Reflections: Last 30 Days & The Future

I don’t write personal blogs or reflections often but thought it appropriate to do so on this occasion, if not just to answer the many questions we’ve had over the last month since Mark left Jedi News. People have been very supportive towards Mark, me and the site; offering to help, get involved, talk and more.

I stand by everything I’ve said publicly, which has been the same as I’ve said to Mark privately. The only thing I’ve not said publicly before, is how disappointed I am that Mark and I never sat down properly to talk things through. This was on both of us, and we were both at fault for not talking to each other. I implore people to talk, be honest and try to work through any issues in a timely fashion. I genuinely hope Mark and I can remain good friends, and I wish him well.

I firmly believe change, in any form, has the potential to be good. It gives you a chance to reflect, regroup and make changes. How you change is down to you, but it allows you to look at what works, what doesn’t and look at the future differently.

Jedi News will not be changing dramatically however. I feel we have the right mix of news, we need to increase our output of reviews, and keep doing what we’ve done for the last ten years albeit with some minor changes.

I want to thank Matt Booker for everything he’s done for Jedi News in his role as social media manager over the last 4 years, and we wish him well as he takes on a similar role at, alongside Mark. He’ll obviously be passing over the keys to the Jedi News Instagram account, so we can continue to provide content on that platform.  As we work to find a replacement, we’ll all be covering social media as much as possible.

Justin LaSalata is our US News Editor, and is based on the east coast. He’ll be continuing to bring you the latest news as soon as it’s announced. I want to thank him for all his continued hard work and dedication. Steve Galloway, based ‘north of the Watford Gap’ in Wolverhampton, will coordinate all the latest book and comic reviews, and will step up his role on the site as Literature Editor. Big thanks to Steve for taking this on. New roles for existing and new team members will be announced over the coming weeks.

Jedi News will focus on the news of the day from around the Galaxy, publishing more reviews (books, comics, collectibles, film and TV), continuing our extensive event coverage, producing the Jedi News Network of podcasts (more on that below), and reporting news/podcasts from our many friends around the globe. Importantly, the site will remain spoiler free.

The Jedi News Network shows, except for the excellent Galactic Fashion, have all taken a break in October whilst we regroup. Galactic Fashion will continue to bring you the latest fashion and apparel news monthly. RADIO 1138 will return in November with a new co-host. I’m very excited that this person has agreed to join the show, and you’ll hear his dulcet tones very soon. RADIO 1138 will continue to bring you interviews from across the Galaxy, convention reports, news and much more.

Star Wars Collectors Cast, now in its 8th year, will also return with the latest collecting news, and our regular check in with Steve Sansweet at Rancho Obi-Wan. A new permanent co-host will also be joining me before the end of the year. Take Cover will be back in November too, with an all new line up – more news on that coming soon.

We are also delighted to announce a new show coming to the network before the end of the year called Brick News, in conjunction with, and hosted by Chris Pearce (CapnRex101) and yours truly, with some special guests joining in the brick fun too. Jedi News is a LEGO User Group, officially recognised by the LEGO company, and as such we will be reporting wider LEGO news too.

You’ll continue to find us at, or if you prefer – either way we’ve got you covered. On social media you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. You can email us at with any news or new products you find at, or just to reach out.

Finally, I’d like to thank all of you; without your regular site visits, listening to our shows or keeping in touch on social media, Jedi News would be nothing. So, fear not, we’re here to stay – the Force is strong with us.

James is an active member of the Star Wars collecting community, and is the Brand Director for Jedi News. James is also the host of the Star Wars Collectors Cast, and co-host of RADIO 1138 on the Jedi News Network.