Star Wars Detours: Update

We’ve received a number of messages from friends and followers of the site who picked up on one aspect of our Star Wars Detours piece a couple of days back, noting that while our article mentioned 30 episodes being released, it’s widely known that 39 were produced.

We went back to our source to clarify the point, and this is the reply we got.

“Because only 30 are suitable for release”

Make of that what you will. Perhaps 9 of the episodes were not suitable for a Disney era audience, or maybe other concerns make them not relevant or suitable to be released. Remember, when they were produced George Lucas was very much involved and appears in the show as a character – ‘the boss’ of Star Wars – which since 2012 he no longer is (although we know he always will be).

More information as we get it, and remember – as always – until it’s confirmed officially by Lucasfilm or Disney, it’s just a rumour.