‘Star Wars’ Pops Up In The Most Unexpected Places

According to Master Yoda, the Force can be found in almost everything. However, we reckon the great master himself would raise an eyebrow at some of the places the Force manifests itself in when it comes to Star Wars merchandise. From underwear to dog collars, it seems there’s a Star Wars version of everything these days; and just to prove it, here are a few of the most unexpected merch items we’ve come across in our time.

First off, we’re going to start with the rather ridiculous Darth Vader Yoga mat. This was a huge missed opportunity for alliterative branding, because we all know that everyone would have bought the “Yoda Yoga Mat”, right? Besides, the dark side of the Force and inner peace really don’t intertwine too well, do they?

Now, if you thought that was ridiculous, you’re in for a shock. Our next piece of must-have Star Wars fan merch is the diaper. Now, you’re probably thinking that this would be quite cute, but what if we told you that we forgot to put a word in there before “diaper?” That’s right, adult diapers—featuring images of X-Wings and the Millennium Falcon—are where it’s at these days.

Of course, not all Star Wars tie-ins or merchandise is quite so “out there”. Nissan produced the cleverly-named Rogue One SUV in time for the episode’s release, and it looked the part. It was available in either black or white and had some really cool, understated design features, including Star Wars logos on the floor mats and a few other nice nods to the Force in the cabin. Nissan only made 5400, and they’ll no doubt be collector’s items in the not-too-distant future.

Another rather unexpected place you’ll find some Star Wars-themed merchandise is in Vegas. And no, we’re not talking about Comic-Con or any other fan conventions—that would be far too obvious. No, we’re talking about the casinos. Yes, that’s right, slot machines. There have been slots themed on everything and everyone, from the Hoff to Rocky, so it makes perfect sense that Star Wars would eventually get its own slot on the casino floor.

But enough with the unexpected, yet normal, efforts! Let’s get back to the weird and wacky—and the R2-D2 aquarium is a perfect example of such. It’s not quite life-sized, but it’s still pretty big, considering that it can hold over 6 liters of water. The cool thing about this is that it has a reverse periscope in R2’s eye so that you can watch your fish swim by.

Sticking with the droids for a moment, C-3PO has his own tape dispenser with a rather questionable tape location. We have a number of questions for a lot of marketing departments here, but this one raises the biggest queries. How, why, and what were you thinking?

And if you thought that food escaped the Force, then mistaken you are. You can buy Yoda grapes, BB-8 oranges, Jar Jar Binks candy tongues (shudder), and Star Wars apples. Yes, it seems that nothing—not even your toilet paper—has escaped the merchandising juggernaut that is Star Wars.

Honorable mentions go to the Kylo Ren suitcase, the 16-foot, inflatable Christmas Darth Vader, the Star Wars complete fisherman’s kit, and, of course, the Ahsoka Tano swimsuit. Yes, those are actual things that you can buy online. So, if you know a fan who thinks they have it all, then tell them to think again, because we’re quite sure that they don’t have a Revenge of the Sith air sickness bag. Again, yes, that really was a thing.