Teresa’s Favorite Star Wars Gadget #6: Star Wars Family Car Decals

I just saw these recently and if I was ever going to drive a soccer mom van and have family decals these would be the ones I would choose.

Now I am sure many people would choose to put these family member decals on non-van vehicles but usually you see these kind of decals on vans or suburbans. I think the idea of them is pretty cool and I am pretty sure the R2-D2 is supposed to be for your pet. My only question is what happens if you need to add more kids or pets? Well they have this covered! In the set there are 50 stickers with 19 unique characters so if you want to create and all Stormtrooper family you surely can. If you want an Endor themed family you can do that too.

I do not have kids or a family other than my husband and I am in no real need to buy them but you know I still want them. Head on over to Think Geek to check them out.

SOURCEThink Geek
Teresa Delgado
Teresa is a co-host of a number of podcasts including Disney Vault Talk, Fangirls Going Rogue, Star Wars Bookworks (with fellow Team Jedi News member Aaron Goins) and Galactic Fashion alongside Johnamarie Macias on the Jedi News Network.