UPDATE: La French Touch : History of Star Wars French Merchandising & Marketing 1977-1986

    UPDATED: Stephane has sent through links to purchase the book via Amazon and Createspace, so get over there and order.

    Our friend Stephane Faucourt has recently released a fascinating book detailing the ins and outs of the French collecting scene, focusing on the journey from 1977 to 1986 and the classic run of merchandise that was released in the first age of Star Wars.

    Check after the break for the full rundown and be sure to order a copy, the book is detailed and full of cool knowledge.

    BOOK INFO: Two separate editions: FRENCH and ENGLISH ; 244 full color pages, 1200+ pictures



    PRICE is in EUROS: France 38, Europe 40, USA 42, Mexico/Asia/Australia/other 44

    La French Touch, also covers all the toys released in France (viewers, dolls, plush, pre-school etc…), and of course *ALL* the merchandising released in France between 1977-1986 in all various product categories.

    The book is available and already shipping since June 2013. It has received a strong feedback from the Star Wars collectors community. Fill the booking form to reserve your copy as quantities are limited.

    Here’s the BOOK SUMMARY as shown on the cover:

    The release of “Star Wars”™ in 1977 brought an incredible opportunity to completely reinvent promotional and marketing strategies through film-related merchandising. Star Wars products hit the market from the very beginning, culminating with the release of “Return of the Jedi”™ in 1983, which enabled consumers to buy almost anything they desired.

    France was among the very first countries to have Star Wars-related merchandise at retail, including some items exclusively designed for the domestic market before the progressive standardization of products was implemented across Europe.

    This unofficial book is the outcome of years of research spent to identify all of these items and their history. It presents the author’s point of view in the broader context of the 1980s, and re-examines the response the movies received, through a wide selection of documentary references and photos of French merchandise – some heretofore unreferenced or thought to exist only in myth. This book allows the reader to follow and analyze the development of the merchandising and marketing methods associated with this world-famous license. It features photography of most of the merchandise such as costumes, displays, food premiums, games, library and activities, magazines, novels, posters, records, retailer items, toys, viewers… along with their related promotional items, documents, catalogs and advertising.

    This book will appeal to all generations of Star Wars fans, as well as to collectors, nostalgia buffs, and anyone curious to relive the evolution of the merchandising and marketing of the Star Wars license in France.

    Stephane Faucourt grew up in France in the 1970s and was part of the first generation of star Wars fans. In the mid-1990s, he started to collect vintage Star Wars related toys and merchandise that was marketed in France and across Europe between 1978 and 1986. After assembling one of Europe’s largest Collection of toys and documents from that era, he wrote and published his first book in 2006 – “From Meccano to Trilogo”, about the action figure toys released in France during 1978-86. The book was an instant-hit, featured at Celebration Europe London in 2007 and various magazines. This new book “La French Touch” has taken 2 years of intense work and extensive researches, with contribution from collectors in various French merchandise categories, in order to present the entire range of merchandising and advertising that was released in France during the original Trilogy era. Stephane has also contributed to various websites and magazines by providing content, and was part of the fans collectible tracks panel presenters at Celebration Europe London (2007) and Essen, Germany (2013).

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