Writing over at the wonderful Retrozap Michael O’Connor delves into the life of Padme Amidala. Queen, Senator, Mother, she was many things to many people but why does she get such a bad rub from so many?

Female politicians get a cold reception in this world, even fictional ones from galaxies far, far away apparently. Padme Amidala is a queen, a senator, and the mother of Luke and Leia, and she has some of the most devoted and passionate fans of any character in the saga. But there also seems to be something toxic in the air of late. As a new breed of Star Wars heroines enter the fray, a little bit of revisionist sniping has targeted Padme with claims that she should either be ignored or ridiculed as the wrong archetypal model for future galactic heroines. The popular refrain around Ms. Amidala is that she simply doesn’t represent the empowered female character that modern fans demand.

But here’s the thing: Queen Amidala has never been more relevant.

Mark Newbold
Former Daily Content Manager and Program Director for Jedi News and the podcast network. Co-host RADIO 1138 and Take Cover on the Jedi News Network.

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