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What was the first ship we ever saw in the Saga? Mark has the answers in his latest review of the Official Star Wars Fact File.

NEWS: The Clone Wars Season 1-5 Blu Ray Sale

Matt brought word of an amazing £11 per season sale at Amazon of the complete Clone Wars series, minus the Lost Missions – which remain lost to UK viewers – come of Lucasfilm brighten up the Spring in the UK!!!


NEWS: Return of the Jar Jar

Dave Filoni creates a disturbance in the Force with news that Jar Jar is back in Star Wars Rebels. Thank goodness its April Fools Day, it was an April Fools Day joke right…?

NEWS: Billy Dee Williams Leaves ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Due to Back Pain

In news that we wish was an April fool, Billy Dee Williams, the one and only Lando Calrissian has had to pull out of Dancing with the Stars due to a bad back. Sad to see such a brilliant icon of Star Wars pull out, and heres to a speedy recovery Billy.

REVIEW: Darth Elvis At Sci-Fi Weekender 5

The one and only Darth Elvis was at Sci-Fi Weekender, here’s a taste of the action from the brilliant Star Wars music act.


NEWS: Farthest From: Hello, What Have We Here?

Furtherst From is the premier UK Star Wars Retro Toy Show and they always having something quite special. How about a flocked Lando Calrissian? The next show is on April 27th in Fordingbridge.

REVIEW: Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Squadron: The Rebel Opposition #1

Zak brings us his review of Issue 1 of what would become a 50 issue comic series from Michael Stackpole. In my opinion the greatest work from Dark Horse in their near quarter century run at producing Star Wars comics…

NEWS: The Metro: Star Wars Arrives At The Sci-Fi Weekender 2014

Mark Newbold and our RPG Editor Jonathan Hicks were on hand at the Sci-Fi Weekender and Mark gives us his review of the show from Hafan Y Mor Holiday Park in Pwllheli, Gwynedd, North Wales.

NEWS: Star Wars Rebels: Brian Snook Brings The Awesome

Artist Brian Snook gave the web this amazing take on Star Wars Rebels. Can’t wait for this series to kick off in the Autumn.

NEWS: Ralph McQuarrie ‘Tribute to a Master’ Video Part 5

The epic series continues with this week ILM’s Scott Farrar continues the discussion of the impact of McQuarries work.


NEWS: Lucasfilm and ‘The Big Bang Theory’ to Release Special ‘Star Wars Day’ Episode

We learn via The Hollywood Reporter that Lucasfilm and the producers of the hit TV comedy series ‘The Big Bang Theory’ on CBS will be working together to release a special ‘Star Wars’ themed episode in celebration of ‘Star Wars Day’ next month.

NEWS: Star Wars Reads Day’ III Announced For October 11

Star Wars Reads Day returns on October 11th. With over 2000 events planned, this is an incredible project and one we fully back.

NEWS: Electronic Arts Names Amy Hennig Creative Director For ‘Star Wars’ Project

The writer and creative director of the epic Uncharted franchise has joined EA as Creative Director for a future Star Wars project. Can’t wait to hear more about this…

NEWS: The Metro: We Want Everything In This Man’s 35,000 Piece Star Wars Collection

Our very own James Burns was the talk of the water coolers up and down the country after being the focus on BBC show Collectaholics which followed him as he tried to stop his 35,000 collection taking over his home.


NEWS: Episode VII Already Filming in Cairo; Abu Dhabi a Selected Location?

It’s Friday and time for another rumour for the weekend, and this one is a doozy. Star Wars Episode VII is already filming, and it’s happening in Cairo.

NEWS: Photo of George Lucas and His Dog Indiana

Indiana Jones was named after the dog, remember? Well here’s the actual dog and it belonged to George Lucas.

NEWS: Darth Vader Consideration For Ukrainian Presidency Denied

In what is surely good news, Darth Vader has been denied entry to the Ukrainian President elections. Well its only right, Palaptine was the Emperor and Master…


NEWS: Star Wars: 10 Reasons The Galactic Empire Wasn’t As Bad As Everyone Thinks

What Culture bring us this fun filled list of why The Galactic Empire was not as bad as perceived…

RUMOR: Dominic Monaghan To Be a Jedi in Episode VII?

Another JJ Abram’s alumnus has been connected with a Star Wars role, this time Lost’s Dominic Monaghan.

NEWS: ‘Star Wars Detours’ Delay Was “100% a Lucasfilm Decision”

In an interview posted over on Topless Robot in which they talk about their extremely popular ‘Robot Chicken’ series, creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich explained the 100% Lucasfilm decision to cancel Detours.

NEWS: Star Wars Episode VII: Already Shooting

Confirming our story from Friday, the weekend was capped off with the exciting news that Star Wars Episode VII is indeed shooting NOW! Head of Disney Studios, Alan Horn gives us the details… or what he can.


Whether commuting, relaxing or out running. You cannot beat some Star Wars audio entertainment in your eardrums, here’s my pick of the weeks best podcasts!

PODCAST: Star Wars Action News

Star Wars Action News returns with their 421 edition, and all of the Hasbro news and reviews.

PODCAST: Star Wars Oxygen

David Collins returns with the Star Wars Oxygen podcast, and an inside look at the music of The Empire Strikes Back.

PODCAST: The Forcecast

The Forcecast discuss Locations of Star Wars films past and future as they mull over the lasest location rumours.

PODCAST: The Recap Realm

It’s time once more to join Jason, and the Yakface crew to discuss the latest on Chewie’s 6” Black Series figure, new images from Lego, and preorders from Sideshow.

That Was the Week That Wars…

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