Official Blog: The Birth of the 501st Legion – Part 3

Continuing his series of blog posts on the development of the 501st Legion, Albin Johnson has just posted this latest update over on the Official Star Wars Blog:

The most famous person I’d ever met before starting the Legion was James Irwin, astronaut from the Apollo 15 mission and pilot of the lunar module. You want to talk about a sky-walker? He was the real deal. Even before Star Wars hit, I was nuts about space exploration as a kid and astronauts were like unto demigods.

I remember my father pulling me and my brother out of school in Missouri and piling us into the camper to drive three hours to see Irwin speak. A gentle man with a soft voice, he answered every question patiently.  (Most of the questions were from kids like me wanting to know how you go potty in space.) When it came time to meet him, I couldn’t find the words. He autographed a picture of him waving on the moon and simply said to me, “God bless you, son.”

I still have that 8×10 and I treasure it like nothing else. And that was enough of celebrities for me. Or so I thought. Just a few months after putting on Stormtrooper armor for the first time, I was driving in my car when I heard the radio announcing Peter Mayhew—mighty Chewbacca himself—would be coming to Heroes & Dragons, a comic book shop my town.

Hit the source link below for the full blog post, and be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 in this series.

SOURCEOfficial SW Blog
Justin LaSalata
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