Star Wars Episode VII: Rumour Alert: Filming At Pinewood Confirmed?

    We just got news from a very trusted source that a filming location deal was signed a couple of months ago and studio space and facilites have been block booked for the next ten years at Pinewood Studios.

    In a move similar to the Prequels (JAK Productions) and Return of the Jedi (Blue Harvest Productions) the film is in pre-production under a pseudonym: Foodles Productions Ltd, a company registered on 26th March 2013 to the Disney headquarters in London.

    Further to this we understand that the film has been in pre-production at Pinewood Studios for three and a half months in advance of an August 2013 shooting date. We hear they have block booked the studios for 10 years and that construction of offices and facilities on-site is underway. Also storage space is being located in the local area.

    UPDATE:: This just in from a friend of the site.

    Those of you not familiar on UK business setup. Traditionally formed by a prepacked business.

    You buy a box with business setup and existing director resigns, you register your directorship and change business name. Costs about £100.00 sterling.

    Lucasfilm have not gone this route. They setup the business from scratch on paper as LFL Productions, they resigned and used a non-descript name with non-descript directors. Common thing to do to hide your accounts. Footballers / celebrities do it to hide their business dealings. LFL have used their name to start with when they could have bought an off-the-shelf business with no trace back for £100.00 sterling.

    Matt Booker
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