One of our reliable Jedi News sources has passed along the following information pertaining to the current plan for the debut of the Star Wars Rebels animated TV series:

Series of vignettes airing from August onwards showcasing minimum of four main characters. This will see the launch of books for young readers around this time, which will include back-stories and prequels to the full Rebel series. Trying to launch this to quite a high degree of fanfare.

Early October we will see what has been termed a “movie” but is actually only an hour long feature episode drop on the full Disney Channel. Disney XD will then start the ongoing series.

As the situation sits only one episode is in the can although a lot is obviously work in progress.

In addition to yesterday’s exciting reveal, the Chopper announcement and accompanying video have been posted on, which also includes an image of Chopper’s upcoming Hasbro figure.

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