Cole Horton continues his fascinating series of From World War to Star Wars blogs over at The Official Star Wars Blog, this time focusing on the similarities between the Bismarck and the Malevolence.

Space combat is a hallmark of the Star Wars saga. In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, fans were introduced to one of the biggest, most menacing weapons in the galaxy: the Separatist battleship Malevolence. “We wanted to have a Bismarck style battleship,” says supervising director Dave Filoni, explaining the inspiration for the story. Filoni recalls, “We wanted this massive weapon that the Republic wasn’t aware of and it was like a mystery and it was wiping out people — no one knew what it was because there were no survivors. That’s always a good way to start out.” But what was the Bismarck and what similarities did it have with The Clone Wars story of the Malevolence?