RUMOUR: New The Clone Wars On The Way?

    That’s the claim via an anonymous reddit user, claiming that more of the 6th seasons unseen episodes are heading for both and Marvel.

    Due to not wanting to lose my job I can’t reveal how I know of this information but here it is
    In 2016 we’re going to get atleast two new TCW arcs as a story reel and as a comic to coincide with Ahsoka’s reappearance in Rebels and her upcoming fight with Vader *First is the Ahsoka Underworld Arc (Has not been officialy named yet) and it has production nr. 605-608 and will be released as a story reel on
    *Then we’re going to get a 5 issue miniseries made by Marvel Comics named Star Wars : The Invasion of Mandalore. The fourth episode was split into 2 issues since it was very action and story packed.

    As always, treat such rumours with caution.

    SOURCEreddit (via SWPAS)
    Mark Newbold
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