Sketch Wars: 50 Days To Go


    Our pal Nicholas Diak has been drawing our way towards The Force Awakens for the last couple of years and now, with only 50 days to go here’s his latest update.

    Hi Mark, It’s been awhile. Hope things are going well.
    I can’t believe, as of today, we’re only 50 days away from The Force Awakens. Even still it feels like it’s never going to get here.
    As we wait for Episode VII, a movie that we never thought would actually get made, I’ve decided to bring my SketchWars project a little closer home. As you know over the past year and a half I’ve been drawing one Star Wars character everyday counting down to The Force Awakens in support of And I still strongly believe in what does to help people all across the world have access to clean water. That being said, I’m taking SketchWars to its next chapter, and these last 50 days are the perfect time to do it. After reading up on what ForceForChange and Unicef is I decided to take J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy’s charge to full embrace Unicef.
    Over these last 50 days I’ll be using my Sketch Wars project to help spread the word about all of the great things and Unicef are doing all across the world to help children in need.
    As always, Mark, thanks for all of the support over these last few years.
    We’re ALMOST home 🙂

    Cheers Nicholas, it’s been a LOT of fun.

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    Mark Newbold
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