The SAS have finally realised that the best way is the Fett way and are trying out what’s known as the Boba Fett helmet.

Check out this article over at the NY Post for the full details and get ready for a bounty hunt.

SAS soldiers are trying out “Star Wars”-style bulletproof helmets in the war against terror. The SAS is the UK’s answer to the Navy SEALs.

The high-tech gear – dubbed the “Boba Fett helmet” after the hit movie’s infamous bounty hunter – uses heat-seeking technology to hunt down enemies.

It picks up signals from other people through “friend or foe” vision and is air conditioned to protect against heat and gases.

Troops benefit from a GPS system that projects maps on to the visor.

And its super-strong plates can deflect gunshots and protects against shrapnel, blasts and fire.