Over at the official site Dan Brooks sits down with foldmaster Marc Hagan-Guirey to discuss his amazing kirigami, 3D art made simply – well, anything but simply – by folding and cutting paper.

One of Star Wars‘ greatest legacies is how it has inspired fan creativity and expression. There are fan films, paintings, and action-figure photography. Homemade costumes and comics. In other words, we feel such a connection to these characters and their stories that we use our own gifts to present Star Wars back to the world in a new way. It’s really a beautiful thing, and Marc Hagan-Guirey‘s truly amazing Star Wars kirigami — celebrations of the saga’s designs and iconic moments, made by folding and cutting paper to create 3D artwork — does this legacy proud. StarWars.com spoke with Hagan-Guirey to find out how he learned the form, his process for making Star Wars kirigami, and much more.