Teresa’s Favorite Star Wars Gadget #9: Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

I actually own one of these awesome sleeping bags. It was actually given to me as a gift for christmas a few years ago. When I got it I don’t think I even knew it was a real thing. Once I got it though I knew that it was perfect for all those sleep overs I was too old to have now! So when do I use this awesome invention…well hardly ever but if I were to build a fort in my living room I think it would be very important.

The sleeping bag itself is pretty warm I have used it to lie on the floor and watch TV before. By using it for this purpose I did not need a pillow or a blanket as the sleeping bag serves as both. I also love the detail of the inside of the sleeping bag and that it looks like Tauntaun guts! My favorite part of Empire might actually be the Tauntaun scene so this was pretty cool to me. I also was very impressed with the zipper pull being a blue lightsaber.

The only thing that is difficult about it is rolling it up because unlike a traditional sleeping bag it is not very compact. I think this is a great gift for kids and shorter people because otherwise it will be too short. You can bet this one will stick around for when I have kids.

SOURCEThink Geek
Teresa Delgado
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