Join Rob over at The Bearded Trio for the latest in his series of quickfire questions. This week he’s joined by the delightful Denise Vasquez.

TBT: What is your favourite John Williams soundtrack?

DV: As a musician who sings, plays guitar and writes my own music, I have to say that John Williams is one of the greatest composers of all time!!! I love ALL of his music! It’s really hard having to pick one, but since I do, I would say “ET”.

TBT: If you were invisible for a day what would be the first thing you would do?

DV: Ooooohhhhh. Where do I start! LOL! Hmmmmmmm…The first thing I would do is find JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy in a meeting, pretend to be a ghost telling them to hire me as an actress for the Star Wars movies! 😉

Next week it’s the turn of the editor and co producer for Drew The Man Behind The Poster, Greg Boas..

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