I found it on the new Transformers Angry Birds game. Kinda fun new gaming style too!

T-Shirts: 1980 Something Falcon
Reported by Mark on 17 Oct 2014 22:40

You need to hit the boosters and scratch gravel if you're going to be able to grab this awesome tee via the good people at Unamee, because once the rest of the galaxy knows it's out there it'll be gone in a flash.

$11.00 in a variety of sizes, cuts and colours, this will ease that leap into hyperspace better than a bottle of Flameout ever could.

Source Unamee
New Tarkin Mini Excerpt At Star Wars Books
Reported by Mark on 17 Oct 2014 22:27

November 4th is the landing date and here to partially satiate your hunger for Tarkin is a short excerpt from the book.

Tarkin shook his head in aggravation. In part, the deep-space mobile battle station was meant to put an end to harassments of any sort, whether driven by greed, political dissent, or revenge for acts committed during the Clone Wars or since. Once everyone in the galaxy grasped the weapon’s capabilities, once the fear of Imperial reprisal took hold, discontent would cease to be a problem.

But just now—and notwithstanding the covert nature of the Geonosis project—the Imperial Security Bureau and Naval Intelligence were continually trying to quash rumors and prevent information leaks. In the three years Tarkin had been commanding Sentinel and hundreds of nearby supply and sentry outposts, as well as administering a vast slice of the Outer Rim, no group had been successful in penetrating Geonosis space.

The chance that that could change shook him to the core.

Source Star Wars Books
ILM London on Bringing New Star Wars Films to the Big Screen
Reported by Matt on 17 Oct 2014 21:55

Check out this insight into Wednesdays event at ILM Soho heralding the arrival of ILM to the UK and the amazing slate of films - including future Star Wars projects - it has to look forward to.

It's one of the most anticipated films in years – the new Star Wars movie is shooting in the UK at the moment – and now its special effects will be made in Britain as well.

Industrial Light and Magic, the special effects division behind the Star Wars films, celebrated their launch in London ahead of post-production work beginning on Episode VII.

With added Simon Wilkie.

Source IB Times
RebelForce Radio: October 17, 2014
Reported by Mark on 17 Oct 2014 21:41

Join Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac over at RebelForce Radio.

James Earl Jones is back as the voice of Darth Vader, Palpatine gets a first name, and whispers of a possible Obi-Wan Kenobi trilogy are in the air. Thank the Maker RebelForce Radio is here, just in time, to provide our own brand of commentary & discussion! We talk about all the latest Star Wars news, rumors, and Episode VII speculation. Star Wars Oxygen host David W. Collins and Hughes The Force director J.C. Reifenberg join us to talk about their new YouTube show for Kevin Smith's See Smod channel - The Comlink. Plus, hear exclusive audio from The Comlink with special guests James Arnold Taylor and Kevin Smith himself! Plus, Mark Hamill's beard, Carrie Fisher on "Ankle-Gate", and our almost-famous 15 Minute Episode VII Spoiler Alert!

Contact Information: iTunes | RSS Feed | Twitter | Facebook

Source RebelForce Radio
New York Comic Con 2014: Jedi News Galleries
Reported by Team Jedi News on 17 Oct 2014 20:22

After a whirlwind time at NY Comic Con this past weekend, we've finally been able to organize all of our photos taken during the convention for your viewing pleasure - from various exhibitor booths to costumed fans and more. We've also included the official Hasbro product images that were released after the special 'Twas The Night Before...' preview party.  Enjoy...

The Realm Recap: Episode #35 - NYCC Wrap Up and More
Reported by Mark on 17 Oct 2014 20:15

It's time to join Jason and the Yakface crew for the latest Realm Recap.

The Realm Recap is back again this week picking up where we left off with NYCC news as we touch on a few developments released through QnAs from various sites in attendance. Hot Toys surprises this week with the tease of a new 12” Stormtrooper - which may be more than meet the eye (oops, wrong franchise). 2015 LEGO set images were revealed/leaked this week, again running the gamut of source material and they all impress. Lots of Star Wars Rebels news this week with new (and free) shows, the return of James Earl Jones and Kanan getting an original story in 2015. This and much more in Episode 35 of The Realm Recap!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr

Source Yakface
Lupita Nyong'o Tweets Pic Wearing An Episode VII Crew Hat
Reported by Justin on 17 Oct 2014 20:03


Geeking out! #SWVII

Ver en Instagram

Source Twitter
Official Site: Rancho Obi-Wans 2nd Annual Gala: Here We Go Again
Reported by Mark on 17 Oct 2014 20:00

My latest article hits as I follow up James' article last week with a look at the events at the Rancho Obi-Wan 2nd Annual Gala 2014.

By now you will have read James Burns’ look at the lead up to Rancho Obi-Wan’s second Annual Gala, as we traveled across the Whale Pond from the UK to Petaluma to help owner Steve Sansweet, manager and VP Anne Neumann, and the Rancho team get ready for the event on Saturday, September 20. I’ll take up the story as we move forward to 4 p.m., as the guests start to arrive, pulling up, and signing in, checking in coats and bags, collecting their passes, and entering the museum. For those who’ve had the pleasure of visiting before, it’s a welcome return. For the first-timers it’s a mind-blowing experience that one, two, or a hundred visits won’t diminish.

Source Official Site
Fantasy Flight Games: Heroes of the Rebellion
Reported by Jonathan on 17 Oct 2014 19:49

Imperial Assault will soon be with us, so in this Fantasy Flight Games preview they focus on the campaign game, especially heroes in the campaign, and two heroes in particular: the valiant commander and the sly smuggler.

From the website:

In an Imperial Assault campaign game, the Rebel players aren’t just any characters – they’re heroes of the Rebellion! To reflect this, heroes are the only figures that can use more than one action to attack, but they also have access to certain special abilities and actions.

Source Fantasy Flight Games
Tosche Station Radio #95: A New Dawn with John Jackson Miller
Reported by Mark on 17 Oct 2014 19:40

It's time to join the moisture farmers down at Tosche Station for the latest episode, brought to you by Majestic Giraffe Productions.

On this all-new Tosche Station Radio, author John Jackson Miller joins us to discuss A New Dawn!

Nanci and Brian are the co-founders and writers of You can find Nanci on Twitter with the handle @Nancipants and you can find Brian with @LaneWinree.

Contact Information: iTunes | Website | Twitter | Facebook | Google+

Source Tosche Station Radio
The Empire Strikes Fat: Company offers lightsaber combat classes
Reported by Matt on 17 Oct 2014 19:35

If you fancy fighting the flab with the Force then get yourself to Chelmsford, where there's more power of the Force than sour, sweet or sauce...

Source YouTube
The Metro: Warwick Davis to star in new movie but what role will he play?
Reported by Mark on 17 Oct 2014 19:28

My latest article lands over at The Metro as I investigate what possible role Warwick Davis could be playing in Episode VII.

We already know he’s the busiest man in showbusiness, with quizmaster duties on Celebrity Squares, starring in his own sitcom Life’s Too Short and hosting conventions worldwide. And with Star Wars Episode 7 on the way it somehow didn’t seem right that he wasn’t an integral part of it.

But now Star Wars fans can breathe easy as Warwick’s participation is finally confirmed. With just three weeks of shooting left, Kathleen Kennedy has made good on her promise made last July at Celebration Europe 2 in Essen, Germany and brought Warwick into the production.

With the director’s chair already filled by J.J. Abrams, an acting role in the movie made the most sense, and with his vast experience in the saga he’s set to add yet another character – or could it be characters? – to his Star Wars repertoire. But what role will he play, a goodie or a baddie?

Source The Metro
Marvel's Variant Star Wars #1 Covers
Reported by Dan on 17 Oct 2014 14:31 has revealed 3 variant covers to Marvel's upcoming Star Wars comics. These interconnected illustrations are by artist Scottie Young. In order, they are variant covers for Star Wars: Princess Leia #1 (coming in March 2015), Star Wars #1 (coming in January 2015), and Star Wars: Darth Vader #1 (coming in February 2015).  

Delay In Arrival Of Star Wars Rebels Hasbro Figures
Reported by Justin on 17 Oct 2014 13:09

Our fellow The Force United teammate Jedi Temple Archives has posted some pretty disappointing news for fans out there (including me) who have been waiting in eager anticipation for the opportunity to add the new Star Wars Rebels figures from Hasbro to their collections.

According to their report, November 25 (!) has been selected as the new distribution arrival date, at least according to Amazon.

Take the source link below for the full read and keep those fingers crossed this is NOT the case across all retail store locations.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source JTA
Disney Mulling Star Wars Broadway Theater Possibilities
Reported by Justin on 17 Oct 2014 12:45

In an interview posted over on The Hollywood Reporter, Thomas Schumacher, who holds the title of president and producer of the Disney Theatrical Group, was asked about the possibility of Disney dipping into the Marvel and Lucasfilm property pools for new theater content. His response? Check it out below.

With Lucasfilm and Marvel now under Disney, are there theater plans for those vaults?

I have been talking with Marvel about theatrical opportunities. I have a very cool idea, but it would not be what you're expecting. There is a very interesting Lucas-oriented live event that could happen, but there's no rush on that.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source THR
   16 October 2014
Full of Sith Episode LXXXVI: Of Rebels and Kenobi
Reported by Mark on 16 Oct 2014 22:32

Join Tha Mike Pilot, Bryan Young and Bobby Roberts for the latest episode of Full of Sith.

Bryan, Mike, and Bobby gather to discuss a number of topics. First, they discuss the new episode of Rebels and then move on to talk of a rumored trilogy of Obi-Wan Kenobi films. Afterward, Mike has a surprise announcement for which he deserves congratulations.

Contact Information:Voicemail - 206-426-5592 | Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Full of Sith
Official Site: Luminous Beings Are We: The Great Star Wars Halloween Shortage Of 1977
Reported by Mark on 16 Oct 2014 21:32

Halloween is fast approaching so it's time to not only change your Twitter handle to something vaguely spooky (I shall soon be known as Mark Ghoulbold) but to get on over to and Brad Ricca's fascinating article on classic Star Wars Halloween costumes.

For me, Halloween always began in a store aisle. I would be shopping with with my mom, sometime in September, and would notice that there was more candy. My mom would push me along. It wasn’t time, not yet, but there was a sense — some sort of subtle disturbance in the retail ether — that something was on its way.

As October came, an aisle would appear in those stores. Almost out of nowhere. What had been there before? Swimwear? Porch furniture? Sunscreen? It didn’t matter. The costumes had arrived.

Source Official Site
T-Shirts: Rebels!
Reported by Mark on 16 Oct 2014 20:57

TeeFury are spoiling us today by bringing this second mega tee for just $18.00.

But hurry, the Rebels are waiting.

Source Tee Fury
Databurst From the 501st
Reported by Mark on 16 Oct 2014 20:00
Show Full Story

Jedi News is working with Roqoo Depot and the 501st Legion to bring you the very latest activity from garrisons across the planet. Here's this weeks events:

Source 501st (via Roqoo Depot)
Fantasy Flight Games: Seven New Ally and Villain Packs for Imperial Assault
Reported by Jonathan on 16 Oct 2014 18:20

It's a larger than life battle, so you'll need larger than life characters to fight it... Enter seven new Ally Packs and Villain Packs for Imperial Assault, including iconic characters from the Star Wars universe.

From the website:

Like the Luke Skywalker Ally Pack and the Darth Vader Villain Pack included in the Imperial Assault Core Set, these new figure packs contain detailed plastic figures to replace the tokens provided in the Core Set. These figures can be used in both the Imperial Assault campaign game and the skirmish game, and every Ally Pack and Villain Pack offers you new missions for both games.

Of course, every Ally Pack and Villain Pack offers far more than just a plastic figure. A new side mission that you can weave into any campaign is included in every figure pack, along with two new skirmish missions that share the same map. Villain Packs offer new Agenda cards for the Imperial player, Ally Packs introduce new Reward cards for the heroes to gain in a campaign, and all figure packs contain new Command cards for building your Command decks in a skirmish. Command cards, Agenda cards, and Reward cards will all be explored in greater depth in future Imperial Assault previews.

Source Fantasy Flight Games
Warwick Davis Joins Episode VII Cast
Reported by Justin on 16 Oct 2014 18:14

Warwick Davis, who played Wicket the Ewok in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, as well as Weazel and Wald in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace­, presents a special video concerning his possible appearance in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source YouTube
ILM Confirms Filming For Episode VIII Will Take Place In London
Reported by Justin on 16 Oct 2014 18:08

In an interview segment posted over on IGN in which the subject matter was the new Industrial Light & Magic building that just opened in London, ILM President Lynwen Brennan confirmed that filming for Episode VIII will be taking place in London.

IGN: You’ve got this 10-year deal, does that mean that all of the Star Wars movies will be filming in London, is that part of this deal? Will Rian Johnson be coming to the capital for Episode VIII?

Brennan: I can confirm that Episode VIII will be filmed in London.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source IGN
Bombad Radio Episode 171: Episode 171: Joe Corroney creating Star Wars Art
Reported by Mark on 16 Oct 2014 17:34

It's time to join James and Jeremiah on the latest edition of Bombad Radio.

Episode 171 features Star Wars Artist Joe Corroney! We start by discussing Flash, Arrow, Gotham, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Star Wars Rebels, before jumping into Joe Corroney who talks about his fandom of G.I. Joe, Transformers, Star Trek, and of course A LOT of Star Wars.

Source Bombad Radio
T-Shirts: Rogue Leader
Reported by Mark on 16 Oct 2014 17:09

Grab your wallets and get online because this awesome and inspired tee via the good people at TeeFury is only $18.00 and it's only available today, so get on over there and start buying.

Source Tee Fury
Dave Filoni Talks Star Wars Rebels At MIPJunior 2014 Conference
Reported by Justin on 16 Oct 2014 16:59

When Disney Channels Worldwide President and Chief Creative Officer Gary Marsh combines forces with Lucasfilm's Dave Filoni (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) the result is galactic.

Join them for a look at Star Wars Rebels the latest in Star Wars storytelling and take a journey through the unique creative process behind the phenomenon that continues to entertain audiences worldwide.

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Source YouTube
Black Series Wave 3: Eurostickered Madness
Reported by Matt on 16 Oct 2014 16:45


So the new Black Series Wave is arriving in Europe and carded collectors on this side of the pond will roll their eyes again as unfortunately the matte card art is completely hidden by 4 separate glossy stickers,to make the packaging comply to Euro safety standards. The mind boggles. Surely it's cheaper to print a new card than apply 4 separate stickers on 3 different angles? Insanity.

Luckily these stickers peel off in one piece with a little patience and leave no residue, unlike the Vintage carded range. That were a nightmare to convert to a USA style card, although the Euro ones have a warning leaflet inside the bottom of the bubble too so it's never a pure USA card.

Update From Artist Nicholas Diak
Reported by Mark on 16 Oct 2014 16:45
Show Full Story


Our pal, the amazing artist Nicholas Diak has been in touch to let us know about his latest developments and - just like before - he's as excited as ever about Episode VII.

I wanted to send you an update to my Sketch Wars project. A lot of exciting stuff has been happening with the project in the last few months.

Mainly, I made the big jump to color. Previously I was really hesitant to bring my sketches into the color realm just because of time restrictions of doing one drawing-a-day. But I was surprised that the amount of time added versus the quality of the final product is well worth it.

Check out more great pics after the break.

Source Facebook
Star Wars Report #148: A Spark of Rebellion
Reported by Mark on 16 Oct 2014 16:25

It's time to join your hosts Riley and Mark over at Star Wars Report.

On this week’s podcast Riley, Bethany,and Mark give their thoughts on the premier episode of Star Wars Rebels, and read your emails!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Star Wars Report
Official Site: Star Wars Rebels: Edge of the Galaxy and Grav-Ball Gridiron
Reported by Mark on 16 Oct 2014 16:15

Jason Fry brings his latest entry to as he looks at the sport behind his latest book, Star Wars Rebels: Edge of the Galaxy.

Last fall, Lucasfilm approached me with one of those offers you can’t refuse — the chance to write a quartet of young-adult books that would connect with Star Wars Rebels.

My editor explained that the setting of the Servants of the Empire series would be Lothal, with action taking place in Capital City, with its Imperial Academy, as well as in the lush green grasslands surrounding the city. The protagonist would be a supporting character from the show — Zare Leonis, a young Imperial cadet who helps Hera Syndulla’s rebels from inside the Imperial war machine.

Source Official Site
T-Shirts: Sainsbury Xmas Tee
Reported by Matt on 16 Oct 2014 15:57

I have to wonder, would Ralph dig it? Check out the latest release at Sainsbury, a kids Star Wars tee for just £7.00.

Source Sainsbury
Kathleen Kennedy Says Episode VII Filming Is 3 Weeks From Being Finished
Reported by Justin on 16 Oct 2014 14:18

As a follow-up to our story posted yesterday about Lucasfilm officially opening a new ILM facility in London, we get word via The Hollywood Reporter that filming for Episode VII should be completed within 3 more weeks as per Kathleen Kennedy.

The new London base for the visual effects arm of the conglomerate's Lucasfilm, located in the British capital’s Soho neighborhood, was officially opened on Wednesday night with a ceremony attended by Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, Industrial Light & Magic president and general manager Lynwen Brennan, U.K. chancellor George Osborne and U.K. culture secretary Ed Vaizey.

According to ILM London's director of operations Sue Lyster, the facility is already working on the effects for Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man and Star Wars: Episode VII.

Speaking at the event, Kennedy recalled meeting U.K. government representatives in February last year to discuss filming the latest Star Wars in London, revealing that Disney was now just "three weeks off" finishing the film and hinting that further titles in the franchise would be shot in the city.

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Source THR
The Force Is Strong In The Humble Star Wars Bundle, Presented By Dark Horse Comics
Reported by Team Jedi News on 16 Oct 2014 13:50

Source Humble Bundle
Fantasy Flight Games: Extra combat dice for Imperial Assault
Reported by Jonathan on 16 Oct 2014 13:39

If you're going to be fighting in the biggest war the galaxy has ever seen, you're going to need the right tools for the job. Enter the new Imperial Assault Dice Pack, an accessory for Imperial Assault.

From the website:

“Your father’s Lightsaber. This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.” Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: A New Hope

Whether you’re leading an elite strike team of Rebel operatives deep into an Imperial base, or concentrating fire on your opponents with a team of Stormtroopers, it’s crucial to keep your full attention on the mission at hand. Focus completely on your Imperial Assault missions with a tool of convenience: extra combat dice!

Source Fantasy Flight Games
Celebration Anaheim 2015: Media Registration Moved To November 1
Reported by Justin on 16 Oct 2014 13:24

Just a quick Celebration update to pass along. Media Registration for Celebration Anaheim 2015, which was initially scheduled to open yesterday October 15, has been pushed back a few weeks to November 1.

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Source SWC
Star Wars Episode VII: "SMF" Images Leak Online
Reported by Team Jedi News on 16 Oct 2014 13:00

Well it seems that somebody decided to publish a whole load of Episode VII photos from the art department, but we’re not prepared to leak or link to these because they’re not official.

Not too much of a spoiler, but it’s apparent from these images and from those shown of Greenham Common that there’s a new smaller ‘version’ of the YT Class ship, made famous as the Millennium Falcon. This may also explain the square radar dish we’d seen previously and it would seem that this may belong to a new ship called ‘The Carousel’ which also seems to feature some sort of fins on the upper side of the forward mandibles. Bring it on…

And of course "SMF" means small Millennium Falcon.

Sneak Peek At Darth Vader In Star Wars Rebels "Spark Of Rebellion" On ABC
Reported by Justin on 16 Oct 2014 12:58

Via this tweet, we get an early sneak peek at the appearance of Darth Vader in the special airing of Star Wars Rebels "Spark of Rebellion" scheduled to be broadcast on ABC October 26 that will contain a scene featuring the Dark Lord of the Sith himself.

If you want to check him out ahead of the episode airing, then take the source link below. Otherwise, keep the suspense rolling and wait till October 26!

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Twitter
The Ghost | LEGO Star Wars: Rebels 75053 | HD Review
Reported by Steven on 16 Oct 2014 12:23

Source Twitter
Jedi News Book Review: Star Wars Art Posters
Reported by Team Jedi News on 16 Oct 2014 12:00

Star Wars Art: Posters is another amazing volume to the Star Wars Art Series. Art Posters is the 5th book in the series but this time it does focus on Star Wars Poster designs. From Drew Struzan to other poster artist like Tom Jung , John Alvin , Roger Kastel , John Berkey and many others Star Wars Poster Artwork has captured our imagination and has been a big part in selling the Star Wars Films, TV Shows like The Clone Wars and now Rebels.

The Art Posters book features many different and amazing Star Wars Poster Artwork from the 1st 6 films , to the videogames , the animated show Star Wars The Clone Wars , and even some from the new Disney XD animated series Star Wars Rebels as well as the early concepts of the different posters before the designers and Lucasfilm selected the final poster image. The posters that are shown in the book are the full painted artwork without the lettering and they look stunning. The book also features a forward by Drew Struzan and an introduction by Roger Kastel. If your a fan of Star Wars movie posters or film posters in general Star Wars Art: Posters is the book you are looking for.

Review by Kenny Kraly Jr From Ohio. For more Jedi News non-fiction book reviews click here.

Source Abrams
New Star Wars Bedding In B&M Stores
Reported by Matt on 16 Oct 2014 11:27

Now tell me, who doesn't want to snuggle down with a Stormtrooper? Or Darth Vader? Or even See Threepio? No one we'd want to know, so for just £12.00 here's your chance to own a Star Wars bed set, via B&M.

Source B and M
Coffee With Kenobi Show # 25: Catherine Taber Discusses Padme
Reported by Mark on 16 Oct 2014 11:03

It's time to join your hosts Dan and Cory over at Coffee With Kenobi.

In today’s show we share a cup of coffee with Catherine Taber, known to Star Wars fans as the voice of Padme Amidala in Star Wars: the Clone Wars. Cat’s insights into Padme are essential to learning more about the tragic and beloved character. We also have a Salt Lake City Comic-Con report from CWK Blogger Ryder Waldron, as well as updates on Rebels, and a contest from Feature Blogger Melinda Wolf. Stay tuned in our news segment for an exciting new series appearing on Coffee With Kenobi featuring discussions on the Legends line of Star Wars Literature, as well as the next offering of “Your Espresso Shot with The Bearded Trio” with Rob Wainfur. This is Podcast you’re looking for!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Coffee With Kenobi
NYCC 2014: Hasbro Star Wars Q&A with Joe Ninivaggi
Reported by Matt on 16 Oct 2014 10:50

Via Sir Steve's Guide, here's a Hasbro Q&A with the senior brand manager of global marketing for the Hasbro Star Wars team Joe Ninivaggi conducted at the recent New York Comic Con discussing all the latest Hasbro news.

SSG: The new Toys R Us exclusive Reveal the Rebels set with Kanan and Ezra has the holographic Obi-Wan that’s hidden in the package. Presumably that was done to preserve the secret of them being Jedi, but is that something we might see again in the future?

JN: Sure, absolutely. I mean, that whole program with TRU has done really well and we’re really excited about the Reveal program. It’s something that we really like and we could definitely do it in the future. There’s a lot that Rebels has that we haven’t talked about yet, so who knows.

Source Sir Steve's Guide
New 2014 Wave 3 of the Black Series Ships In The UK
Reported by Matt on 16 Oct 2014 10:35


Shipping this week via Diamond Comics wholesale here in the UK comes 2014 Wave 3 on the new style TIE pilot Black series card with blue accents.

Awesome even split case mix 2 x each:

  • R5-G19

Official Site: From World War to Star Wars: Stormtroopers
Reported by Mark on 16 Oct 2014 10:30

It'll come as zero surprise to learn that Cole Horton has brought us yet another invaluable entry into his ongoing From World War to Star Wars series over at

An Emperor is nothing without the support of ground forces to enforce their will. These troops must be unquestionably loyal to the cause and its leader. In the Star Wars galaxy, that task falls to the Imperial stormtroopers. This faceless corps of soldiers was inspired by the similar storm troops from the past.

While most well-known “storm troops” were the Nazi Sturmabteilung, the formation of “storm troop” units predates the National Socialists or World War II. In Germany, the SA (Sturmabteilung) took its name from the small units of storm troops used in German offensives of World War I. When the First World War turned into a trench-laden stalemate, both sides looked for new ways to break through enemy defenses. Organized into small units of fast moving soldiers and often armed with grenades, these original storm troops were trained to quickly break through enemy lines using stealth and surprise to their advantage.

Source Official Site
Fantasy Flight Games: Specialization Decks for the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion RPG
Reported by Jonathan on 16 Oct 2014 10:05

These Specialization Decks provide you quick and easy access to all the talents and abilities of your chosen class, designed to make your game quicker and smoother once you've got everything to hand.

From the website:

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce that six new Specialization Decks are now available for the Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ Roleplaying Game!

  • Diplomat Ambassador Specialization Deck
  • Diplomat Agitator Specialization Deck
  • Diplomat Quartermaster Specialization Deck
  • Engineer Mechanic Specialization Deck
  • Engineer Saboteur Specialization Deck
  • Engineer Scientist Specialization Deck

Available via FFG’s in-house manufacturing, these Specialization Decks provide you quick and easy access to all the talents and abilities from the Diplomat and Engineer careers. This means you will spend less time consulting your blueprints and more time updating Rebel tech, blowing up Imperial shield generators, and convincing the galaxy’s citizens to join the fight for freedom

Source Fantasy Flight Games
Star Wars Rebels: Declassified – “Droids In Distress”
Reported by Mark on 16 Oct 2014 09:55

Join Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac for Rebels: Declassified.

Season one of Star Wars Rebels is officially underway with the first “proper” episode, “Droids In Distress”. Our crew of rebels cross paths with some very familiar characters from the rich history of the Saga. How did they get along and where did their adventures take them? We talk all about it on Declassified! Joining moderator Jason Swank & Jimmy Mac are our pals J.C. Reifenberg (Hughes The Force) and Star Wars Oxygen‘s David W. Collins.

Subscribe via iTunes here OR plug this RSS feed into your device's podcatcher or RSS reader OR download the episode directly here.

Listen you must!  Also, don't forget to LIKE their Facebook page here.

Source RebelForce Radio
Star Wars mystery solved by University of Nottingham's X-ray scanner
Reported by Mark on 16 Oct 2014 09:43

A great piece sent to us via Paul Bateman, showing that these days you don't even have to open the packaging to know what's inside a blind bag.

But when will people learn there were never any rocket firing Boba Fett's sent out...

A man had a box containing a mystery Star Wars figure X-rayed by a university in the hope it was worth thousands of pounds. Toy collector Dave Moss, 40, bought the package online but did not want to open it in case he devalued what was inside. Mr Moss had his fingers crossed that the figure was a rare Boba Fett model, possibly worth as much as £5,000.

Unfortunately, the University of Nottingham scan revealed an Emperor Palpatine figure worth only about £30.

Special mail-away packages were sent to collectors in the late 1970s and early 1980s by Palitoy, a UK company, in exchange for tokens collected from the backs of Star Wars toys.

Source BBC (via Paul Bateman)
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron and the Early Days of Factor 5
Reported by Matt on 16 Oct 2014 09:27

Check this out, a look back to one of the classic LucasArts games, Rogue Squadron.

Special guest Julian Eggebrecht of Factor 5 joins the crew of Nintendo Voice Chat to talk through the early days of the game studio's legacy.

Source IGN
   15 October 2014
Sandwatch Guide: Hasbro's 2013 The Black Series - 6" Figures Wave 1
Reported by Dan on 15 Oct 2014 22:52

For your viewing pleasure, the 4-figure initial wave of action figures that made up The Black Series 6" figures wave 1 are now added to the Sandwatch Guide over at

My oh my, how things have changed...! Taking a cue from the Marvel Legends line, Hasbro created a brand-new scale for Star Wars figures. True, there have been 6" scale Star Wars figures before, but never as well-sculpted with detailed accessories and multiple points of articulation. This new scale was meant to be the "best of the best" in terms of what Hasbro could do, and their initial wave was an interesting mix of a hero, a villain, a trooper, and a droid. Like it or love it, the 6" scale is here to stay...but this debut wave really set the bar pretty high in terms of what the line could become. Get the full gallery after the jump!

Coffee With Kenobi: Why Star Wars And Star Trek Need Each Other
Reported by Mark on 15 Oct 2014 19:21

I know my compadre James Burns hates me talking about it, but I am a big time lover of all things Star Trek. I've been a fan since the early 80's, attended Trek conventions since 1992, been to a number of premieres, visited Las Vegas and Star Trek The Experience, met most of the various cast members. I love it, so this article caught my attention for three reasons. One because it's written by our pal Rob Wainfur from the magnificent The Bearded Trio, secondlty because it's hosted on the richly aromatic Coffee With Kenobi and thirdly because it's absolutely right.

Ever since I was a child, and particularly with the advent of the internet, the two franchises have generally been seen as two camps. Either you’re a Star Wars fan or a Star Trek fan. You can’t be in both camps is the general consensus with fans. I’ve seen fans at comic cons get quite irate explaining why their love for their chosen franchise is better than the other one. This could be seen as just passionate and there’s nothing wrong with that. But there is definitely a more serious side to the fan base and sometimes a little ugly. On The Bearded Trio site which I created and help run I cover Star Wars and Star Trek. I’ve had emails from Star Wars fans asking why I have Star Trek material on my site and that I should stop. I’ve even been called a traitor. I’m always happy to explain that I love both Star Wars and Star Trek equally and the two are in my opinion closer than most people think.”

Source Coffee With Kenobi (via Rob Wainfur)
Fantasy Flight Games: Force Pack: Get Set Up For Your Attack Run
Reported by Jonathan on 15 Oct 2014 17:32

More Star Wars: The Card Game goodness as Fantasy Flight Games announces the fourth Force Pack in the Rogue Squadron cycle, due out in the first quarter of 2015.

From the website:

With Attack Run, you have the chance to relive the climax of Star Wars: A New Hope as the Rebel Alliance makes its desperate attack on the first Death Star. In this Force Pack, you’ll find new Pilot versions of some of the game’s most iconic characters and their starships, including an Imperial version of Darth Vader with his specialized TIE Advanced, and a Rebel version of Luke Skywalker with Red Five. In addition to these, you’ll find Jedi-faction Pilot Keyan Farlander and famed smuggler Platt Okeefe, alongside a new Pilot version of Boba Fett with Slave I. Attack Run also introduces two copies of a entirely new, highly potent, fate card to be found only within this Force Pack.'

Source Fantasy Flight Games
Star Wars Rebels: "A New Battle" TV Spot
Reported by Mark on 15 Oct 2014 17:15

The Star Wars Rebels "A New Battle" TV spot tells of the current state of the galaxy: the Clone Wars are over, the Empire has risen, and the rebellion is about to begin. The spot features glimpses of key scenes from the new animated series, including Obi-Wan Kenobi's recorded message from the end of the Clone Wars, the Inquisitor versus Kanan, an AT-DP pursing Hera, and more.

Source Star Wars on YouTube
WolfPack Roundtables: Star Wars Rebels S1E4: Fighter Flight Review
Reported by Dan on 15 Oct 2014 17:05

It's time to join the gang over at the Wolfpack podcast for the latest episode.

On this episode of The WolfPack Podcast Roundtables, we review Star Wars Rebels S1E4: Fighter Flight. We talk about our favorite parts of the episode, and our speculation of what's to come!

Contact Information: YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | Google+

Source Wolfpack
Mexican 6" Black Series Four-Pack
Reported by Mark on 15 Oct 2014 16:55

Wow, how's this for a box full of cool? A Mexican 4 pack Black Series exclusive, available from 17th October featuring Han, Leia, Greedo and Boba.

With thanks as always to our Mexican shelf watcher Bernardo Soto.

The 4-Pack of Han, Leia, Greedo and Boba 6 "that soon will go on sale in Mexico. The price is expected to be $300, less than if you bought the figures separately, plus you claim the elusive Boba Fett. Do not forget that this pack and you will find the other figures on Friday October 17th at the launch event at Walmart Tepeyac in Mexico City.

Source Facebook (via Bernardo Soto)
Official First Name Of Palpatine Revealed
Reported by Justin on 15 Oct 2014 16:40

Heads up Star Wars trivia enthusiasts - a new piece of official information has just been added to the mix, and it is something that fans have been wondering about for decades.

Palpatine has a first name.

Ever since his introduction in The Empire Strikes Back back in 1980, Senator/Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine has had no first name, only later being know alternatively by his Sith title Darth Sidious. For years many speculated that the the beloved villain simply only had one name, now we've learned that's not that case. A few days ago at the 'A New Dawn' panel at New York Comic Con, it was revealed that the upcoming novel Tarkin, written by James Luceno, will finally reveal Palpatine's first name. Earlier today the Star Wars Wikia Wookieepedia updated their article on Palpatine with the new name and listed page 93 of Tarkin as their source. (Obviously one of their editors got an advanced copy of the novel.) So without further ado, The Phantom Menace's full name is....

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source The SWU
LEGO Star Wars Rebels TRU Micro Ghost Instructions
Reported by Matt on 15 Oct 2014 16:29

So did you make it to the USA Toys 'R' Us event last weekend? No? Aww, well the guys over at Brickfan have posted a scan of the instructions for the Micro Ghost so head on over and go build one.

Today was the LEGO Star Wars Rebels building event at Toys R Us stores. If you were lucky to be there early, you got a chance to build a Micro Ghost ship from the animated TV series and take it home. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to the event but fellow SandLUG member Charlie did and he was kind enough to send us the instructions for the build. You can either download the PDF copy here or check out the images below to build your own.

Source The Brick Fan
Official Site: The Trade Federation And Neimoidians: A History
Reported by Justin on 15 Oct 2014 16:20

Enjoy the latest Star Wars character entry posted by our good friend Tim Veekhoven over on the official site.

The Trade Federation finds its roots in our own history bearing similarities to the Dutch East India Company (VOC) and the British East India Company. At the start of the 17th century these two large companies were established by smaller firms to create a big economic power to trade with the East Indies. Just like the Trade Federation, they possessed warships to protect their precious cargoes and they had the authority to wage war, negotiate treaties, and establish their own colonies. The leaders of these companies weren’t that much different from the Neimoidians who ran the Trade Federation. People like Governor Jan Pieterszoon Coen of the VOC thought he didn’t have to answer to anyone to imprint his own views.

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Source Star Wars
Coffee With Kenobi: Rebels Reactions: “Droids in Distress”
Reported by Mark on 15 Oct 2014 16:14

It's time to join your hosts Dan and Cory over at Rebels Reactions.

Welcome to Rebels Reactions, where Coffee With Kenobi examines Star Wars: Rebels through a critical lens. On today’s show, we will be discussing “Droids in Distress”, the second episode in Season 1. Joining us on today’s show is Matt Moore, professional reporter and writer, as well as the comics scribe for Coffee With Kenobi. We discuss this Greg Weisman penned episode, and discuss themes present in the series, as well as what makes Zeb tick. This is the Podcast you’re looking for!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Coffee With Kenobi
Amy Beth Christenson Interview
Reported by Teresa on 15 Oct 2014 15:51
Show Full Story

Amy Beth Christenson has worked as an artist on some of Lucasfilm's highest-profile projects, including The Force Unleashed, The Clone Wars, and Star Wars Rebels - which had its regular-season debut, the episode "Droids in Distress," on Monday at 9:00 p.m. Eastern on DisneyXD. This summer, she won the Judge's Choice award in the Her Universe fashion show at San Diego Comic-Con.

New Party Gear in Sainsbury
Reported by Matt on 15 Oct 2014 15:35

Check out the new party wear for the coming festive season available in Sainsbury right now, giving you the chanced to chew with Chewie, slurp with a Stormtrooper or even masticate with Master Yoda.

Thanks to Spidey for the heads up.

Lucasfilm Officially Opens New ILM Building In London
Reported by Justin on 15 Oct 2014 15:29

We first heard word about this potentially happening back in April 2013, and now it has been officially announced by Lucasfilm earlier today: a brand new ILM facility has indeed been opened in London.

Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) held a ceremony today marking the official opening of ILM London’s new building, located in central London, and recognizing the new research and development initiatives the company will be undertaking in the London office.

Participants at the ceremony included Chancellor George Osborne; Ed Vaizey, Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy; Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy; ILM president and general manager Lynwen Brennan; ILM chief creative officer John Knoll; ILM London’s director of operations, Sue Lyster; creative director Ben Morris; and animation director Michael Eames.

The London studio is currently working on the highly anticipated sequels Avengers: Age of Ultron and Star Wars: Episode VII and will also service the UK market directly.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Screen Daily
First Weekly Star Wars Rebels Episode Had 1.03 Million Total Viewers
Reported by Justin on 15 Oct 2014 15:21

Following the debut ratings success of the one-hour "Spark of Rebellion" premiere, we find out that the first weekly Star Wars Rebels episode "Droids in Distress" that aired on Disney XD this past Monday also drew record viewing numbers.

Following its 6.5 million Total Viewer global movie premiere weekend, Monday's premiere telecast of the original series “Star Wars Rebels” became Disney XD’s #1 original animated series debut in the channel's more than 15-year history in Total Viewers (delivering 1.03 million), and its biggest primetime animated series launch ever among Kids 6-14 (481,000/1.3 rating), Boys 6-14 (369,000/2.0 rating), Kids 6-11 (356,000/1.5 rating) and Boys 6-11 (283,000/2.3 rating).

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Zap2it
Look Up, Harrison Ford is Flying Around in the UK
Reported by James on 15 Oct 2014 14:36

While Harrison Ford may have finished his time on Episode VII, it seems he intends to stay in the UK a little longer as he signed up with Shropshire Aero Club to rent a plane that was delivered to Denham, close to Pinewood, on Sunday. 

There's normally a rider in actors contracts that prohibit them from flying solo during principal photography of any given film, which could back up that he is indeed done with Episode VII.

He's now a lifetime member of the Aero Club with an open invitation to visit them at any time - could be useful when he's in the UK again for Episode VII pickups, Indiana Jones maybe and perhaps another Star Wars film too!

Thanks to Jonathan Beach for passing this to us; take the link below to read more.

Source BBC
Expansion To Pinewood Studios Being Planned For 2015
Reported by Justin on 15 Oct 2014 13:27

Via an article posted on The Hollywood Reporter:

U.K. studio operator Pinewood Shepperton said Wednesday that it expects to start construction work for a planned expansion in the first quarter of 2015.

This summer, the company received government approval for its long-delayed expansion plans worth $340 million. The production home of Star Wars: Episode VII and the James Bond franchise had been pushing for added capacity with support of studios, arguing that the U.K. has had to turn productions away due to current capacity limits.

On Wednesday, Pinewood Shepperton said it was submitting to the local district council for approval its detailed design of the first phase of what is known as the "Pinewood Studios Development Framework," or PSDF.

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Source THR
   14 October 2014
Big Bad Toy Store News
Reported by James on 14 Oct 2014 19:43
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Read on for the latest update from site sponsor Big Bad Toy Store featuring lots of new pre-orders, arrivals as well as a Hot Toys and Sideshow Sale too!

Star Wars Chubby Nesting Dolls Wave 1
Reported by Justin on 14 Oct 2014 19:02

Please see the following update from our own Matt Booker.

These all new Star Wars Chubby Nesting Dolls, also known as Matryoshka Dolls, feature some of your favourite Star Wars characters as you’ve never seen them before! The Russian style nesting dolls are three figures that fit snugly inside each other! Figures in the first wave are R2-D2, C-3PO, Jawa, Yoda, Mace Windu, Obi Wan, Boba Fett, Bossk, Zuckuss, Chewbacca, Han Solo and Greedo. Each assortment contains 8 pieces in an equal split of 4 designs. The largest figure of each set stand at approximately 9cm’s tall.

Out in late November/early December in the UK (RRP £18 per boxed trio.)

We photographed the pro types of these back at the UK Toy Fair in January 2013. They are similar to the ones Hot Toys did many years back and the hive in the UK have continued the line with a new take on the product with the outermost largest doll having a fully sculpted exterior.

Keep an eye on Jedi News upon release as we will post images of the final products at that time.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

RADIO 1138: Episode 17
Reported by Mark on 14 Oct 2014 18:02

It's time to join Mark and James for RADIO 1138.

It's time to batten down the hatches and lift the landing gears, we're about to blast off! Join us as we talk Marvel with Larry Hama, catch up with Mark Mulcaster from the Rebel Legion, discuss the finer points of Star Wars with Becca Benjamin, sweep the galaxy with the Space Janitors and chew over all the latest gossip right here on episode 17 of RADIO 1138!

Contact Information: iTunes | RSS Feed | Twitter | Facebook

Source RebelForce Radio
NY Comic Con 2014: A New Dawn / Star Wars Books Panel Video
Reported by Justin on 14 Oct 2014 17:33

Live recording of the A New Dawn / Star Wars Books panel by Del Rey at New York Comic Con.

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source The SWU YouTube
Bonus Content For The Clone Wars Season 6 "The Lost Missions" Blu-ray Set
Reported by Justin on 14 Oct 2014 17:19

The list of bonus content that will be included on the Blu-ray release of The Clone Wars Season 6 "The Lost Missions", which is scheduled to be released on November 11, has been revealed via the Blu-ray source link below.

The 2-disc Blu-ray edition of The Lost Missions includes the following bonus content:

- Never Before Seen 16-Minute Documentary Covering All Six Seasons

- Four additional story reels from "The Lost Missions" Season (Blu-ray only)

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Warwick Davis Proposes Pixar-Style Star Wars Shorts
Reported by Justin on 14 Oct 2014 15:56

Close friend of Jedi News, Mr.Warwick Davis, has offered up a great suggestion that he would like to see Disney implement with the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy and the planned standalone films.

He wants to see Pixar-style ‘Star Wars’ shorts before the main feature.

We asked the star whether he thought there could be room for another Ewok spin-off in Disney’s plan for the franchise, a spiritual sequel to ‘Caravan of Courage’ perhaps?

“Well, I don’t know about that,” he tells Yahoo with a grin, “That could be one of the interim films I don’t know.”

“It could be a little short, just before the main feature – an Ewok short. Like Pixar do with the ‘Toy Story’ ones. They could do one with Ewoks, just a two-minute story. I’d do that!”

“I think it should be a fly-on-the-wall documentary about Wicket, forty years on. What’s he up to now?”

“The party’s just finished on Endor and it’s like the clear-up. He’s got screaming kids – the party on Endor was so good, he doesn’t know whose the kids are – ‘I don’t know how this happened!’”

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Source Yahoo UK
Harrison Ford Finishes His Episode VII Filming
Reported by Justin on 14 Oct 2014 15:26

Sounds like we can add Harrison Ford to the list of actors who has completed their prepared filming on Episode VII, as an article posted on Daily Mail is reporting as such.

The star has now wrapped his scenes for Star Wars: Episode VII, the first film to be made by the franchise's new owner Disney.

However, don't expect the cast to open up about the plot anytime soon - director JJ Abrams put up posters around the set at Pinewood Studios warning everyone involved in the top secret project to keep schtum.

Ford joins previously-reported Anthony Daniels and newcomer Oscar Isaac as having wrapped up their planned shooting schedules for the film.

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Why Brad Bird Turned Down Chance To Direct Episode VII
Reported by Justin on 14 Oct 2014 15:02

We discover via an article posted over on MTV a little tidbit of information from director Brad Bird on why he passed on the opportunity to possibly direct Episode VII.

“We were already deeply into ['Tomorrowland']. George [Clooney] had committed to it, and we were down the road a bit,” he said about the timing of his choice. “For a moment there, I thought that it would work out to do this and go right into ['Episode VII']. It was supposed to be summer of this coming year. There was no way to make that schedule and give this film the attention that it deserved, so I had to step away.”

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Dave Filoni Star Wars Rebels Interview With 'SFGate Blog'
Reported by Justin on 14 Oct 2014 13:37

Peter Hartlaub recently conducted an interview with Star Wars Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni last week, and he posted the full Q&A session over on the SFGate blog.

Q: The characters in “Star Wars Rebels” seem to be operating in their own space separate from the “Star Wars” world we know. We see Obi-Wan in a hologram (in the movie) and that’s pretty much it. To what extent are we going to see other characters that we know?

A: Something that I think is very important to the future of “Star Wars” is to take what has traditionally been the Skywalker family timeline and (stretches his hands to the sides) go way over here and way over here. … It is such a rich universe, and there are other possibilities with so many characters.

We were pretty confident that we could create this crew, and people would get invested in following this little family unit, even though they’re not involved in the bigger goings on in the films. … It just gives you more dimension to the galaxy, and breadth to the tale. For our money, we don’t really ever need to cross over with it. We can create our own little thing over here.

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Rebels Recon #2: Inside "Droids in Distress"
Reported by Mark on 14 Oct 2014 13:02

In Rebels Recon #2, takes a deep dive into the Star Wars Rebels episode “Droids in Distress,” talks with the show’s creators, and gives you a first look at next week’s episode, “Fighter Flight.”

Lucasfilm’s Andi Guiterrez catches up with executive producer Dave Filoni and the Story Group’s Pablo Hidalgo to discuss the inclusion of a Star Tours-type vehicle and droid in “Droids in Distress,” and speaks with Kilian Plunkett on designing R2-D2 and C-3PO to fit with Star Wars Rebels’ animation style. “The Artoo that’s in Rebels is a little bit of a hybrid of all sorts of things,” Plunkett says. And C-3PO has one major upgrade that differentiates him from the model seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Pat Presley, concept designer, says that bringing back classic Star Wars vehicles and imagery has been his favorite part of working on the show.

Tracked down in the hallways of Lucasfilm, Hidalgo answers a question submitted through Twitter: Are stormtroopers actually clone troopers? The answer: No – clone troopers age rapidly, and have been phased out. Stormtroopers are recruits who are “loyal to the Empire.”

Have a question you want answered? Tweet your questions to @starwars with #RebelsRecon, and we’ll pick one to answer next week!

Source Star Wars on YouTube
Star Wars Action News Episode 434: Star Wars Collectors and the Holy Grail
Reported by Mark on 14 Oct 2014 12:27

Join Marjorie and Arnie for the latest edition of Star Wars Action News...

Members of the Star Wars collecting community share which item they most desire, and Marjorie and Arnie bring news from New York ComicCon 2014! The Holy Grail--the one item a collector pines for but has not yet grabbed. It may be rare, it may be expensive, it may just be elusive, but the hunt continues. Most collectors have that one item that beguiles them and they would love to own. On this episode of Star Wars Action News Arnie celebrates capturing one of his Holy Grail collectibles after an eight year hunt! Then members of the Star Wars Action News community share their holy grails. Join these collectors as they reveal their hearts' desires. A common holy grail is an original vintage rocket-firing Boba Fett prototype. Rare and expensive, this figure was promised on cardbacks but the rocket-firing version never shipped. On this episode Star Wars artist Christian Slade tells Marjorie and Arnie about how he finally added this wonder to his collection, getting his own holy grail! And from the old to the new, on this episode also hear coverage of this weekend's New York Comic-Con. Hasbro had an event with new Black Series, Rebels series, and Mission series figures revealed! From IG-88 to the Emperor to Han in Carbonite, listen to find out about all the new figures that will be hitting store shelves in the coming months!

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

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Star Wars Rebels: "Join Hera and Sabine" TV Spot
Reported by Mark on 14 Oct 2014 11:58

In this Star Wars Rebels TV spot, "Join Hera and Sabine," the Ghost crew's ace pilot and explosives expert take a stand against the tyranny of the Empire. Hera steers the Ghost, blasts TIEs, and encourages Ezra to fight for others; Sabine reveals to the Jedi-to-be why she's become a rebel, and takes on stormtroopers and Imperial craft.

Source Star Wars on YouTube
LEGO Star Wars - The Golden Brickies - The Winners
Reported by James on 14 Oct 2014 11:07
Show Full Story

I spent Saturday being 'Jedi James' and judging The Golden Brickies with Warwick Davis, Lucy Fisher (filling in for LEGO Star Wars Brand Manager Eloise Kurtis) and Milun Simpson (who won the LEGO Star Wars Dream Bedroom competition earlier this year).  It was a fantastic event, held at the LEGOLAND Resort Hotel in Windsor, and congratulations to all the winners and to LEGO/Norton PR for putting on such a great event!

Read on for the full press release and click on the above image for a photo of the winners/judges (left to right - Lucy Fisher – LEGO, Mark Campbell - MC/LEGO Master Builder, Tim Sutcliffe with sons Evan and George – Best Video, Daniel Jamieson – Overall Winner, Guy Frankland - Best Picture, Milun Simpson – Judge, Nick Sweetman – Best Build, Warwick Davis – Judge and James Burns - Judge).

Source LEGO
   13 October 2014
Fantasy Flight Games: Force and Destiny Beta Update #5
Reported by Jonathan on 13 Oct 2014 23:05

We here at Jedi News have already got our hands on this puppy and, to put it Rick McCallum opening night of Episode 1 style - 'THIS IS AWESOME!'

Get your Force on and show the galaxy what you can do with the Beta rules of this upcoming book. This is another week of playtest errata so get the PDF with the changes and revisions you'll need to improve your game.

From the website:

'This week, we’re bringing you our fourth round of errata updates for the Force and Destiny beta, and we’re introducing some changes to weapons and gear.

One issue we’ve been hearing a lot about is that Player Characters are having a hard time customizing their lightsabers. This is a fair complaint. Generally, modifying weapons and armor is the purview of tech-focused PCs. However, a Force user’s lightsaber is an intensely personal weapon, and turning it over to someone with a better skill level for some tweaks and added mods feels inappropriate. In addition, we wanted to add rules that emphasize the mystical bond between a Force user and his or her lightsaber crystal. Thus, we introduced a pair of changes: one for modifying any attachments on lightsabers, and one specifically for modifying lightsaber crystal attachments. These new rules “stack” with some of the Artisan’s abilities, so that specialization will still be the best at tweaking a lightsaber to peak performance. However, now all would-be Jedi can enhance and modify their personal weapons to a reasonable extent.'

Source Fantasy Flight Games
R2-KT Halloween Patch Available To Order
Reported by Mark on 13 Oct 2014 22:48

It's KT's man servant AL with a very important message:

Friends of R2-KT and the Legions! One of the most popular patches has always been our Halloween patch, and this year the crazy kids from Nightmare Before Christmas have made KT their victim! Juan Jose Matamoros heard my idea for a patch design and nailed it! Available as a whopping 4" x 5" patch in amazing color fully embroidered, it supports Make-A-Wish and will ship in time for Halloween. Just $7 free shipping paypal to - very small run so grab as many as you like but do so soon.

Have a safe and happy Halloween season!

Coffee with Kenobi: Ruminations: A Student of Star Wars
Reported by Mark on 13 Oct 2014 22:23

Over at Coffee With Kenobi Pam Bruchwalski takes a moment to think back through her own personal Star wars journey.

A ham at heart, I love a good presentation, love to tell tales, so this assignment was right up my alley. As I stood in the middle of a circle of my 30-years-younger classmates, I began with a tune familiar to anyone reading this: The Imperial March. I allowed the class to take in its grandeur for a few moments, proceeded with, “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…,” and then detailed the events that eventually propelled me back into academia. The release of each of the Star Wars films roughly coincided with significant occasions in my life. In the summer of 1977, I took a trip to Europe without my family as part of the American Youth Chorus, the youngest of the 150 plus members of the group. I grew up on that trip, or started to, just as in A New Hope, Darth Vader touched a part of me who began to look inward for the truth in who I would become, who I am now. I graduated high school in May of 1980, one week after The Empire Strikes Back’s release, and in 1983 I got married the same summer of Return of the Jedi. I mark those two occasions along with episodes V and VI. By the time the prequel trilogy burst onto the scene with The Phantom Menace, I was pregnant with my fifth child. I dragged my husband and four children to the theater to see the film, and they acquiesced to my request. Child number four, my only son, accompanied me to the premiere of Attack of the Clones in 2002, and we bonded over Count Dooku’s evil and the “really cool clones.” It was also at that time that I discovered the then-fledgling Hyperspace on By May of 2005 and Revenge of the Sith, my heart had been broken just weeks before with the loss of my lifelong best friend to a tragic car accident. I was ready to dive into Star Wars more deeply and desperately needed to explore my connection to it. I needed to write.

Source Coffee With Kenobi
Latest Star Wars Finds In Tesco
Reported by Matt on 13 Oct 2014 21:33

Check out my latest Star Wars findings in my local Tesco. Star Wars Command is out in full force with new Rebels basic sabres, but still no sign of the action figures at mass market in the UK.

The latest edition of Sci-Fi Now is on the shelves, focusing on the newest entry in the Star Wars television saga, Star Wars Rebels.

Finally the latest issue of Titan's Star Wars kids comic features Luke Skywalker asking you to 'Join the Rebellion'. Who could possibly resist?

Official Site: Talking With Billy Boyd, Jedi Hobbit
Reported by Mark on 13 Oct 2014 21:03

Billy Boyd chats with Bryan Young over at about his love for Star Wars.

Billy Boyd made an appearance at Dragon Con last month, and I happened to be on hand to talk to him about Star Wars. He couldn’t quite remember the first time he’d seen A New Hope (he was nine when it was released in the US), but he remembers the Star Wars saga as the thing that made him want to get into acting in the first place.

Setting the scene, Boyd took me back to 1983, his voice full of wonder, “I was in Butlin’s, which is like a holiday camp in Britain where you can kind of go with your family and whatever they pay, kind of everything’s free, they have rides and all that and you can just go on them because you’re in Butlin’s, so the cinema was free and the third movie was out and I would just go and see it every day.”

His story sounds fairly typical for us Star Wars fans, but he goes one further. “I tried to get my mum to go in, but I’d just go in and sit myself if nobody wanted to see it because I loved it so much.”

Any article that has the word 'Butlin's in it is fine by me.

Source Official Site
Play Expo: Game of Clones?
Reported by Matt on 13 Oct 2014 20:47

This weekend just gone the Play Expo took place in Manchester, and as you can see there were some great genre mash-ups at play as Jeremy Bulloch and Dave Prowse took a seat on the Iron Throne.

Source Play Expo
Happy Thanksgiving Canada
Reported by Team Jedi News on 13 Oct 2014 15:38

Wishing all of our family, friends and readers in Canada a very Happy Thanksgiving - hope you have a safe and peaceful day with your loved ones, from everyone here at Jedi News.

New "This Season On Star Wars Rebels" Disney Promo Video
Reported by Justin on 13 Oct 2014 13:47

A new 30-second promo video titled "This Season on Star Wars Rebels" has recently been uploaded to the official Disney website.

Join the Rebellion this season on Star Wars Rebels!

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Disney
Jedi News Review: Star Wars Rebels: Droids in Distress
Reported by Teresa and Aaron on 13 Oct 2014 11:38
Show Full Story

The season premiere of Star Wars Rebels did not disappoint at all, and it included some very familiar characters. We got to see C-3PO, R2-D2, the Tantive IV, and Senator Bail Organa. It was amazing to see them reference classic Star Wars characters so quickly and it definitely was not expected. This episode gave us action, backstory and character growth. If they keep giving us more like this, Rebels is sure to have an amazing first season!

   12 October 2014
Rebels Roundtable #1: Spark of Rebellion (or Riff-Raff, Street Rat)
Reported by Mark on 12 Oct 2014 23:51

It's time to join your hosts over at Rebels Roundtable.

Join Johnathan, Jen, Berent, and Nathan as they discuss the premiere. Did the “film” (er, double-length episode) live up to our expectations? Is Ezra really a thinly-veiled Aladdin rip-off? Did they really just name the capital city of Lothal “Capital City?” All this and things that actually matter in this episode, as Rebels Roundtable finally covers what it was born to cover: Rebels.

Contact Information: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Source Star Wars Report
Three Boba's Ride Again
Reported by Team Jedi News on 12 Oct 2014 22:35

Source Twitter
Fantasy Flight Games: Armada - Capital Ships in Battle
Reported by Jonathan on 12 Oct 2014 22:09

“Move as close as you can and engage those Star Destroyers at point-blank range.”

–Lando Calrissian

Look, it's true - we love to see the smaller starships zip around and take shots at each other, looping and weaving like deadly dancers and pulling off moves that'd leave your stomach in the next sector. But, the thought of huge, lumbering behemoths pouring turbolaser death on each other and generally pounding their foes into dust? That's epic.

And epic is what Star Wars Armada is aiming for. Get a preview of the game right now over at Fantasy Flight Games.

From the website:

'The battles of Star Wars™: Armada are about as large as battles get. Rebel and Imperial fleets collide above Outer Rim planets or outside of asteroid fields. Star Destroyers and Rebel frigates exchange turbolaser fire as screens of TIEs swarm X-wings and Corellian corvettes. The fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance.

As large as the space battles of Armada are, they flow seamlessly over six rounds, each of which is divided into four phases. In our last preview, we looked at the Command Phase and how it forces you to plan for the future, even as you respond to the changing tides of battle. Larger ships are more powerful, though less responsive, and while they’re capable of resolving more commands within a single round, they force you to plan further ahead. A single round of combat may be the culmination of three or four rounds of planning.

When the moment comes to fire, then, you’ll want to be sure to make it counts. In today’s preview, we’ll look more closely at the Ship Phase, focusing on ship-to-ship combat and its brutal exchanges of turbolaser blasts and artillery fire.'

Source Fantasy Flight Games
Deciphering the Kessel Run
Reported by ZakPT on 12 Oct 2014 21:29
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I don’t usually investigate the Physics and Astronomy behind Star Wars as I find it can take the magic and imagination out of it. However the well-known route of the “Kessel Run” completed in a record time of 12 Parsecs by Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon has brought up much discussion and doubt. And seeing as I take GCSE Astronomy and Physics, I thought it be silly not to have a go. So in this mini article, I attempt to decipher the Kessel Run.

Star Wars Rebels: NYCC Exclusive Clip
Reported by Mark on 12 Oct 2014 20:55

In this New York Comic-Con 2014 exclusive Star Wars Rebels clip, Hera demonstrates her superior piloting skills while outrunning an Imperial TIE Fighter.

Source Star Wars on YouTube
The WolfPack Podcast #95: NYCC 2014 Recap And Contest Results
Reported by Dan on 12 Oct 2014 15:16

It's time to join the gang over at The Wolfpack Podcast for the latest episode.

Corey, Logan, Marco and Curto are joined by Jayson and Stephen the Realm Recap! Talking over the latest news and info revealed from the past week, including all the Hasbro reveals from New York Comic Con. It's been a big Star Wars week with reports on Rebels, The Clone Wars, Episode VII, and the latest contest winner is revealed! Check it out!

Contact Information: YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | Google+

Source The Wolfpack Podcast
   11 October 2014
T-Shirts: Darth Cartoon
Reported by Matt on 11 Oct 2014 23:52

Teeconomist is the site and $10.00 is the price to make this awesome animated apparel your very own.

Source Teeconomist
Star Wars The Old Republic:Why BioWare Can’t Officially Support Fan Sites, Podcasters, Etc.
Reported by Mark on 11 Oct 2014 23:18

Bioware are unable to officially support fan sites and podcasts, a stance that on the face of it seems unusual. But there is a reason.

Basically, the fansite agreement says they can not have ties with any site that has advertisements of any kind.

  • Streamers have Twitch adds
  • Youtube has preroll adds
  • Podcasts sometimes have sponsors and request donations
  • Websites have ads and request donations (ex Reddit/Dulfy)

So basically this is why there are no “official” Twitch streamers for SWTOR. They aren’t allowed to advocate for or officially back any fan-created site or stream, specifically those with ads or that make money in some way. Only one official stream by the employees is allowed. It would open a whole can of worms for Bioware if they did start to support or promote a site or podcast over another, for example.

They are also not allowed to list or support any official fan-sites for SWTOR (us included) but they stated in the livestream that they do try to support the unofficial ones as best as they can via interviews and taunfaun codes.

Source SWTOR Strategies (via sQren)
NYCC 2014:Star Wars Kanan: The Last Padawan
Reported by Mark on 11 Oct 2014 22:35

So the prequels are being ignored, eh? Not by the looks of this which couldn't be more prequel if it tried. April 2015 and Marvel bring us Star Wars Kanan: The Last Padawan, a look back through Kanan's past to the days he was known as Caleb Dume.

Check out this interview conducted with former Rebels executive producer Greg Weisman.

Source Marvel
Star Wars Chocolate At B&M
Reported by Matt on 11 Oct 2014 22:02

89p and a trip to B&M will snag you this box of Star Wars chocolate. That's got to be less hassle and a lot tastier than a trip across the Dune Sea to get power converters.

More Detailed Blurb Lands For Heir To The Jedi
Reported by Mark on 11 Oct 2014 21:46

Heir to the Jedi lands on 17th February 2015 and Random House bring us an extended blurb (when did 'blurb' become the descriptive word for such information? I'd like to know so I can celebrate it each year) with more information on the forthcoming book.

Luke Skywalker’s game-changing destruction of the Death Star has made him not only a hero of the Rebel Alliance but a valuable asset in the ongoing battle against the Empire. Though he’s a long way from mastering the power of the Force, there’s no denying his phenomenal skills as a pilot—and in the eyes of Rebel leaders Princess Leia Organa and Admiral Ackbar, there’s no one better qualified to carry out a daring rescue mission crucial to the Alliance cause.

A brilliant alien cryptographer renowned for her ability to breach even the most advanced communications systems is being detained by Imperial agents determined to exploit her exceptional talents for the Empire’s purposes. But the prospective spy’s sympathies lie with the Rebels, and she’s willing to join their effort in exchange for being reunited with her family. It’s an opportunity to gain a critical edge against the Empire that’s too precious to pass up. It’s also a job that demands the element of surprise. So Luke and the ever-resourceful droid R2-D2 swap their trusty X-wing fighter for a sleek space yacht piloted by brash recruit Nakari Kelen, daughter of a biotech mogul, who’s got a score of her own to settle with the Empire.

Challenged by ruthless Imperial bodyguards, death-dealing enemy battleships, merciless bounty hunters, and monstrous brain-eating parasites, Luke plunges head-on into a high-stakes espionage operation that will push his abilities as a Rebel fighter and would-be Jedi to the limit. If ever he needed the wisdom of Obi-Wan Kenobi to shepherd him through danger, it’s now. But Luke will have to rely on himself, his friends, and his own burgeoning relationship with the Force to survive.

Source Random House
T-Shirts: Heart of Gold
Reported by Mark on 11 Oct 2014 21:23

Shirt Punch brings us a very simple and elegant tee that's available for 7 hours for just $6.99, so grab it now.

Source Shirt
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - 'The Lost Missions: Season 6' Release Details
Reported by Mark on 11 Oct 2014 21:18

It lands 11th November, retails at $39.99 for the 3 disc DVD and $45.99 for the 2 disc Blu and runs for 390 minutes with extras. It's season 6 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Lost Missions.

The highly anticipated sixth and final season of the Emmy Award-winning series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the 13-episode season dubbed "The Lost Missions." In these eagerly anticipated episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, some of the deepest mysteries of the conflict between the light and the dark sides of the Force are revealed. An intrepid clone trooper discovers a shocking secret, Anakin Skywalker's closest relationship is tested to its limits, and what Master Yoda discovers while investigating the disappearance of a Jedi could forever change the balance of power in the galaxy.

Source TV Shows on DVD
The WolfPack Podcast Special Episode: Freddie Prinze JR Interview (Kanan Jarrus On Rebels)
Reported by Dan on 11 Oct 2014 21:01

It's time to join the gang over at the Wolfpack podcast for the latest episode.

On this very special episode of The WolfPack Podcast, we are joined by the very awesome and talented Freddie Prinze JR, who voices Kanan Jarrus on Star Wars Rebels. We talk about Rebels Seasons 1 and 2, Kanan’s back story, Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian in Star Wars Rebels, Darth Vader, Star Wars Weekends, and much more in this brand new episode! May The Force Be With You, Always. INFO: There is a 20 second delay at the beginning of this episode.

Contact Information: YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | Google+

Source Wolfpack
BBC's The Risk Business (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back)
Reported by Mark on 11 Oct 2014 10:50

First broadcast on 9th April 1980, this BBC program takes a look at what was perceived to be a huge risk, making a sequel to what was then the biggest movie of all time, Star Wars.

It also takes a fascinating look at the workings of the UK crews, and the differences to their American counterparts. And we learn that to build the Falcon cost a HUGE £70,000.

Source YouTube (via Adywan)
Taylor Gray Talks Star Wars Rebels Sound Effects On Disney Website
Reported by Justin on 11 Oct 2014 00:33

A new video interview segment conducted with Taylor Gray, voice of Ezra in the Star Wars Rebels animated TV series, has been posted on the Disney site.

Taylor Gray talks about being a voice in Star Wars Rebels!

Follow Justin on Twitter @justinlasalata

Source Disney
   10 October 2014
Star Wars Battlefront Progress Report
Reported by Mark on 10 Oct 2014 23:29

While it may seem that all things are quite on the Battlefront 3 front things might be further along the line than previously thought, according to Philip Thalberg writing over at SWTOR Strategies.

According to Viktor Lundberg, one of the developers involved with the soundtrack-side of the game, a playable alpha and beta version of the game may already be available indeed. In a Twitter-post, the musician said he was looking forward to play-testing the title.

According to other sources, Battlefront may come with single-player mods, which may on one hand prevent many players from going online, while on the other, it may lay the foundations of a healthy and strong modding community, that would doubtlessly contribute to the longevity as well as the popularity of the game in a major way in the future. Whether the above are rumors rooted in fact or simple speculations, we’ll see in the rather distant future. Until then, we’ll probably be glad to continue snapping up bits of rumors from wherever they may originate…

Source SWTOR Strategies (via sQren)
Official Site: 80's Yoda Poster: Still Guilting Us To Read
Reported by Mark on 10 Oct 2014 23:11

The one and only Pete Vilmur schools us in the history of Star Wars over at as he takes a look back at the Yoda “READ” posters, created by the American Library Association (ALA) in 1983 for National Library Week.

Few images register instant success like the timeless Yoda “READ” poster design, created by the American Library Association (ALA) in 1983 for National Library Week. Printed nearly three decades before the first official Star Wars Reads Day, the poster still feels as relevant today as it did in the pre-Google days of card catalogs and Dewey Decimals. Composed of a simple production shot of Yoda with a book stripped in under his arm (this was pre-Photoshop, mind you), the image — paired with the elegantly-presented “READ and The Force is with you” snipe — feels so fitting, so natural, so right — that anyone within eye-shot of it is often struck with the sudden urge to crack open a book.

Source Official Site
Star Wars Rebels: Steve Anderson Premiers New Art
Reported by Mark on 10 Oct 2014 22:40

Check out this brilliant art by Steve Anderson as he weaves his magic once again, this time with characters from Star Wars Rebels.

I've been cleared to show some of my Star Wars: REBELS posters for the new Lucasfilm and Disney animated series.

Star Wars Rebels: "Spark of Rebellion" premiered a week ago on the Disney channel. Most of you who follow Star Wars have probably already seen this art as it was used to introduce the characters on the official site months ago as well as showing up on merchandise.

If you haven't seen the premiere show, please give it a watch. Dave Filoni and the rest of the creators have truly created some masterpieces that will please the young viewers as well as those whose heart was captured by the classic trilogy.

The first poster is of Ezra Bridger who is voiced by Taylor Gray.

Source Facebook
Concepts: Six Rebels For Star Wars Episode VII's Greenham Common Location
Reported by Mark on 10 Oct 2014 22:01

The gang over at Making Star Wars have been posting more rumours concerning Episode VII, this time focusing on Adam Drivers character and the links to Greenham Common.

As always to read Jason's report click through to Making Star Wars and have a read.

Source Making Star Wars
The Empire Strikes Back Uncut: Full Movie
Reported by Mark on 10 Oct 2014 21:48

Watch the full version of The Empire Strikes Back Uncut, a fan-made, shot-for-shot remake of the Star Wars classic!

With more than 480 fan-made segments culled from over 1,500 submissions, The Empire Strikes Back Uncut (also known as ESB Uncut) features a stunning mash-up of styles and filmmaking techniques, including live action, animation, and stop-motion. The project launched in 2013, with fans claiming 15-second scenes to reimagine as they saw fit – resulting in sequences created with everything from action figures to cardboard props to stunning visual effects. Helmed by Casey Pugh, who oversaw 2010’s Emmy-winning Star Wars Uncut, the new film has a wonderful homemade charm, stands as an affectionate tribute to The Empire Strikes Back, and is a testament to the talent, imagination, and dedication of Star Wars fans.

Source Star Wars on YouTube
Ikea Death Star
Reported by Matt on 10 Oct 2014 19:30

The Ikea Death Star, by the always brilliant Spencer Brinkerhoff.

Of course, being an Ikea product it won't actually be called a 'Death Star', more likely something like the Smurl, the Fleurguh or the Ploop.

Source YouTube
NYCC: Hasbro Star Wars Q&A With JTA
Reported by Dan on 10 Oct 2014 18:58

Our friends over at Jedi Temple Archives have finally posted their Q&A session with the Hasbro team from Wednesday night's "'Twas The Night Before..." party. Lots of questions asked from the collecting sure to check it out!

Source Jedi Temple Archives
Star Wars The Old Republic: 14,500 Cartel Coins + Exclusive Item
Reported by Mark on 10 Oct 2014 18:47

Check out SWTOR Strategies for the full details, but the long and the short of it is you can buy 14,500 coins for $99.99 via Amazon.

If you are looking to get some cartel coins, it’s always better to buy in bulk. Now EA has put out a deal that you don’t want to miss. It was just released at the end of September and we don’t know if it will be permanent or something they only offer for a short time but it does come with a cool, unique, exclusive in-game item.

Source SWTOR Strategies (via sQren)
Official Site: Fully Operational Fandom: Rocking With Fan Made Custom Guitars
Reported by Mark on 10 Oct 2014 18:16

Amy Ratcliffe's latest entry over at certainly strikes a chord as she riffs on a familiar subject - Star Wars and music, specifically custom made guitars.

Music has a strong presence in the Star Wars universe. Whether it’s the infectious stylings of Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes or the smooth vocals of Sny Snootles in the Max Rebo Band, it seems standard for a bar or gathering place in the galaxy far, far away to feature live performances. While I haven’t come across any functioning replicas of musical instruments from the films, I have seen instruments from our world modified to pay tribute to Star Wars characters, symbols, and scenes.

Source Official Site
ForceCast #324: There Are Plenty of Pools
Reported by