Understanding the sensitive nature of this report you’ll forgive us for citing ‘unnamed sources’ as the starting point of this piece, but with that in mind could Justin’s article from Monday hinting at a January 2014 start date tie in with this quote and could Pinewood be the new permanent home of Star Wars?

A good friend who’s just finished working at Pinewood studios told me that Disney have signed a new 5 year deal there and a new sound stage is in the process of being constructed.

Some of the people there are calling if the new Star Wars stage. Apparently the Disney deal is for multiple movies and security has started to be tightened up.

From what my friend said, a lot of the construction workers were openly calling it the Star Wars stage.

As ever, until Lucasfilm confirms then it’s a rumour. It could be people putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5, but this corroborates two reports we’ve recieved at Jedi News and we’ve been right before so watch this space.

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