Star Wars Rumour Alert: Jedi Master SQL’s Thoughts

    Last night the Scruffy Bothan broke the Imperial blockade to leak out the massive news from the European Brand Licensing Show that you read exclusively first here, and shared it with our very own Jedi Master SQL through the dark regions of the Holonet. Check after the break for the venerable Jedi’s take on this official news and what it all means:

    Classic Lego Games Mobile Release

    This news comes as no surprise, with Jedi News first reporting the development of iOS games in their E3 Preview back in June. DICE LA, part of the EA gaming group, has developed a tablet division and I expect more and more multi platform tablet gaming in the Star Wars Universe. With Lego having already ported other franchises such as Batman and Harry Potter, this step is an easy foray for them to make.

    Digital Library Launch

    This news also came as no surprise to this Jedi Master because Jedi News reported this first here, here and here.

    With the confirmation of an upcoming digital library it would make sense to have that library available on iOS and Apple TV devices. I stand by my sources that Episode VII will see production promotion through those platforms in a Star Wars app like so many other Disney properties, with this app expanding to include Clone Wars bonus episodes, Rebels, TV Specials, and footage from the Lucasfilm archive. And this Jedi also expects to sit and watch Eps 1-6 on his tablet as he waits in line for Episode VII. Yes, it’s time for the Lucasfilm back catalogue to make that digital plunge.

    Episode VII Theatrical Release

    All of this Jedi’s sources point to 11/11/15 as being the release date, and I would be prepared to stake my Holocron crystal on it releasing at the back end of the year. However as has often been pointed out, I also never predicted Order 66, so I will stand aside and assume that the House of Mouse knows what is is talking about. After all, the Scruffy Bothan does carry official documentation to show that this is Disney’s plan.

    Darth Vader Themed TV Specials

    Difficult to see the Dark Side is and this Jedi never saw this one coming. I had heard that Disney were going to use their own various media platforms to run a series of introductory programs on Star Wars similar to their D23 panels, so wonderfully hosted by Pablo Hidalgo. I was told there would be “character guides” on Han, Luke, Leia, a general profile on the Jedi and the Force so that the generation raised on the Prequels and The Clone Wars would know the Classic Trilogy characters before Episode VII arrives.

    I had assumed that these would be archival footage documentaries, a’la Discovery Channel style. BUT with this Vader special being pushed to licensees, it implies this is something Lucasfilm will get behind in a big way. Context is key here. This is something Lucasfilm see as being an event to encourage a company to buy into the Star Wars brand. Also note the plural: SPECIALS, i.e. multiples of…

    The big question perhaps is why profile Darth Vader in the run up to Episode VII if he is not part of the next trilogy, and are these limited to archival footage or can we anticipate new live action shoots?

    Rumors of Vader suits being made at Pinewood reached this Jedi from the Scruffy Bothan a number of months back, something we’ve been sitting on until it was logical to post. Can we really expect something new for this apparent series of specials, or is this the first link in a chain of plot details emanating from the script of Episode VII?

    Do you recall the casting calls for very tall actors? Naturally we all thought Wookiee, but how many of you know how tall is David Prowse. He was 6′ 6” at his peak and originally auditioned for Chewbacca. Just saying…

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