Waiting Their Turn Pt.2 – Animated/Classic Marvel Star Wars Characters We (Also) Need To See on the Big Screen

There are so many fantastic characters populating the Star Wars universe ready for their big screen interpretation, I couldn’t stop with just those from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. After some hard-thinking, the blast doors in my mind burst open with the plethora (such an underused word) of characters from the vintage animated series and Classic Marvel comics that are due for a live-action overhaul.

Whether you love them, hate them or love to hate them, I think the Star Wars universe could really benefit from having these characters fight with or alongside our favorite film characters. Now sit tight and get ready to argue or agree with the merits of:


Jaxxon (Marvel Star Wars comic)

Let’s just get this one out of the way. This quick-witted bunny of the Lepi species is the most memorable character from this comic series.

Standing over 8-feet tall with short green fur and wearing a red Mork from Ork jumpsuit, this mercenary knows how to work the ladies as well as Lando Calrissian. While fighting alongside Han and Chewie in a savage battle against the High-hounds, that didn’t stop Jaxxon from making future plans with the bikini-clad Amaiza. Who could refuse a line like, “I got a hunch we could make beautiful blaster-music together.” How do you refuse a line like that? I knew there was no chance of Jaxxon ever hitting the big screen when George was in charge since he loathed this character and demanded that he be ‘discontinued,’ But now there is a new hope!

And no, the idea of having Jaxxon’s skeletal remains in The Force Awakens doesn’t count!


Princess Kneesa (Ewoks animated series)

We can’t leave the Ewoks animated show from 1985-1986 out of this. And we can’t leave Ewoks out of future films, so let’s cross-over this princess from Bright Tree Village and the daughter of Chief Chirpa. Among her Ewok friends that include Wicket (her childhood sweetie), Paploo and Teebo she is the voice of reason even if that reason is to get into trouble. However, if you are still on the fence about this pink-hooded Ewok, consider this: she may possess the power of The Force! If not The Force, then a very powerful magic not unlike The Force. She was the one that wielded the Sunstar, an artifact that holds a special mystical power that was used in an assassination attempt on Emperor Palpatine. She could be the chosen Ewok! The episode that featured this plot happened to have been the last episode to air on ABC, so it makes sense that we need a continuation. Plus Hasbro will sell a bajillion Kneesa dolls to the hardly-touched toddler market.


Duloks (Ewoks animated series)

While we’re here with the Ewoks animated series, we need to include these green-furred lanky creatures that look more like cousins of the Grinch than distant cousins of the Ewoks. These bumbling creatures led by several kings including Gorneesh and Vulgarr (so many jokes for the adults

there), would be a great Ewok stand-alone CGI animated film. The Duloks were said to have been enslaved and assisted in the construction of the Imperial bunker on Endor. Maybe it was the Duloks who helped Han Solo and crew blow up the outpost that powered the shield generator to the Death Star. There’s a great parallel film to Return of the Jedi here.


Shira Brie/Lumiya (Marvel Star Wars comic)

One of the most surprising characters of the classic Marvel series (who later crossed into the Dark Horse Star Wars universe) was Shira Brie. She was a brave pilot of the rebellion and a love interest of Luke Skywalker (which caused mixed emotions for one Princess Leia Organa, keep in mind this was before she knew that she and Luke shared the same parents).

What makes her one of the most complex characters was that she was force-sensitive…and, oh yeah, she was also a secret spy for Darth Vader!

Brie’s single task as she infiltrated the Rebels was to either destroy Luke or ostracize him within the rebellion. When it came down to it in battle, Brie was in a position to take the kill shot but Luke, sensing a disturbance, shot Brie down first. Vader found the injured Brie and remade her, with help from robotic appendage replacements, into Lumiya, the Dark Lady of the Sith. Armed with a lightwhip (so much potential) this new breed of Sith is ready for battle in an upcoming Star Wars film!


Crimson Jack (Marvel Star Wars comic)

“Redbeard” as Han Solo called him, has the honor of being the first Star Wars villain in the expanded universe. Master of a space gang and commander of the Raider Starfighter Squadron, Crimson Jack makes his living as a pirate ambushing spice caravans in the Outer Rim and has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Immediately after the events of the Battle of Yavin, Han took his reward and was on

his way to pay off Jabba when the Falcon was intercepted and boarded by Crimson Jack and his space gang. At blaster-point Han was forced to hand over the reward leaving him with a bounty still on his head and no way to pay off the angry Hutt crime lord. I can see a spin-off that takes place years earlier where Han and Jack team up for a antagonistic pirate/ buddy movie, Redbeard and the Nerf-Herder. Oh, did I mention that this space pirate can really rock a one-piece unitard?


Great Heap (Droids animated series)

Now we need to see some love from Star Wars: Droids, the 1985 animated series. But the character I would like to see on the big screen comes from the TV movie spin-off titled, The Great Heep, which incidentally is the character we need to see in an upcoming film. This mechanical monstrosity was an Abominor, which was a droid species that were advanced enough that they could self-construct sometimes until they were the size of a planet. This particular Abominator, Great Heap, was shut down and put on display in a museum of antiquated machinery on Coruscant almost three hundred years BBY. It was there that Admiral Screed of the Imperial Navy found and awoke Great Heep to assist in wreaking havoc in the galaxy. Not only would this be a great character to include in a film but would make a great toy with so many moving parts to lose.



Plif and the Hoojibs (Marvel Star Wars comic)

Classic Marvel Star Wars loved its bunnies and the Hoojibs continued that tradition after Jaxxon. These creatures were small, fluffy, communicated telepathically and fed on electricity. The fierce Hoojibs, led by Plif, became an integral part of the Alliance when they helped them win against an alien attack. Proving themselves as a race to be reckoned with, Plif went on several missions with Luke Skywalker even after the Battle of Endor and later became a New Republic Senator (hey! If Jar Jar can do it!). As much as I love Hoojibs, I always saw them as the cousin Oliver of the Star Wars universe. When the Brady kids grew up on The Brady Bunch and lost their child-like appeal the show had to find new adorable replacements. Enter cousin Oliver. Marvel needed new cute characters since George didn’t want anything to contradict what he was doing in Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure. Enter the Hoojibs!

These under-rated cult creatures are now the focus of the fan group, #TeamHoojib.

What do you say Disney/Lucasfilm, did I make compelling arguments for these characters? I would be more than happy to come down and discuss this further and even do an interpretive dance to prove my points if needed.

What do you think of these characters? Are there any you want to see? Post comments below and please keep the Jaxxon hate-comments to a minimum.

Richard Woloski
Co-Host & Producer on the podcast Skywalking Through Neverland, Richard caught the Star Wars bug at his first viewing of Star Wars in 1977.