UPDATED: Star Wars Celebration VI: Concept Art from NEW TV Series?

    Announced at SWCV the NEW Star Wars Animated Show will have a super secret panel at Celebration VI which we hope will show the first footage and reveal what the genius team have been working on behind the closed doors at the Ranch for the past 2+ years.
    The project, possibly called Star Wars Detours was named by George over a year ago as the new TV project, but the connection to the Green project hasn’t been officialy linked. I spoke to Seth and Matt at New York Comic Con last year and couldn’t get anything out of them about the show and in many interviews they have had little has been said, so this should be a superb panel. But here’s and EXCLUSIVE first look at what looks like possible concept art from the show from the Celebration VI show guide.

    Seth and Matt are well known in the Star Wars community for their fan favorite Robot Chicken Star Wars specials where they have worked with stars like Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams and even George Lucas who all had great fun lampooning the Star Wars franchise. Seth is a long time Star Wars figure collector and their love and in depth knowlege of the universe and movies shone through in the Robot Chicken Star Wars specials so the franchise is definitely safe in their caring hands.
    Grimes is the new boy on the radar who was a director for Nickelodeons Back to the Barnyard animated series in 2007 and has been working  in the animation industy since 2000.

    UPDATE: I spoke to Seth and Matt at the Celebration Store Opening last night and they confirmed that this isn’t artwork from the show, it’s a drawing Seth made to promote the show in the Insider’s Guide.

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