Teresa’s Favorite Star Wars Gadget #8: Chop Sabers

If you don’t like using traditional utensils to eat your food and you are a Star Wars fan then why would you not want a set up Star Wars inspired chop sticks? I have two sets of these chop sabers and if you ask me they are pretty cool to have.

When I bought them they only had Darth Maul and Luke versions. The Darth Maul ones are pretty awesome because they have a magnet at the end that allows them to stick together. After looking at what is now available over at Think Geek I really want the Mace Windu ones.

The best part about me owning Chop Sabers is that I can’t even use them. I lack the ability to use chop sticks and pretty much always use a fork. The only way I can even use these is if I use them to just stab the food. I should probably learn to use them one day….maybe there is a way to put training wheels on my chop sticks.

The one thing I am curious about is whether or not the Yoda ones are in fact shorter than the others…and if so does this make them kid Chop Sabers?

SOURCEThink Geek
Teresa Delgado
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