Star Wars: The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia

Recently released by DK Books, Star Wars: The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia details more than 200 characters from both the animated series and the theatrical release that launched it.  Featured alongside the usual heroes and villains are droids and creatures spanning the two series, and covers the gamut of characters, including the not-so-familiar faces of Kin Robb, Nuvo Vindi and Cassie Cryar.  And as you might imagine, given the title, the book is also jam-packed with Clones, providing details on the ranks of the Flight Crew, Gunners and Ordnance Specialists, as well as giving a more personal view of individual troopers that we’ve come to know and love, such as Waxer and Boil, as well as some of their lesser-known brothers such as Stak, Sketch & Punch.

Each entry provides trivia and statistics (Species, Allegiance, Weapons & Talents, among other things) and a brief bio giving just enough detail to encourage you to find out more.  As you can see from the pages below, there are also some great images of each character, including scenes taken directly from the show.

Click on the images below for a closer look at some of the characters featured:




Star Wars: The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia is available now from DK Books, currently at a reduced price of $14.99 in Canada. Click on the link below to purchase it now!

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