SPOILER ALERT: Final Two Episode Descriptions For The Clone Wars Season 6

    Our good friend Christoph Wolf over at StarWars-Union.de has notified us that the final two episode listings for The Clone Wars Season 6 which is scheduled to be aired in Germany on Super RTL have been posted.


    Guided by the Force, Yoda travels to the heart of the galaxy. There, on the planet where he finds the origin of the Force, he must face difficult trials. Only upon passing them will the Sages deem him worthy of learning the deepest mysteries of the Force….


    On Moriband, the homeworld of the Sith, the time has come for Yoda to pass his final test. Only then will he learn the best-kept secret of his order, but first a most powerful enemy awaits….

    If spoilers have no ill effect on you, make sure you check out our earlier post that breaks down the rest of the Season 6 episodes.

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