My Top 5 The Force Awakens Moments: Number 5

    The Blu Ray is getting ready to come out in just under 2 weeks and I feel like after seeing the film 7 times in the theater I am finally ready to nail down my top 5 favorite moments. It took a while as I processed and digested the film. Over the next 2 weeks leading up to the Blu Ray release you will be getting to read about my top 5 favorite moments, why I love them, why I ranked them in the order they are in and some of them may surprise you. So let’s dive right in with my #5 moment.

    #5 FN-2187 and Poe Meet

    I have not talked about this duo as much as I probably should have but I can honestly say the friendship between Poe and Finn is one of my favorite things. It does not get explored in depth but it is a relationship I am looking forward to seeing grow. It is number 5 for me because it is a very significant friendship but it does not hold as much weight as some other things we see in the film. I think the meeting between the two of them at the start of the film is what really hooked me. The very first scene they have together has always intrigued me because they did not directly interact but Poe noticed Finn on Jakku. There is a moment where Poe seems to trying to figure out what is wrong with FN-2187 because he notices abnormal behavior.

    From there we get the very first meeting with one of the best line exchanges of the whole film. Once they are talking and realize that all Finn really needs is a pilot that is enough for Poe and he jumps on board. The space battle with them stealing the TIE fighter and trying to get away has excellent music, dialogue, cinematography and lighting. I love the scene and every time I see it I get so into the movie I am rolling and dodging with them. It is due to these two characters that I am in great need of a Finn/Poe Jacket (I am tempted to make one myself), I have fallen in love with pilots and I have new respect for stormtroopers.

    When Poe sees Finn after the battle on Takodana we see an embrace that many are calling a “bromance” and there are some that suggest Poe and Finn are gay characters. I do not think that is the case I just simply think that they have formed a bond the way Star Wars does and we may see two best friends forming here. Everyone has had a close or best friend where you can think of a time where you had that type of hug. It is one of the most touching moments of the whole film. It reminded me of A New Hope when Han comes back to defeat the Death Star and they land back on the Rebel Base. The hugs that Luke, Leia and Han exchange are very reminiscent of the Finn/Poe hug.

    These two characters hold a very special place in my heart and I can not wait to see more of them in VIII and VIII!

    Best Line from this moment: “I can fly anything!”

    Stay tuned for this ongoing series as I count down to my #1 favorite Star Wars The Force Awakens moment!

    Teresa Delgado
    Teresa is a co-host of a number of podcasts including Disney Vault Talk, Fangirls Going Rogue, Star Wars Bookworks (with fellow Team Jedi News member Aaron Goins) and Galactic Fashion alongside Johnamarie Macias on the Jedi News Network.