Slot games are perhaps a casino game that is more for the older customer base, what with young players at land-based or online casinos frequently opting for table game choices such as blackjack and poker instead. However, the casino companies and slot game developers are always looking for ways to broaden the appeal through slots that are more interactive and appealing, including ones with specific themes.

One of the themes customers will find when considering slot games to play is sci-fi and space, with a slot based on the hit movie Star Wars being a particularly popular one. The film saw the Empire led by Darth Vader being taken on by Jedi Obi Wan Kenobi, young recruit Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and renegade Han Solo– and all of these characters can be seen on the reels of this slot spin-off. When you are playing this game you will see and hear imagery from the film at key points – including the whoosh of light sabres and the Millennium Falcon powering up – and this helps bring the theme to life. Although it is not based on a hit movie, the slot Alien Robots has proven to be one of the most enduring space themed slot games on the market since it was originally released. It contains five reels all of which are filled with images of different aliens against an outer space backdrop, with the visuals very reminiscent of old-fashioned space invaders cards. The different coloured alien robots are the high value reel icons – with red being the most valuable and blue the least and there are also scatter and wild icons, in the form of a UFO and an alien with a green brain and red eyes! The theme of this game is well developed, but if there is a downside it is the lack of much bonus action, although there is a free spins feature triggered by three, four or five UFO icons. If the wild alien pops up during these free spins it expands out and turns sticky, which is neat visual and also helps you win.

Ultimate Universe is a space slot that has appeared more recently and sees you play as a space traveller, trying not to hit black holes, meteors and supernovas. The theme is developed through icons like a space shuttle, satellites, planets and astronauts on the five reels, while the game opens with superb graphics of a planet being destroyed by a meteor. The astronaut is the key reel icon as scoring five of him on a reel triggers a payout of 2,500 coins, while the satellite and space shuttle ones are also valuable. The bonus round is a free spins feature sparked by getting a minimum three planet scatters and ranges from 15 to 50 free spins depending on how many of them you get. Finally there is Big Bang slot, which is another space exploration themed one that boasts five reels with images of planets on them. The slot also has 25 pay lines you can wager on, increasing your odds of a win, while the multiplier means wins can be increased by up to 32 times.

Why not try one of these space slots to see if you can land a win as big as a planet.

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