UPDATED Anthony Daniels confirms Disney Star Tours Upgrade

UPDATED – It would appear that this story is not true… Steve Sansweet had posted this on SWStarTours.net…

There is absolutely no truth to a made-up posting that Anthony Daniels said anything about a new Star Tours movie, because there is no new Star Tours movie in the works. Why anyone would believe anonymous claptrap like this is beyond my comprehension. Lucasfilm and Disney have said before that they hope someday to revise the Star Tours experience, but that day has not yet arrived. We’ll let you know when it does.

Steve Sansweet
Director of Content Management & Head of Fan Relations Lucasfilm Ltd.

From the forums of WDWMagic.com – a really cool Disney site that I visit daily…

When Anthony Daniels was asked last Saturday (at the Adventure Comic Book Con in Knoxville) if he’d ridden Star Tours recently his reply surprised everybody when he said… “Yes and I just got finished filiming the new digitalized upgrade for the ride.  This update will start up around the end of the year and from what I’ve seen it looks very, very exciting.”

Bring it on… I just hope it might be in place for my visit to Walt Disney World in Aug/Sept – if not I’ll have to book to go again!

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