Star Wars Uncut: The Empire Strikes Back

    Over to Casey Pugh at the Official Star Wars Blog for some exciting news!

    In 2009, we started Star Wars Uncut with little more than a big dream of getting fans involved in the Star Wars story. Turns out that dream got a lot of people excited. We had thousands of participants—young, old, animated, and furry. It was a lot of learning on the fly, as we figured out how to bring the new concept to life alongside our awesome contributors. A New Hope Uncut was born out of our collective labor of love and the best part was seeing what we could all do together.

    Earlier this year, Lucasfilm reached out to us, and it turned out that they felt the same way! After a few months of conversations about how we might be able to partner to keep the project alive, we’re excited to announce that we’ve reached an arrangement with Lucasfilm to launch the next chapter in the Star Wars Uncut story: The Empire Strikes Back Uncut!

    SOURCEOfficial SW Blog
    Justin LaSalata
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